Kilrea’s watch reads, “Challenge initiated. Player name: Nersraoi Viltisa. Type: Digital. Race: Human. Class: Ravager. Match type: Unlimited One on One. Accept Challenge? Yes No” She accepted the challenge and a transparent barrier separated them from the crowd. Sounds of murmuring were heard everywhere in the square.

“This is the third match in this square in such a short time. Let’s have a good watch!”

“Let’s see who is going to ass kick their opponents today!” After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” Kilrea took out a pair of three barrel shoulder cannons and mount them onto her shoulders while Nesraoi took out a titanium spiked club.

“Let’s see how you are going to fare against my uncultured attacks!” His leather boots emitted smokes as he slid on the ground randomly towards her, dodging the laser beams fired at him. Upon reaching close, he suddenly dashed backwards. “Custom skill! Spike missile!” Spikes were launched out from the club as if they were homing missiles. Being near to the barrier, she could not fire laser blasts to destroy all of them.

“Custom skill! Barrel shockwave!” When the spikes were near to her, the barrels emitted shockwaves which jammed them and the spikes dropped onto the ground without exploding. She dashed forward while firing laser beams at him, but she stepped onto the spikes, which exploded upon contact, sending her crashing onto the barrier. The spikes were regenerated onto his club and he launched the spikes once more, but that time she strafed along the barrier and the spikes hit the barrier instead.

“I wondered why you are doing this, but I will not be defeated. At least not by you!” Next, lines were seen on the cannons’ front most barrel. After all spikes were launched, a ring shaped fragment was ejected out from the barrels. “Custom skill! Impulse enhance!” A pair of laser beams passed through the rings and turned into blasts, hitting him. She dashed towards him with the lines on the barrels disappearing. Upon reaching close, the front most barrel of the cannons were ejected at him, but,

“Custom skill! Slam reversal!” He slammed his club onto the ground with the spikes seen on it. The cannon barrels, passed above his head were launched upwards while shockwaves from the slam stunned her. The club turned green right before he slammed it at her, sending her right to the barrier. He stepped backwards while putting his club onto the ground, readying to punch the cannon barrels at her when they fall down, but,

“Custom skill! Explosive teleportation!” She walked forward a few steps and the barrels exploded. Next, the cannon barrels were seen reattached while he was sent crashing onto the ground. A spot of slowly enlarging light was seen in the cannon. After a few seconds, a pair of positron blast was fired at him, but,

“Custom skill! Painful healing!” He dashed towards the blast to pick up the spike club on the ground, letting the pain from the blast heals him. “With that, I can’t use skills as my pain is rapidly increasing, but at least I can heal myself,” He dashed towards her while still being hit by the blast. Knowing that the skill may last longer than usual, she suddenly stopped firing and dashed away from him. After a minute of chasing, the skill was worn off and she started firing laser blast at him again, but the blast missed as he jumped.

“Take this! Custom skill! Phoenix club dive!” He threw his club at her midair and a fire phoenix surrounded the weapon. Strafing to her right while she stopped firing, she barely dodged the explosion that came from the custom skill. She dashed backwards and ejected the cannon barrels before they disappeared. The cannon barrels were attached to her hands, waiting for him to attack, but he merely stood at the center of the area surrounded by the barrier. After a minute,

“So you won’t do anything at all? Then, I’ll defeat you right here, right now!” She fired a pair of laser blasts at him, but he quickly dodged the blasts while launching the spikes at her once more. That time, she let the spikes close in and jumped upwards, barely dodging them and fired several laser blasts at him, only to be hit when he threw his club at her. She fell onto the ground and stood up while the club was teleported back to his hands. She dashed towards him, attempting to use the barrels as near range weapons, but the attacks were all blocked.

“Custom skill! Barrel shockwave!” He was suddenly stunned and she kicked him right at the barrier. The cannon barrels turned brown while he was still stunned. “Skill! Anti-hydrogen laser!” Antiproton and antineutron laser blasts were fired from each of the cannons. Just half a second before the blasts hit him,

“Custom skill! Pain guard!” He laughed loudly while letting the blasts hit him, much to her horror. She ejected the cannon barrels onto the ground and knelt onto the ground. Her jaws were left wide open with her face turned pale. “So you think that you can defeat me? Now with that state you might as well surrender!” He walked towards her and raised his club, but suddenly,

“Custom skill! Near death ignition!” The cannon barrels were exploded, blowing both of them up. The barrier was disappeared with her watch’s screen reads,

“Winner: Kilrea Jilout,” She collapsed onto the ground. No one was looking, but Bodoh quickly dashed towards her and poured a bottle of ultra healing potion on her.

“That custom skill…is that HP to one suicide move?” He lifted her up and carried her to a nearby bench.

“Yes. It deals unblockable and irreducible damage equal to the amount of HP being reduced. Thankfully his MP was used up for the pain guard custom skill or else, I would lose instead,”

“But you looked unwell. Should we rest for a bit before we seek the leader of your captors?”

“Definitely,” After a minute,

“Hey, what are you doing here, dude? Are you trapped inside as well?” He turned around and saw someone familiar. This is going to be interesting….