“Don’t lie on us. You are not even the people of the same plane as this plane of existence!” Zrevix yelled at him.

“Just want to scare the shit out of you. Whatever it is, let’s fight. I will not let you kick me out from the game, ever!” Kilrea and Bodoh were teleported out from the barrier while Zrevix took out a titanium scythe. Suddenly, a human sized scorpion appeared behind him and rammed him through the barrier. Her watch’s screen reads,

“Warning. Monster appeared. Defeat opponent to flee,” She dashed towards the scorpion while launching slash waves at it, attempting to cut its tail with the poison sting, but the tail was intact. She quickly jumped backwards when the scorpion emitted poison onto the ground. “Skill! Paralyzer slash wave!” A yellow colored slash wave was launched at the scorpion. The scorpion was paralyzed, but its tail was suddenly spinning and sprayed poisonous liquid everywhere. She launched the skills once more at the tail, but it has no effect. “Skill! Durability drainer wave!” She launched five more slash waves at its tail, but the tail spun faster instead with more poison being emitted.

“(hiss)” The tail suddenly broke and the scorpion stared charging at her while firing laser beams from its pincers. Instead of running away or blocking the laser beams, she dashed towards it with her scythe emitting dark green glow.

“Skill! Loser’s slash!” She jumped onto the scorpion and slashed it, but its pincers were suddenly aimed at her back and fired laser blasts at her. She was thrown away to the poisonous liquid splattered onto the ground and became poisoned herself. Just when she stood up and turned to face the scorpion, it suddenly rammed her and she was sent crashing onto the ground once more. After that, she rolled around and launched a few slash waves at it before standing up.

“We scythe users are not that easily defeated! Custom skill! Scythe rage!” Her scythe was seen burning in blue flames with the flames extended to her hands, acting as a glove. The scorpion blocked the slash waves using its pincers and kept on dashing towards her, but she jumped upwards and launched several blue color slash waves onto it, only to be blocked by its pincers, but she quickly stomped the pincers, forming cracks on them before she jumped off.

“(hiss)” The scorpion dashed towards her while firing ice boulders at her, but she slammed them away, waiting for the scorpion to come close. Upon reaching close, she jumped onto it, but a barrier appeared above it blocked her. Next, she jumped, drank a bottle of antidote and threw the bottle at the scorpion. The scorpion dashed backwards and slammed the bottle into pieces using its pincers, but the pincers broke as well before turned into flowing dusts.

“As I expected. Now I can kill you off for real, then,” The scorpion’s pincers and tail were reformed and started charging at her. That time, it fired laser beams from its pincers and poison lasers from its tail at the same time, but they were pointed exactly at her hands. Realizing that, she strafed away from the beams and slammed them back using her scythe, waiting for the scorpion to reach close to her. “Stacked chain skill! Blue flame rolling scythe slash!” Right when the scorpion was 5 meters away from it, she threw her scythe with the black flames intact. The scythe was rolling and slashed through the scorpion in less than a second.

“(hiss)” The scorpion stopped briefly while she dashed to retrieve her scythe which stopped behind it. Right when she picked the scythe, the scorpion suddenly dashed backwards and struck her with her poison sting, only to be cut when she turned around and accidentally swung it. The blue flames were still seen on her scythe, but it became thinner. Next, the scorpion slammed her using her tail, but she quickly dashed back and forth, only to be hit by a pair of laser blasts fired from its pincers. The hit sent her 20 meters away.

“I forgot that, huh? It’s a good thing that I am allowed to heal myself,” She drank a bottle of super healing potion, threw the bottle upwards and launched a few slash waves at it. The slash waves were absorbed into the bottle while the scorpion turned around and dashed towards her. The blue flames were disappeared. Upon reaching close, it swung its pinches at her, but she stepped backwards while blocking its strikes for a few seconds. After that, the bottle was dropped onto it, emitting several slash waves from it. She quickly slammed her scythe on it and dashed away, readying for a skill, but,

“(hiss)” The scorpion suddenly jumped and emitted poison at her, but it was blocked by her scythe. After a few seconds, she jumped, dodging the scorpions’ ground shockwave from crashing onto the ground.

“Skill! Rolling scythe slash!” She threw her scythe so that it was spinning. Fire sparks were seen on the scythe while it was slashing the scorpion before it was bounced back to her with the fire sparks disappeared. The scorpion was seen slowly turning into the dusts along with the barrier surrounding them.

“That is certainly close, huh?” Bodoh winked at her.

“Close? No. I just worried that if someone suddenly…!” The centaur suddenly dashed towards a shadow crashing down onto the ground and attempted to stab it using a pike, but it was grabbed and thrown away along with the centaur. The shadows soon disappear while the centaur stood up again using its pike.

“You…so the monster thing is actually a ploy to force people to get heated up for the godhood selection, huh?”

“I thought I won’t see anyone familiar, Kilrea. By the way, that bastard centaur guy…no one would care if…!”

“Your disregard of lives is disgusting, fucktard!” Bodoh suddenly dashed towards the centaur and pointed his sword at him. “What he did to you that you hate him so much?”

“Whoa…just a fake punchline and you get so fired up? Fine. I will challenge you instead!” A new battle starts….