“This place…so this is the area,” Bodoh looked at the constant sandstorm that engulfed the rocky areas. A black painted temple was seen in front of them. A black spike at the top of the temple was emitting faint yellow glow.

“Why you are visiting this place? It’s not like there’s any monsters here,” Kilrea asked him.

“This is the place that my parents last went into. After they told me that they are going into this temple, they never came back. I wondered what happened to them,”

“To be frank, your parents invoked the wrath of gods by attempting to explore the place. Six people entered the temple; all of them were sealed inside. This place was not supposed to have sandstorms, but sandstorms started appearing the day after they were sealed inside. Now, there are thirty people in it. It was confirmed that cards played in War of Eternal Zones are based on them,” Zrevix answered him.

“What? I think I know what the gods want me to do. I will rescue them myself!” He dashed towards the temple, but Zrevix quickly blocked him.

“Are you insane? Are you going to doom yourself?”

“I don’t care! If this the only way for me to reunite with my parents, I will do it!” He shouted loudly. Suddenly, a man wearing a blue coat appeared in front of him.

“So you, Bodoh Sombong, wants to drag your parents out from the temple? We, the members of the Hell, do not allow such atrocity!” He took out a pair of katanas and dashed towards him. “I, Frinalod Hitread, will beat you to death!”

“So you really wanted to kick me out from the game? Go ahead, I will kick you out instead!” Bodoh dashed towards him with his phantalleum sword which emitted white glow. “Skill! Holy storm!” Knowing Frinalod’s sensei class abilities, he quickly fired several white colored magic beams from his sword’s tip, forming a wide area barrage which was too wide to be dodged entirely. Yet Frinalod slammed every single beam that pass through him onto the ground with his katanas while chasing him. Not wanting to interrupt, Kilrea and Zrevix teleported themselves to a neaby cliff.

“So you know what I can do, huh? I will not allow you to render my skill useless! Custom skill! Binder!” Frinalod suddenly appeared behind him, slashed his back and kicked him onto the ground. Frinalod dashed backwards and jumped, but he quickly turned around and threw his sword. The sword was slammed back at him while Frinalod was falling down. Upon reaching close, he strafed to his left, grabbed his sword and swung it as if it was a baseball bat, sending Frinalod 15 meters away.

“Skill! Comfort!” He pointed his sword at Frinalod. “You never expected this, huh? Now you know who you are actually messing with!” Frinalod switched to a pair of zanbato and dashed towards him while launching hemispherical slash waves at him. He dashed backwards while Frinalod launched more slash waves which were quicker. After 3 seconds, he suddenly dashed forward while throwing his sword in front of him. Next, he jumped onto it and flew towards Frinalod. “Skill! Absorbtion diving!”

“What? Even this? Custom skill! Hell hound ride!” The slash waves that he passed through were absorbed and a hemispherical barrier was seen in front of him. A tiger sized black dog appeared in front of Frinalod and he quickly ride on it. The two pointed their weapons as they move. Upon reaching close, they strafed to their right and swung their weapons. Their clash sent them away from each other. Frinalod’s hell hound was disappeared while his barrier was disappeared. The two landed onto the cracked ground and dashed towards each other again.

“Skill! Blade swing extension!” Upon reaching close, he swung his sword as if it was a tennis racket with flames extending out from its tip.

“Skill! Flash strike!” Frinalod’s zanbato were suddenly swung at a higher speed. Both attacks hit, sending each other flying and crashing onto the ground. Frinalod stood up first and switched back to a pair of katana before dashing towards him. A warp portal suddenly appeared in front of him and he stabbed through it. The sword’s blade ended up stabbing Frinalod’s feet and Frinalod fell onto the ground while he stood up.

“Skill! Ground wave!” He pointed his sword upwards, swung it backwards to the ground and launched a triangular slash wave at Frinalod, but it was quickly blocked using his katana on his left hand while his katana on his right hand was used as a crutch. Next, his sword’s blades were shifted away from each other, forming a small gap between them. He stood on a piking stance, seemed to be readying for a sudden stab attack. Frinalod giggle a bit before dashing towards him.

“Custom skill! Hell blaze!” Frinalod dashed for 3 seconds before stopping halfway to him. Black flames suddenly burnt Frinalod’s shoes and formed burning lines onto the ground, travelling through the cracks on the ground towards him. He merely laughed while stabbing the ground softly the moment they were 1 centimeter away from him.

“Counter skill! White stop!” The flames were suddenly stopped and turned white. Next, the flames were spread upwards from Frinalod’s shoes and burnt him alive for 2 seconds before disappearing. The sandstorm suddenly blew stronger as he walked towards the temple. A voice suddenly popped out from his head.

“So you want to rescue your parents. Go ahead. I’ll give you a chance, but if you win you may not attempt to challenge the final boss ever,”

“Go ahead. I am not interested in godhood anyway,” He mumbled to himself. After entering the temple, he was shocked that thirty people were sealed inside transparent yellow barriers with cards surrounding them. A square shaped arena was seen at the center. He walked to the arena and it was suddenly surrounded with a barrier. A woman with a bee’s body attached to her butt and bee wings on her back appeared in front of him.

“I have waited for you. Now defeat me and take your parents back!” This fight will not be easy….