After a minute, they reached the top floor and saw a man with pale skin tone wielding an axe in front of them.
“So you have come to us, huh? I thought that you would be a coward who only knows to hop from a game area to another,” He pointed his axe at Kilrea.

“I decided that I will not be a coward. After all, if I keep on running, I will not be able to be fight my way to the final boss, isn’t it?”

“Beware of what you said, girl. That sick thing is not what you should face. By the way, are you prepared to be kicked out from the game?”

“I will kick you out instead!” Her watch reads, “Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Zenclade Bisleur. Type: Digital. Race: Human. Class: Cutter. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Match, start!” She dashed towards him with her arm cannons attached into her hands. Upon reaching close, she jumped backwards and fired laser beams while randomly swinging her cannons, spreading the laser beams everywhere. Some of them hit him while some of them were blocked using his axe. He threw his axe in a low arc, hitting her as she fell down. He grabbed his axe dropped onto the ground the moment she crashed onto the ground. Next, he swung his axe in a backwards circular arc onto the ground and a disc shaped wheel was launched at her.

“Damn you…I will not lose, ever!” She quickly stood up and fired a laser blast at the wheel, changing its direction, only to be hit when he threw his axe at her. The axe was lodged into her right shoulder. He dashed towards her, attempting to dislodge the weapon and attack her again, but,

“Skill! Barrel launch!” She launched her cannon on her right hand, used it to dislodge the weapon and threw the axe back to him. He starfing to his left dodged the cannon barrel, only to be hit by a laser blast fired from her left cannon and the axe thrown to him.

“Good combo, but I will not fall for this trick anymore!” He dashed to his right while picking up his axe. Next, the cannon barrel was teleported back to her right hand. Laser beams were fired at him, but he strafed left and right. After that, a few slash waves were launched from his axe, only to be blocked using her cannon barrel. When she put down her arms, he suddenly appeared in front of her. “Skill! Armor ignorance!” She was diagonally slashed twice, but she quickly kicked him 10 meters away and fired laser blasts at him, but they missed as he fell onto the ground. She fired them again, but he quickly rolled and stood up.

“So you have improved in such a short time…you will not get away with this!” She quickly stopped firing and switched to a pair of homing laser cannon mounted on her shoulders. “Skill! Laser chaser!” A pair of homing laser balls was fired at him. He threw his axe in an horizontal arc while strafing to his right, barely dodging the balls but they quickly turned around and homed towards him. He quickly dashed towards her while chasing his axe. After 5 seconds, the axe hit her while she was still stationary. The laser balls were still chasing him. Upon reaching close, he attempted to jump over her, but she jumped too and knocked him onto the ground using the cannon barrels. She quickly picked up the axe and threw it at him too.

“Damn!” The laser balls hit him followed with the axe while she dashed backwards.

“Skill! Laser chaser!” She fired the homing laser balls once more, but they were blocked using his axe, which became shattered upon contact. He took out two axes and launched a few crescent slash wave at her. She merely stood still and pointed the cannons at the slash waves. Upon reaching close, “Custom skill! Absorb counter!” A vortex appeared inside the cannon and the slash waves were sucked inside. Next, he suddenly unable to move as the cannons were aimed at him. Next, a pair of energy blasts were fired at him, but he was still standing with his axes blocked the blasts.

“Next time, examine your opponent properly before you do anything else, moron! Custom skill! Illusionist’s pentagram!” He “split” into five copies of himself and dashed randomly around her. She spun around while firing laser beams randomly out from her cannons. After a minute, his real body was knocked onto the barrier as a laser beam hit him. She quickly turned around and fired a laser blast at him, but he quickly blocked the blast using his axes. Next, he “split” again and dashed around her once more. That time, after 10 seconds they dashed towards her at the same time with the axes emitting pale blue glow.

“So you have anticipated this, huh? Too bad I am going to win anyway,” She jumped and ejected the cannon barrels at him after the copies crashed into each other, leaving the real him alone on the ground. The cannon barrels struck through him for a second before he disappeared. As she landed onto the ground she took the cannon barrels and attached them back to her shoulders manually. After a second, she gave thumbs up at them while her cannons were disappeared.

“So that asshole won’t dare to come and attack you, huh? So, what should we do next?” Their watches’ suddenly turned black and their screen reads,

“To all people of this game,
Monsters have manifested into this game as we speak and this is not our doing. Please eliminate them and their source. Whoever who managed to defeat their leader will be granted access to the final boss room,”

“What? Monsters started appearing? How could this possible?” Zrevix was surprised.

“Apparently someone wants to force us play the player versus environment portion of Crysault Online. We have to find who do this and kick that person’s ass! Such happening must not be tolerated!” Bodoh clenched his fists. “Will you help us, Kilrea?”

“Definitely. After all, you helped me a lot!” The next phase of their adventure begins….