“So, where should we go? Return to the square?” Zrevix asked Kilrea.

“Of course!” After a minute, as they appeared back in Saltrea square, they saw a man with translucent butterfly shaped wings fighting against a golem inside a cylindrical barrier. Bodoh walked closer and pointed his watch at them. After a few seconds, his watch’s screen reads,

“Watching in detailed mode. Player name: Dratef Linkroid. Type: Material. Race: Fairy. Class: Boom Master,” At the meantime, inside the barrier.

“Skill! Thunderous expansion!” A ball shaped spark appeared in front of the golem. The spark exploded into thunder sparks emitted everywhere, but the golem did not even flinch. Next, he took out a pair of grenade launchers and fired grenades at it, only to be slammed back at him. Blue shockwaves were seen on the golem’s hands whenever it slammed the grenades back at him. “This golem…don’t tell me that it is immune to any explosions?”

“Of course! Splash something on it first!” A woman yelled at him, but due to the barrier he could not listen to it.
“It’s my turn, fairy. Your explosions are useless against me. Take this! Skill! Ramming rush!” The golem dashed towards him with its shoulders suddenly turned into spikes. He quickly dashed away from the golem with the aid of air bombs. The harmless explosion from them produced wind which pushed him away from the golem whenever it dash towards him. After several tries, he stopped dodging the attack and pointed the grenade launchers at it.

“Skill! Acid burst!” He fired a pair of balloons right at the golem’s shoulder. The balloons burst and acid were burst out from them upon hitting. Smokes were seen emitted from its corroded body. “You will be defeated. I am sure of it! Skill! Thunderous expansion!” He used the skill once more and that time the thunder sparks electrically shocked the golem and it fell onto the ground, unable to move at all. Next, “Skill! Alkali burst!” he fired a pair of balloons which burst upon hitting the golem, splashing sodium hydroxide onto it. The heat from the neutralization reaction damaged it further.

“Curse…you….” A crater suddenly appeared on the area the golem was lying while it stood up and climbed out from the crater. He could only look in surprise as the crater disappeared. “You certainly damaged me a lot…let’s see if you can repeat the same thing! Skill! Eye laser!” Laser beams were emitted out from the golem’s eyes. The laser moved as it looked elsewhere. He dashed towards it in a circular arc and upon reaching close, he jumped over te golem’s head.

“Skill! Positron plasma!” A blue colored energy ball appeared behind the golem’s head. When the golem turned around, the laser beams hit the ball and it exploded while emitting positrons at it. The explosion pushed it 50 centimeters away and its head turned black. The golem took out a sandstone sword and dashed towards him, but he used the skill again while dashing towards the golem. “I guess I have to thrash this stuff of mine if I want to have a chance of winning. Custom skill! Internal impulse shock!” He stuck his grenade launchers onto the golem’s body and fired an invisible bomb.

“How could you…!” The bombs exploded and emitted shockwaves which made it fell into pieces before disappearing, but his grenade launchers were broken into pieces too. The barrier was disappeared and he pointed his fist to the sky. Everyone in the square cheered, but soon it was turned into silence as a woman walked towards him.

“So you managed to defeat my pet. I must commend you, but unfortunately I have to attack you now,” The barrier was reappeared while she took out a pair of sandstone swords. His watch reads,

“Emergency. Special challenge. Player name: Ingleire Nirqro. Type: Digital. Race: Human. Class: Pet master,” He took out a pair of grenade launchers and launched grenades at her, only to be blocked by the sandstone sword. Sands were seen flowing near her as the result of the explosion when she blocked them. He quickly fired a few more onto the ground while she coughed a few times and that time the explosion sent her crashing onto the barrier. She quickly stood up, but she was seen using her swords as crutches.

“This is…damn…I guess I have to cheat a little…custom skill! Pet summon!” The golem he defeated suddenly reappeared, took out a pair of sandstone swords and launched a few cross shaped slash waves at him before disappearing. He was hit and sent crashing onto the barrier. He walked a few steps forward and saw her swords on her hands instead of used as crutches. Next, she dashed towards him with the swords turned red. “Skill! Flaming slash!” Upon reaching close, she swung her swords downwards, but he quickly jumped to his right and fired a few grenades at her. The explosion sent her flying towards the barrier.

“Custom skill! Crasher explosion!” A blue skintight barrier surrounded her. The moment she crashed onto the surrounding barrier, the blue barrier exploded and she was disappeared along with the surrounding barrier. The crowd cheered once more.

“What exactly happened?” Zrevix asked Kilrea and Bodoh.

“There was a commotion here back when you were gone,” A woman with gray skin tone appeared in front of them. “A golem suddenly appeared here and attacked several players. Suddenly, he stepped up and kicked the golem along with its owner out from the game. It is temporary, but at least they would not dare to mess around neutral zone like this,” Suddenly, a human sized scorpion appeared near the tower and charged towards the crowd.

“That is suicide towards us! Everyone! Let’s ass kick this bastard together!” Dratef yelled at the crowd. Sounds of fighting were heard and they were very loud that players who did not fight the scorpion ran way. After a minute, the scorpion disappeared.

“Let’s leave. There is a place that I want to go,” Bodoh turned around.

“Where?” Zrevix asked him.

“Temple of Fraxiod War, Gronqla, Digital Plane,” They will start fighting soon….