After half an hour of walking, they saw a small tent in front of them.
“It appeared that we have a lot to walk before we reach your home base. By the way, you are not a local person, right?” Bodoh asked Kilrea.

“Of course. We are on the run from some rebels who wants to take revenge on us for changing our country’s constitution. Our country was once an organized criminal government, but considering that this planet is predicted to rejoin the Trans Galactic Treaty, they decided to turn things around before it was too late. That definitely does not sits well with some people, but at least most accepted the change. As such, we were forced to run away to other countries. Since that we are inside a video game zone, being killed is not much a concern,”

“I know. You will get booted out. After all, we are now in Legraza. It is another continent, but then again, they can teleport here if they are players,”

“Of course! You bastards must be kicked out from the game!” A man with very sharp nose and mosquito wings appeared in front of them.

“What are you intending to do? Take revenge on my partner, I think?” Bodoh asked him.


“Then, I’ll fight you,” Kilrea suddenly stepped forward and typed something on the screen. Her watch’s screen then turned red which reads:

“Challenge issued. Match type: Unlimited One on One. Waiting for opponent’s reply,” His watch’s screen turned red too which reads:

“Challenge initiated. Player name: Kilrea Jilout. Type: Digital. Race: Empdy. Class: Destructor. Match type: Unlimited One on One. Accept Challenge? Yes No” He pressed the screen and her watch’s screen reads:

“Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Corosfi Kindreas. Type: Digital. Race: Mostia. Class: Geologist. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” Corosfi took out his palladium mining axe and slashed the ground a few times. The marks on the ground emitted slash waves at her while she was assembling a three barrel cannon before mounting them onto her shoulders. Barely dodging them, he slashed the ground again and left more slash wave launching marks, but laser beams erased all of them and destroyed the signs. Getting annoyed, he dashed towards her while dodging the laser blasts.

“So laser blasts will render her immobile while the cannons turn rather slowly….” Bodoh stepped backwards while observing them.

“This is it! Custom skill! Extend Strike!” Upon reaching close to her right at the point where the cannon barrels would hit each other, the mining axe was suddenly extended towards her body, but,

“Custom skill! Barrel shockwave!” The barrels suddenly emitted shockwaves. The axe was shattered into pieces while he was stunned and kept stationary. She quickly dashed backwards and aimed her cannons at him, but before the cannons could even align properly at him, he recovered from the stun and dashed towards her again. Knowing that the cannons were too slow, she dashed backwards even faster while lines were appearing on the cannon’s front most barrel.

“What is she planning? Whatever it is, I must stop her before it was too late,” He took out another mining axe and threw it at her, but a ring shaped fragment of the cannons’ barrels were ejected upwards while the cannons suddenly turn in faster speed.

“Custom skill! Impulse enhance!” Two small laser beams were fired to the space in the rings and suddenly turned into a blast that turned the mining axe into ashes. He who stood between them was shocked, but he stopped moving, took out another mining axe and stabbed them onto the ground. A spike wall appeared on her back and she hit the wall. “If you think this will slow me down,” The cannons’ lines disappeared. “Custom skill! Barrel shockwave!” The spike wall was turned into dusts.

“Your custom skill is impressive, but I am not done yet!” He stabbed the ground once more and sand pillars were seen rising and falling onto the ground. She turned left and right rapidly that her sight started getting messed as if she was drunk. After a few seconds, the cannons were disappeared and replaced with sprinkler shaped laser pods attached on her shoulders. He suddenly reached close to her, only to be hit by the laser beams fired in a spread formation. After 2 minutes, the laser spray and the sand pillars were disappeared while her sight was turned back to normal.

“There is no limits in this kind of matches, you know,” The spray lasers were fired once more, but he was not flinching.

“But unfortunately I have another custom skill of mine activated passively. You can no longer stun or cause pain to me now!” He dashed towards her while blocking the laser beams using his mining axes.

“I have all of my custom skill slots filled. Too bad I don’t get to use them on you. Custom skill! Drop sprayer explosion!” The laser beams suddenly curved downwards and explodes upon hitting the ground. After 10 seconds of continuous bombarding, he was disappeared.

“Winner: Kilrea Jilout,”

“This guy is tough, but he isn’t that tough. Let’s keep on moving, shall we?” Her weapons disappeared as she walked towards Bodoh.

“Definitely,” After another half an hour of walking, they reached a tent and saw a man in a business suit sitting on a carpet placed in front of the tent.

“Dad? What are you doing here?” She asked him.

“Waiting for potential buyers. I am a merchant in-game, you know,”

“Yeah, but this is very dangerous. You could attract enemies,”

“It’s not like losing a fight would get me killed or something. Plus, I am not called ‘merchant warrior’ for nothing,”

“As you wish, dad. But beware of attacks done by other players in here. I detected another player near us,” At the meantime,

“So this is their hideout? Maybe I should call someone else to deal with them,” Back to them,

“Can I ask what items do you sell here?” Bodoh asked him.

“You have to explain why you are with my daughter first, dude. You are suspicious,” The peace is not long….