“I bet this is the first time we meet in real life instead of the phantalleum plane of existence or dream world, miss…Zrevix Hreas. I missed you quite a bit since our last duel in Crysault Online,” He saw a woman with translucent bat wings.

“The same thing goes with me, but what you are doing here with another girl? You never stick around people for a long time,”

“Ugh…who is…that girl….” Kilrea woke up and rubbed her eyes.

“I’m Zrevix Hreas, Bodoh’s gaming partner. I wondered how you could make him stay with you for a long time,”

“I’m Kilrea Jilout and he’s helping me deal with my captors. A few people who wants to take revenge for my father attempted to kick me out from the game,”

“I see. I’ll help you, but with the three of us, why don’t we chase the chaser instead? We can ass kick them to get some score to take on the final boss,”

“Wait…someone attacked the final boss already?”

“Yes. But according to him, he was kicked out from the area for ‘not qualifying for the true final boss fight’. And, see this. You could be interested on it,” Zrevix handed several screenshots to her. After examining every single piece of them, her face turned pale.

“This can’t be…he is….” She gave the screenshots back to Zrevix.

“I understand. Perhaps you want to start grinding,”

“No. I will deal with them first. Since that my entire nation is affected, I think I know where they are now,”

“Entire…nation…this is really insane!” Bodoh was shocked upon hearing it.

“Perhaps this is the punishment of my country is a government ruled by organized crime. As such, my father and the cabinet members rewrote the constitution to match it with its older constitution before the mafias take over the government, albeit with some alterations to fit the current age. Of course, some people were unhappy about this and attempted to disgrace us by kicking us out from this game as much as they can,”

“The only way to stop them is to prove to them that they will be kicked out instead if they attack you, miss. To make things happen faster, shall we help you in this quest of yours?”


“Irklard tower, Ezetlin, Digital plane!” The three were teleported to a black tower.

“So the prey has come to her predator with some helpers, huh?” A guard with X shaped translucent wings appeared in front of them. Their watch’s screen reads:

“Challenge initiated. Player name: Keltrig Zicix. Type: Digital. Race: Pixie. Class: Psychopath. Match type: Non-KO One on One. Accept Challenge? Yes No”

“I’ll prove to you that we have become predators that prey on you!” Zrevix accepted the challenge and the guard’s watch screen reads,

“Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Zrevix Hreas. Type: Digital. Race: Imp. Class: Death Dealer. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” Zrevix took out a titanium scythe and dashed towards Keltrig. He took out a titanium machete and dashed in random directions. Upon seeing his movements, she stopped moving and waited for him to attack. A few hyperbolic slash waves were launched at her, but they were all blocked using her scythe’s blade. Next, he dashed towards her. A shark fin shaped slash wave was launched on the ground at him, but he quickly jumped and threw his machete at her.

“Custom skill! Angular dive!” She dashed backwards, but the machete suddenly spun and engulfed in flames, turning it into a homing fireball. She blocked it using her scythe, but the knife was still spinning, leaving her unable to move. Next, he dashed to her back and took out another machete. He walked towards her with his machete pointed at her. Suddenly,

“Don’t get that cocky yet, you bastard!” She strafed to her right, lodging the machete onto her scythe’s blade and turned around while swinging her scythe, throwing the machete back at him. The machete suddenly flew upwards a meter away from him and flew back towards her. “Skill! Corrosive slash!” She launched a few slash waves at the machete, but it suddenly dropped onto the ground before disappearing. Next, he dashed towards her at a higher speed.

“Skill! Mirage stab!” Upon reaching close, he took out another machete and stabbed him on random spots of her body. Most stabs were blocked using her scythe, some actually hit and a few were hit but not registered. After a few seconds, she kicked his stomach, sending him 15 meters away. A few green colored slash waves hit him and his watch turned purple with its screen reads, “Poison afflicted”. He quickly drank a bottle of antidote and threw an empty bottle towards her.

“Ha, this is really interesting. I know you will do exactly that. Custom skill! Bottle storage!” She launched a few slash waves at the bottle. Instead of breaking the bottle, the bottle was sealed with white glow trapped inside as she caught it and disappeared. Next, she dashed towards him while her scythe was turning blue. He quickly dashed away from her while switching to a titanium parang. The weapon turned gold after a few seconds. He suddenly dashed forward.

“Custom skill! Barrage storm!” The parang multiplied itself a lot, but she strafed to her left, dodging the barrage of parangs, but he suddenly kicked some of them to his right, sending some of them towards her. She quickly turned her scythe pale blue.

“Custom skill! Tornado strike!” She slashed the ground and a tornado blew the parangs back at him while she dashed past the tornado. The moment he was hit by the parangs, “Skill! Double Charge!” Her scythe was emitting faint black glow while she slashed him. He knelt onto the ground and their watch reads,

“Winner: Zrevix Hreas,”

“Impressive. Go on and deal with those bastards inside the tower,”

“We will and we don’t need you to tell us about it at all,” They walked past him towards the entrance. Upon entering, the dark interior was suddenly lightened up. A shadow was seen walking down the stairs. Another fight ensues….