When they reached Virnteas town, they were shocked that a man was being beaten up badly by a bull but no one was helping despite being an open battle.
“I cannot let this slide. Never.” Zrevix dashed towards he bull while taking out her titanium scythe. “Skill! Paralyzer slash!” She slashed the bull and it could not move. A few men walked towards her and pointed their weapons at her.

“What are you doing here? Are you going to leave that loser alone?”

“So what?”

“Go ahead. It’s not like you can kill that thing, anyway. We called him to give up and run off, but he refused. We were getting beaten up badly by that beast too. What we could do is keep on healing that lass,”

“Huh? Wait…what is your job?”

“Just a knight,”

“No wonder. I am a death dealer. Watch me slay that thing with just one slash,” She walked towards the bull and slashed its head. The head was dropped onto the ground before the bull disappeared.

“Death dealer indeed. Thank you,” The men walked away.

“I thought only high leveled people would play this game,” Bodoh was surprised.

“Apparently even low leveled people are dragged in. It’s rather….” Kilrea was surprised too.

“Odd, but perhaps this isn’t really a bad thing. However, shit has just started. Look there,” Zrevix said. A round speech bubble appeared above a man sitting on a well at the center. They walked towards him.

“Huh? What are you…argh!” He screamed upon seeing Kilrea and Zrevix and ran to Bodoh, shivering wildly that he felt it as if he was shivering.

“It must be some woman treat him horribly,” Zrevix and Kilrea walked away.

“Good grief. I got my equipment and items all stolen. Thankfully I am a divine servant, or else….” His shivering stopped.

“I see. At least the clothes are programmed to be unstolable as they stick around the player within range of 50 centimeters even when they were removed. This is what the god has anticipated when copying this game. In Crysault Online, the game masters head complains of such things happen on players. This has lead to actual police having police stations in-game to make things properly done,”

“I know. This time, I stepped onto a trap by a trapper and she did horrible things to me before robbing me away. Thankfully, I was discovered by a girl who overhead my cries and game me an orb as an equipment,”

“Maybe that girl knows who she is. Where you were harmed?”

“That wooden house,” He pointed to a house near to him.

“Wait for me. If you need some emergency defense, that orb will help you a lot,” After a minute, as he entered the house, “No one’s there,” He saw no one and walked out. Next, he saw a tavern and walked towards there. As he entered, he walked to an empty table and sat on a wooden chair. People were merely drinking and talking. Next, he walked to a long counter and rang a bell placed on it.

“What you need, sir? Water, beer or whiskey?” A bartender came to him.

“A glass of water, please. By the way, do you ever hear of woman dragging man into empty homes?”

“Speaking of that, an hour ago this is the same thing that happened,”

“Do you know who is the woman involved?”

“Sorry, but I could not identify the woman using my watch. Perhaps you need to check his watch,” Back to the man,

“So you have that orb, huh?” A woman who has ears pointing backwards walked towards him. “Now hand it to me or I’ll…!” A palladium drill was suddenly launched at her. She turned around and kicked it away.

“So you are the woman who scarred him like that. I’ll challenge you in a battle! If you win, I’ll give you another orb. If I win, leave him away forever!”

“How boastful, but can you really defeat me? I’ll show you what I am capable of!” She took out a titanium string whip. Her watch reads, “Challenge initiated. Player name: Irnole Baqiar. Type: Material. Race: Human. Class: Diver. Match type: Unlimited One on One. Accept Challenge? Yes No” Irnole’s watch reads, “Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Irzile Reqioe. Type: Material. Race: Dark Elf. Class: Swing Knight. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Now this gets interesting,” Bodoh walked out from the tavern and saw the two fighting. He walked forward and saw the man on the well walked towards him. “This could get ugly, but I hope the woman who saved you wins,”

“Skill! Lodging punch!” Irnole dashed towards Irzile with her drills emitting pale yellow glow. Irzile quickly dashed backwards, repelling Irnole’s punches away using her whip. After a minute, Irzile suddenly jumped backwards.

“Skill! Straight whip pierce!” The whip suddenly became shorter than usual and became straight while she threw the whip at her. A punch from the drills stopped the whip midair as it got stuck between them, but Irnole grabbed the whip’s handle and, “Custom skill! Object swing!” She swung it backwards, throwing Irnole over her, but Irnole landed onto the ground and launched her drills at Irzile. A drill was knocked away when she turned around and swung her whip, but the other drill pierced through her hips.

“Now you know what you are going to suffer when you mess with guys. Skill! Return!” The drills were returned back to her along the exact same path the drills were launched. As the result, her hips were hit again as a drill pierced through earlier. After a second, she disappeared while Irnole ran to find the man she saved earlier.

“Hey! I beat that woman up! She won’t harm you anymore!” He heard her yelling. Bodoh and the man turned around.

“Thank you, but I think I need some therapy regarding this. I won’t shiver when being touched by a woman, but I still fear them a bit. By the way, apparently this is done by a syndicate,”


“A gaming friend of mine got robbed after drinking a spiked drink and had his equipment stolen. At least he beat her up and gets the equipment back. I need to investigate this,” The man teleported himself away. Irnole teleported herself away as well. At the meantime, Kilrea and Zrevix were dealing similar things too….