“I asked him to escort me here,” Kilrea replied for Bodoh.

“I see…!” He threw a sky blue colored potion in front of him and it was shattered into pieces. “Visionaries? Take cover immediately in the tent now!” At the meantime,

“Damn…my cover was blown!” A woman dashed towards the tent, only to see the merchant standing in front of her with a bronze sword held on his left hand. Her ears were pointing upwards while her right hand was attached with sniper cannon. Her left eye was covered with a black cloth while her right eyes were covered with a colorless transparent visor.

“If you want to kick me out from the game, go ahead. It’s not like I would not want to ass kick you!” He issued a challenge to her with her watch’s screen reads:

“Challenge initiated. Player name: Ensorta Leiofra. Type: Digital. Race: Human. Class: Merchant. Match type: Unlimited One on One. Accept Challenge? Yes No” She accepted the challenge and his watch’s screen reads:

“Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Meralof Niklaf. Type: Material. Race: Sand Elf. Class: Visionary. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” Ensorta dashed towards her with his sword pointed onto the ground. She quickly dashed away from her and fired laser beams on him. Her sights were switching from her eyes and her cannon regularly, allowing her to aim her cannon more accurately. A few screw bullets were fired at him at high speed, but,

“This? You seemed to underestimate what a merchant can do with items,” Blue colored potions appeared in front of him and shattered upon being hit by the bullets. The bullets were dissolved in the blue liquid while he dashed faster towards her. Upon reaching close, he threw his sword while suddenly dashing backwards. The sword pierced through her before teleported back to his left hand. Standing still, he waited for her to recover from the pain, readying for another surprise.

“Well, I never fought people like you before. What do you expect? But I wondered what will happen if I do this…custom skill! Infinite piercer!” She fired a few bullets at him while running around him in random directions. He carefully positioned his sword to block the bullets, but the bullets pierced through the sword and hit him. She continued firing, but they were all dodged exactly 5 centimeters before the bullets reach him. Seeing such dodging abilities,

“If you think I don’t have any custom skills…custom skill! Item sacrificial force!” Ten green potions appeared in front of him before disappearing together. A black cloud appeared above her. Acid rain was poured down onto her, but her equipment were unaffected. He merely stood still and looked at her using a magnifier glass. “Your HP is being drained constantly, miss. Too bad that your equipment is immune to any type of corrosion,” He switched to a pair of handguns and fired at her, but she blocked them using her cannons while the cannon was slowly turning while, presumably being charged.

“Damn it…custom skill! White corruption blaster!” When the cannon turned completely white, a white colored laser beam was fired out from the cannon before split into twelve laser beams which homes towards him. Feeling that they cannot be blocked, he stood still while waiting for the beams to reach close to him. After a few seconds, several black colored potions appeared in front of him and the beams hit the potion. A wind blow sent him strafing to his right, barely dodging the beams which grazed through his blue coat. The beams were disappeared and the cannon was turned back to black color.

“It appeared that your custom skill become useless. Anyway, I do not intend to lose. Take this!” He started firing at her, but the shots were blocked by careful positioning of her cannon while she waited with the skills cooling down. White marks were seen on the barrel as more shots hitting the same spot. After a minute, the guns were suddenly jammed and he switched back to his bronze sword. Suddenly, the cannon turned green while she pointed the cannon at him.

“Your acid rain might ensure that I will not stay for long, but I will still defeat you with this! Custom skill!” Absorbtion eruption!” The acid rain was sucked into her cannon before a jet blast was fired at him. The blast was as large as him, leaving him unable to reach close. After barely dodging a few blasts, the black cloud was disappeared and the acid rain was stopped. Next, she quickly dashed towards him. “That skill must have a ridiculously long cooldown with basic attacks disabled,” He dashed backwards while launching slash waves at her, only to be blocked using her cannon.

“I have no choice. Custom skill! High speed cannon launch!” She suddenly pointed her cannon at him and ejected it. Being too fast, he was hit and the impact sent him 30 meters away, but while he was midair a few red potion appeared and shattered. She walked forward to pick up her cannon, thinking that she is already winning anyway. When he crashed onto the ground, the ground she was standing on suddenly exploded. She and the cannon disappeared with his watch screen displayed:

“Winner: Ensorta Leiofra,” He stood up and walked back to the tent, waiting for them to come out from it. After a few seconds, they walked out from the tent and saw his hair was messy with his equipment getting dirty from the fighting.

“That’s my dad. Another pest was removed from the game temporarily, huh?” Kilrea asked him while wiping off the dirt on his equipment.

“Yeah, but what you intend to do next? You can’t stay here forever if you want to ascend to godhood, girl,”

“I know. Perhaps this is the only way to find him. He was missing for days and I intend to find him once this mess is being dealt with,”

“I thought that the enemies were your concern,” Bodoh giggled.

“No. He could be playing this game as we speak. By the way, I want to visit a place now,” An adventure starts….