“Where?” Bodoh asked Kilrea.

“Saltrea square, Mordinaf, Material plane,” The two were suddenly teleported to a park with a pure aluminium hexagonal tower erected on at the center. A titanium plaque placed on the ground with a barrier blocking people from stepping on it reads,

“In the memory of the near destruction of Gylfran by an interstellar attack,”

“There was an interstellar attack in this planet?” Bodoh asked Kilrea.

“Did you fail history back when you were in secondary school? This planet was nearly destroyed by a bunch of extraterrestrials 500 years ago. 95% of the population was wiped out and 75% of the area was permanently damaged. It took us 400 years to restore everything back to normal. This square was created 50 years ago to make us remember the pain of our ancestors to rebuild everything. In fact, this is the first spot the aliens attacked,”

“I am very bad at this sort of stuff. Very bad. By the way, you seemed to be ignoring another challenge issued to you,” Her watch’s screen reads,

“Challenge initiated. Player name: Korosa Ingalbira. Type: Material. Race: Florite. Class: Cruiser Knight. Match type: Custom One on One. Custom Rules: Single equipment, no customs. Accept Challenge? Yes No”

“Oh? This player is interesting,” She accepted the challenge and a transparent barrier separated her and Korosa from other players in the square. Korosa was seen wearing a pendant with a mint leaf inside it. Her white painted rapier was a match with her white T-shirt and track suit. A pair of single barrel laser cannons was seen mounted on Kilrea’s shoulders. After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” Laser beams were fired at Korosa, but they were all either blocked or deflected away with her rapier. Some cracks were seen on it, but she kept dashing towards Kilrea while still blocking the laser beams. Upon reaching close,

“Skill! Equipment’s revenge!” She attempted to stab Kilrea, but she quickly dashed backwards and fired a pair of laser blast at her. Her rapier was destroyed. The screen on their watch reads,

“Equipment destroyed. Winner: Kilrea Jilout,”

“You don’t risk yourself that way, player. That is too risky without any status effects, especially stun or paralysis or both,”

“I know, but you stance suggest that you are going to dash forward and ram me with your cannon. It appeared that you are really good at faking moves, Kilrea. By the way, I need your help,”

“This is the first time we met and you started begging me? Hey, this is not Crysault Online, you know,”

“Of course I know! You are the opponent to defeat me so you must be strong enough to protect…watch out!” A tornado blast was suddenly fired at them, only to be barely saved by a tackle by her. The crowd suddenly burst into a commotion.

“What the fucking hell you think you are doing? What happens if you accidentally hitting someone else?”

“Watch where you are firing, you bastard!”

“This place is crowded with newbies and unskilled players, you monster!”

“I am not going to let you away with such atrocity!” A man stepped forward and raised his watch with his watch’s screen turned green.

“Now I got someone to help us. Let’s see how he will kick her out from the game,” The crowd stepped backwards, leaving a woman with dog ears and tail pointing her palladium pearl wand at him. Her watch’s screen reads:

“Challenge initiated. Player name: Ilprig Horsed. Type: Digital. Race: Human. Class: Titan Knight. Match type: Unlimited One on One. Accept Challenge? Yes No” She accepted the challenge and his watch’s screen reads:

“Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Zrolin Kirst. Type: Material. Race: Dinol. Class: Seer. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” His fully armored equipment made from platinum made him almost immobile. Several compressed steam shots were fired from her wand, but they were blocked using a platinum titan shield. Being 10 centimeters thick and completely covers him, no damage could be inflicted at him at all, only durability loss on the shield. A few thunder sparks were striking down onto him, but the current was flowed into his sword as he raised it up.

“Skill! Trident thunder thrust!” A trident shaped thunder spark was fired at her from the tip of his sword. She merely stood there and let the trident get close to her.

“Custom skill! Bullet graze!” Strafing to her right, the thunder spark was barely avoided, but thunder sparks were seen surrounding her wand’s pearl. “Skill! Thunder ignition!” A thunder spark struck up from the ground, but he suddenly dashed backwards. The thunder spark struck through the shield and made a hole in it. Not knowing what to do, she stood still, waiting for him to perform attacks on her.

“I don’t know what you intend to do, but this will ensure that you will not wreak havoc at least for a while! Custom skill! Slasher wave crossage!” He stabbed his sword onto the ground and slash waves struck up diagonally towards her. She merely stood still while the pearl on her wand was emitting white glow which became brighter as she gets damaged. His sword was started emitting white glow as well.

“Counter skill! Sphere of wave destruction!” He was surrounded by slash waves which dived at him at the same time, but,

“Skill! Damage reversal!” He stabbed the ground while letting the slash wave hit himself. After a second, she was disappeared. His watch’s screen reads,

“Winner: Ilprig Horsed,”

“So this is what you are asking me to help with, huh?” Kilrea asked Korosa.

“Yes. She randomly attacks players and a lot of people were fed up with her, but were too weak to go against her. I’ll go and thank him,” She walked towards Ilprig with a bouquet of flowers on her hand. “Thank you for your help. At least she won’t dare to bully us anymore. Take this bouquet of rose as a gift from us, the people in this square,”

“Thank you. If anything happens at here, don’t hesitate to call me. I will stick around here,” He took the lower while patting her head.

“So, where should we go next?”

“It appeared that we have some visitors,” This isn’t good….