The gods of cyberspace and dimensions, being mortals ascended to godhood for a period of time, died due to old age. Other gods have no idea to find replacements, until the god of video games came up with an idea which turned out to be a massive disaster for the people in Gylfran. Areas as large as a residential area suddenly became digitized and disappeared on GPS displays until special devices were designed to detect them while they were transformed into various landscapes. The reverse process happened in the cyberspace as well. All the living beings were suddenly disappeared, or so they think. Next, people who figured out how to enter the affected areas attempted to go in and change things back to normal, only to discover that the areas affected were swapped with the equivalent zones in this planet’s digitized counterpart which required them to stay inside as in playing a virtual reality video game until they can change them back to normal. Those who “died” in them will be booted out away for 3 days before they are allowed to enter again. Only a handful of people of various races from both worlds became strong enough to do that on their own. Among them, who will win and ascend to godhood?