Bodoh’s watch reads, “Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Hatrainz Sokirnt. Type: Hell. Race: Human. Class: Pet Master. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,
“It is not against the rules if I bring my fairy wife along, right?” A 15 centimeter high fairy suddenly appeared and flying around him.

“You are a pet master, but I don’t give a damn about fighting two of you together because I will still win!” A barrier surrounded them and expanded, pushing other people in the area away.

“You are confident, my opponent. But with my love, my husband will kick you out from this game! Skill! Hyper buff!” Pink glow was seen emitted from his body.

“Pink isn’t a bad color, my dear, but can you hide a bit? It will hurt you if you get hit,” The fairy was disappeared.

“Let’s start. I won’t call this two against one duel, though,” Bodoh dashed towards him with his sword emitting black glow. “Skill! Phantom fireball!” Black fireballs appeared around him, but instead of launched at him they were repelled away. While the flames were still on his sword, he swung his sword down onto Hatrainz, but the blade was suddenly stopped and he was repelled away, sending Bodoh crashing onto the barrier. Hatrainz took out his platinum sword and the pink glows were transferred into his sword.

“Weakling. I should have just finished you with this slash of mine. Custom skill! Force repel slash!” He raised his sword and slashed his sword downwards, but suddenly,

“Skill! Behind back warp!” A warp portal appeared in front and back of him and his slash ended up slashing his back and he disappeared instantly.

“This is…I wondered how you could think of this, no, how much skill you actually grind? Don’t tell me that you grind all of them,” The centaur was shocked upon seeing it.

“Yes. Literally. But then again, my sword itself is custom equipment and I have custom items that can be attached to the sword as spare parts. So far, I have yet to need to install them, which is a good thing,”

“Huh?” Kilrea wondered what he was saying.

“That means the enemies we faced before are not strong enough for him to justify the use of the spare parts,” Zrevix answered for him.

“I see. But we got the same visitor along with its master again,” The centaur saw the scorpion appeared again with a woman riding on it. “Let me deal with them this time. This must be the monsters the gods speaking of,”

“Ha, how boastful. Well, I’ll challenge you then,” She turned towards him. Bodoh’s watch reads, “Viewing in detailed mode. Player 1: Zirgrea Phantia. Type: Hell. Race: Human. Class: Pet Master. Player 2: Grosirt Nivreq. Type: Digital. Race: Centaur. Class: Pole Master.”

“Skill! Sting storm!” The scorpion sprayed poison on Grosirt, but he quickly ran away with its horse legs. He charged towards them while spinning his titanium pike to block the poison spray. Upon reaching close,

“Custom skill! Tornado jet storm!” He suddenly dashed faster with his pike formed a tornado, throwing them crashing onto the barrier while being stopped by the power of the tornado. After a few seconds, he stopped spinning his pike and stepped back a few steps.

“Skill! Giant slash wave!” He launched several slash waves which is 5 times his height. Being too large to dodge, they dashed towards him.

“Pet Skill! Dash rush barrier!” A white colored barrier appeared in front of them and blocked the slash waves, but he suddenly held his pike diagonally in front of his human half, seemed to be readying for a counterattack. Realizing that, they suddenly stopped and the white barrier was launched at him, only to be attached onto his pike while he was dashing towards them. They continued dashing while she took out a pair of titanium sliding knife. Upon reaching close,

“I won’t let you activate your skill! Skill! Delayed Counterattack!” He launched the white barrier back to them, only to be destroyed when the scorpion fired a pair of laser blasts. “As I expected. Skill! Star slash!” He strafed to his right, dashed towards them and slashed her five times, forming a star shape slashing formation which burned briefly before disappearing. Next, he dashed backwards and switched to a pair of titanium spears. But before he could dash towards them again,

“Skill! Split!” She jumped off from the scorpion while it turned around and fired laser beams from its pincers and tail. He strafed randomly while unable to dashed towards it, only to be stabbed from behind when she reached he back and threw her sliding knives at him, but they were soon ejected out while still dashing towards the scorpion. She took out several darts and threw them to him, but they were all dodged. Getting impatient, she took out a pair of laser guns and fired at him, but,

“Custom Item! Battle drone!” A green ball appeared behind him and blocked the laser beams using a green colored barrier. The barrier was left surrounding it while flying towards her. She switched to a rocket launcher and fired rockets at it, but the barrier blocked the rockets and their explosions. Upon reaching close, the barrier sudenly turned red. “Item skill! Barrier crash explosion!” The drone crashed onto her and the barrier exploded, sending it 10 meters away from her.

“(hiss)” The scorpion stopped firing and dashed towards the drone, but Zigrea threw his spears at it. Its legs were stabbed through onto the ground, preventing it from reaching close. The drone flew towards the scorpion and used the same item skill again, dodging the laser beams fired from its pincers. The crash produced some smokes while the scorpion along with Zigrea were disappeared along with the barrier.

“Good job, dude!” Bodoh pointed his sword’s hilt at him.

“Of course. I am not a gamer for nothing. Bye,” Grosirt teleported himself away.

“I wondered what happened in the digital plane,” Zrevix asked Bodoh.

“Let’s go then. I wondered the same thing too,”

“Maybe my home country is the best place. Virnteas town, Ezetlin, Digital plane!” Something bad is happening….