“The meteor is….” Kilrea’s face turn pale upon seeing the meteor melt into mud on the ground and it rose to form a human shaped golem.

“That is just a disguise to scare people off. By the way, check your watch first,” Kilrea’s watch reads,

“Opponent Name: Reveire Xoine. Type: Material. Race: Extraterrestrial, Golem. Class: Research Officer,”

“What? Where are you from? We do not welcome foreign planet visitors at the moment,” Kilrea pointed her index finger at the golem.

“I already expected that you will ask this question. My answer may shock you, but Gylfran is now an unofficial member of the Trans Galactic Treaty. Of course, there are some issues from your side that prevents official entry, but at least you get to travel to other planets as every continent gets at least a space port,”

“I see. As someone who supports Gylfran’s reentry to the treaty, welcome, by can you explain how you can enter here? As far as I know, only players of Crysault….”

“That is easy,” Bodoh suddenly spoke up. “Remember the ones I fought at the temple? They are from hell and they were brought inside by the gods. I am very sure that you are brought in the same way, Miss Reveire,”

“That is precisely the answer. I even met the god of video games who is behind this,”

“Okay…let’s don’t waste time for stupid chatting, shall we? I am going to defeat you!”

“At least the loser won’t get kicked out. Be warned, Crysault Online’s system is common in other planets too and I am in the top 10000 players among the 1 billion players playing the clone!” Reveire took out a pair of lab glass rods and dashed towards Kilrea while firing ice shards from them.  Instead of dodging them, she intentionally let the ice shards went inside her cannon barrels.

“I am very well aware of this cruel fact, but do not underestimate me. I am not called ‘the mighty empdy’ for nothing! Custom skill! Elemental absorbtion!” The ice shards stuck inside the cannon barrels were absorbed while waiting for Reveire to come close. After several seconds, ice blades suddenly formed on an end of the rods just before Reveire stabbed her, only to be blown away by ice elemental laser blasts fired from her shoulder cannons, sending Reveire crashing onto the barrier.

“Custom skill…what the…anyway, I am not done yet with you,” She stood up and dashed through another ice elemental laser blast without taking damage, but ice dusts were seen spraying out from her. After the blast was ended, Kilrea dashed backwards while firing normal laser beams at her, but they were all blocked using her rods while the ice blades were melting with every single beam they block. Upon reaching close, when the ice blades were all melted, “Glass used in laboratories is powerful and can defeat anyone…skill! Glassing strike!” Random slashes and stabs from her glass rods hit Kilrea, but suddenly,

“Custom skill! Barrel shockwave!” The barrels on her shoulder cannons emitted shockwaves and she was stunned while Kilrea dashed backwards. “Take this! Skill! Blast fusion!” The cannons were fired three times each. The six laser blasts fired from her cannons combined into a single blast. Suddenly, she recovered from her stun and strafed away from the blast. Her glass rod was seen emitting laser glow while she threw her rods upwards.

“When they sky is filled with attacks, no one one the ground can survive…custom skill! Copy item rain storm!” Multiple copies of glass rods were rained down onto Kilrea while she took out another pair of them.

“I will not allow this…skill! Anti-hydrogen laser blast!” The rods were turned into nothingness when she fired a pair of laser blast at the rods. She dashed towards Kilrea at a faster speed, but the cannon on her right shoulder suddenly rotate downwards at her and the laser blast hit her instead. Brown dusts were seen flowing away from her. Upon reaching close, “Skill! Glass reverse thrust!” Kilrea was stabbed by her glass rods and thrown to the barrier surrounding the two. The cannon on her left should was suddenly rotated downwards and another laser blast hit her. She quickly dashed away from them and looked at her cracked body.

“That was deliberate, moron. I know how research officers use their equipment sacrifice passive skill so I bait you into doing that so I can attack you the second time and render your ability useless. You might be able to damage me more than what I estimated, but victory will be eventually mine!” The laser blasts ended as she stood up. A pair of cannon barrels were ejected out and attached to Kilrea’s arms. More laser beams were fired at her, but she did not dodge them.

“Can you really sure of that? By treating equipments like companions, their sacrifice will channel power into me…skill! Equipment sacrifical channeling!” She strafed left and right, letting the laser beams hit her after barely dodging them. The cracks on her body became deeper and more numerous. After 15 seconds, she suddenly dashed towards Kilrea while dodging the laser beams.

“That’s really fast. This is the only way,” A pair of barrels were ejected out from Kilrea’s shoulder cannons. She saw them and readying for a barely dodging strafe, but when she did exactly that, “Custom skill! Explosive teleportation!” The cannon barrels exploded while reattached to Kilrea’s shoulder cannons, throwing her towards the barrier. Kilrea quickly turned around, aimed the cannons at her and fired laser blasts.

“Damn….” The laser blasts hit her and the barrier disappeared. Smokes hid her from plain view while meteor pieces were seen scattered everywhere. After a few seconds, the smokes disappeared and she was seen lying on the ground. “She must be figured out how I am going to finish her,”

“Of course. But is destroying part of yourself is worth a battle?”

“Hey, I will regenerate back to my original size in a short amount of time so don’t worry about it. By the way, you may want to see if there are any extraterrestrials who are being maliciously attacked by others,”

“There is one already, but I already kicked the assholes’ asses by having a handicapped group battle with him,” There will be a fight later on….