“Don’t be sarcastic, my opponent. I will not show you any mercy for that! Skill! Full buff!” Bodoh took out his phantalleum sword.

“I don’t you to remind that. I, Cinkloa Hynklied, will defeat you! Skill! Shock extension!” She took out a pair of shotguns and dashed towards him.

“That skill…all shots would have double range…I must be careful,” Upon reaching close, she fired several burst spread shots. He blocked them using his sword, but several bullets hit him. She kept on firing them rhythmically while he was dashing away from the shots. After a few seconds, his sword’s blade was split, forming a gap between them. A few laser beams were fired on her shotgun, but the beams were stopped by the burst spread shots. Suddenly,

“Skill! Flash strike!” He dashed towards her at trice his movement speed and slashed her diagonally twice. Next, he kicked her towards the barrier, but she still pointed her shotguns at him and fired four burst spread shots before crashing onto it. The burst shots were still blocked, but his sword was seen cracking. “What? Curse it!” He quickly took out an equipment repair aerosol can and sprayed at it. “Skill! Reverse explosion!” He threw the aerosol can at her.

“I know what you are doing, freak,” She fired the can using her shotgun on her left hand while fired at him with her shotgun on his right hand. The aerosol can exploded, but her shots at him were reflected back at her in projectile motion while running towards her using a barrier generated from his sword. She strafed to her right while firing both her shotguns, dodging the reflected shots. Upon reaching close, she suddenly jumped over him, but,

“Skill! Reverse rebound spin!” He quickly turned around and threw his sword. The sword cut through her and she ended up crashing instead of landing onto the ground. The sword flew back at him while he was walking towards her. Upon reaching close, he suddenly jumped and stomped his sword onto her. She quickly aimed her shotguns and,

“Skill! Piercer burst!” She fired her shotguns at him. The bullets pierced through him. He quickly flew upwards and away from her, dodging the piercing bullets. After 5 shots were fired, they were turned into normal bust spread shots. Noticing that, he flew down onto the ground and held his sword onto his right hand while still dodging her shots. She suddenly stopped firing and dashed towards him. “Since that you are not going down with my shots at long range, how about nasty short range short with smashing with the weapons directly!” She dashed towards him while still firing shots at him.

“Damn it…is there any way around this constant blocking…if she gets close and knock we with that….” Upon reaching close, he kicked her right knee. She knelt down onto the ground briefly before he kicked her again, sending her flying away. “Skill! Bolt spear!” A thunder spark shaped spear was seen on his right hand, he threw it at her and chased the spear. She was hit and electrically shocked. Upon reaching close, she pointed her shotguns at him and fired wide spread shots at him, but they were blocked using his sword.

“What is the durability of your sword? Curse it…skill! Durability pierce shot!” She fired blue colored shots and the shots pierced through his sword, hitting him as she fell down onto the ground.

“You are smart, but I can be smarter! Skill! Flame trap!” The moment she crashed onto the ground, the ground she crashed on burned, burning her alive. He quickly dashed away from her while she was still firing her shotguns with her skill active. Getting annoyed with it, his sword emitted black glow. “Counter skill! Skill reflection!” He slammed the shots back to her. Surprised by such a skill, she quickly put the flames off by firing water shots at herself while dashing away from the reflected shots.

“Even this…how much time you spend on Crysault online to access such a wide variety of skills? I will not let you get away with this!” Her shots were reverted to normal shots while dashing towards him. He quickly cancelled the skill and dashed in a zigzagging movement, dodging the shots fired at him. Upon reaching close, his sword’s blades were sealed under a layer of ice.

“Skill! Ice seal strike!” She was slashed at her legs with the ice shattered upon contact. She knelt onto the ground and disappeared. The barrier was disappeared. A voice popped up in his head again.

“So you really want to free you parents from their doom? Your wish is granted, but to prevent screwing the card game, a holographic copy of the bodies will be kept here. Please do not vandalize anything here, okay?”

“Of course, but the sandstorm will stop, right?”

“Definitely. After all, the gods were actually waiting for you to visit this temple. By the way, I am the final boss of the game. If you want her to fight me, just do well enough for me to teleport her into the zone. Send my regards to her,”

“Thank you,” He walked out from the temple and the sandstorm was disappeared. Kilrea and Zrevix waved their hands at him.

“So you somehow avoided being sealed, huh?” Zrevix giggled.

“Definitely. By the way, Kilrea, the final boss sent some regards to you. He said that you have to play this game well if you want to face him,”

“That confirms my suspicion. Let’s go somewhere else, shall we?” They walked away from the temple. “Pherantz port, Kirsena, Material Plane!” They were teleported to a port city. There were no ships on the docks. When they walked towards a guard post, they were suddenly blocked by a barrier.

“Wait…someone is here?” Zrevix turned around and saw a centaur with a titanium pike appeared in front of them.

“As a worker of this port, I do not allow trespassers. Now go away or be kicked out from the game!” This is very bad….