After returning to Saltrea square, Ilprig pointed his sword at Bodoh.
“Want a fight?”

“Go ahead. Let’s fight in a non-KO match, shall we?”

“Definitely,” They walked to an empty space and a barrier surrounded them. After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” Ilprig walked towards Bodoh while his palladium meter sword was pointed down onto the ground. Bodoh dashed backwards while his phantalleum sword’s blades split into two, forming a gap between them. Next, its hilt was dropped onto the ground while a gun pod was inserted into it. “Skill! Projectile motion!” Laser shots were fired in parabolic curves, bombarding Ilprig from above, but the shots were blocked when he held his sword above his head. The bombardment continues while Bodoh took out another sword and dashed towards him. Upon reaching close,

“Skill! Shield shift!” Ilprig’s platinum titan shield, being not held onto his hand, suddenly spun and knocked Bodoh away. “Is that what you got? I’ll show you what I can do without actually moving, player. Skill! Homing slash wave!” He launched several slash waves that homes towards Bodoh, but,

“Skill! Slash wave ride!” He jumped onto one of them, blocked the rest and flew towards Ilprig while the slash wave he was standing on became larger. When he flew up and dived down at Ilprig, “Skill! Triple helix beam!” He jumped off the slash wave and fired a triple helix laser beam at Ilprig. Instead of blocking them using his sword or his shield, he merely strafed away from the attacks and turned around with his shield disappearing.

“So you want to take advantage of my immobility? Not so fast. I’ll show you what I can do with my sword when I am not shielded. Skill! Heavy impact slash!” Ilprig dashed towards Bodoh while his sword was emitting white glow.

“Like my class is a bad class! Skill! Rock spike wave!” Bodoh stabbed his sword into the ground and a wave of rock spikes struck up from the ground travelled towards Ilprig, but he jumped over the spikes to his left.

“Stacked chain skill! Sword dive!” He threw his sword at Bodoh. Instead of blocking or dodging the sword, Bodoh let the sword diving at him. When the sword reached close,

“Counter skill! Ground rise!” He pulled his sword out and slammed Ilprig’s sword onto the ground. A rock pillar suddenly stuck up from the ground, hitting Ilpring. He dashed towards Ilprig, but when Ilprig crashed onto the ground,

“Custom skill! Weapon attraction!” Ilprig was teleported to his sword, standing up while picking his sword and dashed towards Bodoh. The moment Bodoh turned around he was slammed towards the barrier. Ilprig dashed towards him once more, but he suddenly stopped and threw his sword instead, fearing that Bodoh would use shockwaves from the barrier as a counter skill. After a few seconds, Bodoh crashed onto the barrier with Ilprig’s sword stabbed through his body. “Too bad I cannot cause lodging damage on you. Still…custom skill! Pullback stab!” The sword was suddenly ejected out from Bodoh and returned to Ilprig.

“This is insane…thankfully I am a ultra novice. Skill! Heal!”

“Curses…just how much class skills you have grinded over your years playing Crysault Online?”

“All of them. Now you know, huh?” The gun pod attached as his sword’s hilt was dropped onto the ground. A mini phantalleum pearl wand was inserted into the sword’s hilt. “Skill! Thunder spark!” Several thunder sparks were emitted from his sword’s blade tips, but Ilprig dodged them while dashing towards him. Every single spark merely grazed through Ilprig’s armor. Upon reaching close, he swung his sword leftwards, only to be dodged and he was kicked.

“This is not enough. After all, I am too heavy to be sent away. Skill! Wave emission slash!” He was sent a meter away, but he swung his sword downwards. Bodoh quickly stepped backwards, but he was damaged from the waves emitted from his sword. After that, Bodoh suddenly threw his sword away, tackled him onto the ground and lifted him up. “So by all of them, you really mean it….”

“Yes! Skill! Throw impact!” He was thrown onto the ground. After that, Bodoh jumped over him, picked up his sword and dashed away from him. Next, he stood up and stared at Bodoh, waiting for Bodoh to attack. “So you really wanted this, huh? Skill! Exploding fireballs!” Fireballs were dropped from the sky onto Ilprig, but instead of dodging them, he pointed his sword upwards.

“Skill! Damage reversal!” The moment the fireballs hit him and exploded, he stabbed his sword onto the ground, but,

“Counter skill! Evnironmental damage spread!” Bodoh stabbed his sword onto the ground too and the ground was cracked.

“I should have expected this, but I wondered how long I can stand before eventually defeated by you. Seriously, you are really good,” Ilprig dashed towards him while holding his sword with the blades aligned verticaly.

“I see, but you are certainly a solid fighter. Very solid,” He dashed towards Ilprig while switching the mini wand back to the normal insert while his sword was sealed in a layer of ice. The ice seal sealed his hands holding it too. Upon reaching close, they raised their swords and swung them downwards, but Bodoh suddenly laid his upper body down, slashed Ilprig first and the barrier was disappeared.

“You win, pal. It’s an honor for me to fight you,” He drank a bottle of healing potion and walked away from Bodoh.

“Let’s fight again sometime in Crysault Online!” Bodoh yelled at him. Suddenly, a meteor was dropped and suddenly float barely above the ground. The screen on everyone’s watches reads,

“Unknown enemy appeared. Challenge?”

“I’ll challenge that damn thing myself. My prowess as a destructor will destroy that thing,” Kilrea stepped forward towards the meteor with her should cannons seen being wielded. After 5 seconds, a barrier was seen surrounding them. The crowd started murmuring.

“Are you sure that the empdy will win?”

“Who knows? But whatever it is, if she lost, she would be kicked out from the game anyway,” After 10 seconds,

“Match, start!” The next battle is going to be hard….