After the shadow walked down the spiral stairs, the shadow disappeared, revealing a woman with eagle wings on her back.
“So you are going to attack my boss? As you wish, but defeat me to pass!” The stairs and the lift behind her were sealed with ice.

“How boastful…as you wish, you asshole!” Bodoh walked forward while Kilrea and Zrevix stepped away from them. His watch’s screen reads,

“Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Civerio Inhirt. Type: Digital. Race: Harpy. Class: Launcher. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” Civerio took out a bowgun and fired burning firewood arrows at him, only to be blocked by his white painted sword, but the sword’s blade was on fire.

“This cannot drain my weapon’s durability, moron. My sword is a custom equipment that prevents durability drain! This is the phantalleum sword, made from 5% of elements found in the first two rows of the periodic table of elements’s d-block! Skill! Elemental revenge!” He dashed towards her while launching several slash waves at her, turning the firewood arrows fired at him into dusts. Upon reaching close, she jumped over the slash waves, but he threw his sword at her, which was still on flames.

“This is insane…is this the power of an ultra novice? Whatever. Skill! Accelerated launch!” The arrows were fired at him at higher speed. Both the sword and the arrows hit. The arrows pierced through him, but the sword’s blade was stuck through her. “Wait…ultra novice…!” She checked the previously invisible display and shocked that she was poisoned and the blade was inflicting continuous damage at the same time. She quickly pulled the sword out and drank a bottle of antidote. The empty bottle was disappeared instead of being thrown away. She landed onto the ground with both weapons stuck the ground, but,

“Skill! Stolen spark!” A thunder spark struck through his sword and its current flowed through his sword, electrically shocking her for 10 seconds before she became stunned. He quickly dashed towards her, grabbed his sword back and slashed her a few times before dashing backwards. He stood still, waiting for the stun effect to end. After two seconds, she recovered and fired the burning arrows at him again, but he quickly starfed to his left, barely dodging the arrows.

“This is insane! Is he aiming for that urban legend? If that is true…Custom Skill! Barrage spray!” The arrows fired from the bowgun were split into five identical arrows, turning the linear attack into a spread burst. She waggled her bowgun and his sights were turned into arrows, but he stabbed his sword onto the ground.

“Skill! Clearance barrier!” A barrier was formed in front of him, rendering all the arrows seen from the barrier invisible. He kicked the barrier towards her, but she suddenly stopped the skill and fired a tornado spear at the barrier, which turned it into pieces, but he suddenly stabbed the ground once more. “Skill! Barrier piece launch!” The barrier pieces were launched at her. Every single piece of them cut through her equipment, but did not touch her body. Her display showed the equipment’s durability were reduced by half.

“What are you thinking? Trying to make me naked?”

“It appeared that after that much of grinding you still have no grasp of basics. Your clothes cannont be destroyed during combat, period. Did you wear any beneath your armor? If not, take this,” He threw a bottle of aerosol to her. The aerosol reads, “Equipment repair spray,”

“What? Well, I guess I’ll take your offer, then,” She sprayed it all over her before tossing it back at him. “Let’s continue, shall we?” She dashed backwards and pointed her bowgun at him.

“Definitely. I will not lose, ever!” She fired a few titanium arrows at him, but he quickly slammed them back at her. She stepped backwards and the arrows hit the ground in front of her. Next, she switched to a silver painted slingshot. “Skill! Multi spread!” She launched a marble which split into ten homing marble balls before switching back to her bowgun. He quickly strafed to her right. She fired a few titanium arrows at him, but he quickly slammed them down onto the ground along with the marbles, letting several arrows flying over his head.

“So you want to fight that way. Fine!” He put his sword onto the ground and stepped onto it. “Skill! Storm Dive!” His sword levitated at 5 centimeters above the ground while flying towards her. A hemispherical barrier appeared in front of him as a ramming object. Instead of dodging the attack, she pointed her bowgun at him with the arrow turned black.

“Custom skill! Demonic piercer!” A black arrow with black flames surrounding it was fired at him. He quickly jumped off the sword to his left. His eyes were wide open upon seeing the barrier was destroyed while the sword was stopped and dropped onto the ground. He ran to pick up the sword, dodging the titanium arrows fired at him left and right. “Skill! Charged launch!” He grabbed his sword’s hilt, but an arrow with white glow hit it and he accidentally swung the weapon backwards.

“This is really insane….” He dashed backwards and launched several slash waves at her. He pointed his sword downwards, waiting for her to react. He stabbed the ground the moment she leaned her body to her right. “Skill! Upwards flame volley!” She jumped to her left, only to be burned alive when large fireballs struck up from the ground. After a few times, she was disappeared. The ice seal on the lift and stairs were disappeared.

“Is that skill what you prepared along?” Zrevix asked him.

“Yes. I do not grind all classes for nothing. I want to see if the rumor is true,” He answered.

“What rumor?” Kilrea was confused.

“To unlock the final novice class, one must have all skill levels for all usable classes maxed out. No one is willing to invest that much money and time for it, but it was rumored that there is a player gets the class,” Zrevix answered her.

“If that player comes to attack us…I doubt that will happen,” They walked into the lift. An unpleasant surprise is waiting for them….