“Are you sure of this? Shouldn’t we tell Bodoh so that he won’t worry about us?” Zrevix asked Kilrea.

“We’ll send a message if he contact us. That girl is certainly suspicious, but at least she does not give signs of actually harming anyone yet,” They stared at a woman in white robe randomly giving healing potions.

“Hide!” A man suddenly grabbed their shoulders from behind and stepped away to the backside of a house.

“Who the fucking hell are you?” They turned around and punched him.

“I am the one who should be asking this! Are you two going to rob my house?” He stepped backwards.

“I see. By the way, you saw that, right?” Zrevix pointed her index ringer at him.

“Yes. And I know her, but too bad I am not of a job class high enough to deal with her. I tried to ask for reinforcements, but I get rebuked instead,”

“I see. But we have to catch that bitch redhanded or we would otherwise waste our effort. A friend of mine is currently dealing with this sort of thing,” Kilrea grabbed the wall and looked at her. The men who drank the healing potions were all collapsed onto the ground. The woman quickly took their weapons scattered on the ground. They quickly walked out from the wall.

“What are you doing? Are you going to steal their equipment while they are unconscious? I will not allow this atrocity to happen!” Kilrea yelled at her.

“So I am now caught redhanded, huh? Now try beating me up if you can!”

“Go ahead. My laser cannons will fry you away from this game!” Kilrea stepped forward and the men were teleported out from a barrier surrounding them. Her watch reads, “Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Slere Ingh. Type: Material. Race: Human. Class: Divine Servant. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” Slere dashed towards Kilrea while her hands were seen wielding a pair of thunder spark spears. Unlike most spears, the spark itself is the spear with any hit from the spear is equal regardless of which part of the spear hits the opponent. Realizing that, Kilrea dashed backwards while wielding a pair of shoulder cannons and fired energy beams at her, only to be absorbed into the spears and they emitted white glow. After a few seconds, a pair of rings appeared midair, floating near her cannons. “Custom skill! Impulse enhance!” Laser beams were fired through the rings and turned into laser blasts, but,

“Skill! Laser barrier!” She stabbed her spears onto the ground and the spears disappeared. A barrier made from laser beams appeared in front of her, blocking the laser blasts. Next, she stepped backwards before running towards it. “How about this? Custom skill! Flying kick!” She jumped and kicked the barrier towards Kilrea, took out another pair of thunder spark spears and waited for Kilrea. When the barrier reached close, “Skill! Homing magic projectile!” She threw her spears the moment Kilrea jumped over the barrier, but when the sparks nearly hitting her,

“Custom skill! Barrel shockwave!” The thunder sparks were disappeared while Kilrea landed onto the ground. She took out another pair of spear; waiting for her to fire a pair of laser blast would render her immobile. The two merely standing still, waiting for one to make a move. After a minute, “Custom skill! Barrel ejection launch!” A cannon barrel was ejected from both cannons and launched at her, but she switched to a thunder spark mining axe, jumped over them and threw her mining axe at Kilrea, but the cannon barrels on her shoulders were aimed at it. “You are not going to attempt tricks on me!” Laser beams were fired at it, but nothing happened while Kilrea dashed backwards.

“Your laser beams were too weak!” She dashed to the cannons while her hands were attached with a pair of fire cannon barrels, readying to attach the cannon barrels stuck onto the ground, but,

“Custom skill! Explosive teleportation!” The cannon barrels were exploded before teleported back for reattachment. Kilrea aimed her cannons and fired laser blasts at the smokes from the explosion, only to be blocked by a laser barrier.

“Custom skill! Flying kick!” A midair kick sent the barrier at Kilrea, only to be sent back at her when the laser blast became larger and a cannon barrel from both cannons were turned into flaming dusts. The barrier shattered upon crashing onto her, sending her straight to the barrier while being bombarded by the laser blasts. After the blast ended, she stood up while clutching using a thunder spark spear, albeit a long one. “This is…how could you do that…I’ll surrender….” She disappeared along with the barrier and the men around them woke up with their possessions left onto the ground.

“It appeared that we were almost robbed here. Hey, any ideas?”

“I kicked that asshole away from the game!” Kilrea shouted at them, but instead of thanking her,

“Well, thank you for your help, but we will appreciate it more if you let us kick that bitch on our own, you know,” They walked away without even bowing at her. “Yeah, hogging all the work by yourselves. Anyway, if not for you we could get robbed. See ya,”

“Curse it….” Kilrea stomped the ground a few times.

“It’s understandable. If this is not a video game, they would certainly say otherwise since that what you did increased your odds of fighting against the final boss,” Zrevix tapped her shoulders.

“That is…silly at best, but then again, you could be right. This is the game where the sole winner gets to become god, so the enthusiastic players would grab any chance to fight against him. I need to work out, though,” After 5 minutes,

“Hey, what you two were doing, huh?” Bodoh yelled at them.

“Just doing what you attempted to do. By the way, what is the next place? We have most of the world to explore,” Zrevix asked him.

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s time to return to the square for some casual battles,”

“I wanted to fight too. After all, I am getting fired up for the next battle after thrashing that bitch! Saltrea square, Mordinaf, Material plane!” The tragedy has yet to end….