“What should I do today…?” An Earthling male wearing blue T-shirt and trousers were wandering about his house’s yard. It was a peaceful day just like any other day, anywhere in Gylfran. Somewhere in the Heaven,

“Hey, there are two gods died last week due to old age. What shall we do?”


“Wait. I don’t know that happened,”

“Shall we go through the usual process?”

“No. I suggest that we put some trials on them so that they have equal chance to ascend,”

“Oh? It’s a good thing that we break up the usual procedures once in a while. I’ll leave everything up to you,”

“Thank you, my divine highness. I will do this soon enough,” Back to him, suddenly,

“What the fucking hell is going on here? That place is….” A transparent barrier suddenly appeared across the road in front of him. The residential area was turned into a lush forest. “I better check this….” He took out his cellphone and accessed its GPS feature, but the map was full of black areas, with the area in front of him being one of them. Suddenly, he was teleported inside the forest.

“Wait…I am….” He looked at his own arms and legs. He was wearing a white T-shirt and trousers. “This is my equipment in the Crysault Online segment of Cross Rumble Arena!” Next, he took out his cellphone and a message was displayed:

“I am Scitinas, the god of video games. You are selected to participate in my challenge to become a god. By the way, you are now in the digital plane of existence and everything will play as the game. You know what that is, so good luck,”

“Yeah, right. This is really nasty, but at least this is better than being suddenly selected in random and not being prepared for godhood,” He decided to search around the area and find other players to talk, but after 5 minutes a human shaped figure appeared in front of him. Its body was clearly female, but for some reason she is blue without any face or even skin. He took out his cellphone, but suddenly it glowed for a second before turned into a watch.

“Wear it, dude. That is a key item. You will be using it often. By the way, please use the ‘scan’ command on me, please,” The figure said to him and showed the watch it was wearing. He wore the watch and showed the item to it as well.

“Scan!” The two yelled and white light was emitted from the watches as if they were from torchlight. After two seconds, the light disappeared.

“Player info obtained and saved. You may view the information anytime in the player data list,” The voice was from the watches. They pressed the screen on the watch and a green screen appeared above the watch.

“Earthling…it must be the first time you see an empdy like me. Is that correct, Bodoh Sombong?”

“Yes. You should know that this is not my real name, Kilrea Jilout?”

“Of course. This is a real life analogue of Crysault Online and our profiles from the game are fully compatible with what we are in. It happened several weeks ago and now the entire planet in the material and digital planes of existence are now affected. By the way, I am on the run from a few enemies. Will you escort me to my home base?”

“Since that I have yet to know what is actually happening, I might as well tag you along until I know what to do,”

“Okay, but there is a player coming to us,” Kilrea dragged him and teleported to a grass plain.

“Let me check on the map first….” He accessed the map in the watch. “Grass plains zone, Engralof, Digital plane” Suddenly, a player taller than them holding a pair of titanium shield appeared in front of them. The green screen on their watches turned red. The display reads,

“Challenge initiated. Player name: Seratia Ilnag. Type: Digital. Race: Mintio. Class: Guardian. Match type: Single Hit One on One. Accept challenge? Yes No”

“I’ll fight him. Stay back, miss. I need some warm up here,” He pressed yes on the screen and stepped forward. He was seen wielding a white painted sword. The screen on Seratia’s watch reads,

“Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Bodoh Sombong. Type: Material. Race: Earthling. Class: Ultra Novice. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,
“Match, start!” Seratia dashed towards Bodoh while throwing a shield at him. He quickly jumped onto the shield and jumped again upon stepping onto it. Seratia threw another shield at him while a shield returned to Seratia, but the attacked missed while he launched a few slash waves at Seratia, only to be blocked using his shield. Seratia let him reaching close and launch slashing attacks, blocking every single hit using only one shield. After a few seconds, he suddenly jumped backwards.

“This is it! Blade launch!” He launched his sword’s blades. A shield Seratia thrown earlier suddenly hit his shield, leaving him knocked several steps backwards with the shield held in his hands pointed outward.

“Cruses!” The blades pierced through him and the match ended.

“Winner: Bodoh Sombong,”

“I never know that you are that experienced from the gear you are wearing. ‘Don’t judge a player from his equipment’, indeed,” Seratia walked away from them a few seconds before disappearing.

“Let’s go. My home base is at a village somewhere in the plains. Hopefully we will be able to reach the place without any enemies,” They started walking. At the meantime,

“Hey, are you sure of this?”

“We must kick that girl out from the game! She is the daughter of our lead enemy!”

“What? He is a human!”

“She is adopted, you moron! Anyway, she is spotted travelling with some random dude in the Grass pain zone of Engralof. Let’s attack them and her home base!”

“Definitely. How dare he changed the entire constitution of our country! He must not get away with such atrocity!” This is definitely bad….