“Hello!” A man appeared along with Ilprig. His water droplet shaped ruby embedded barely above his chest down her neck has a piece of mint leaf in it. Mint scent was smelled from his body.

“How’s that match? Your skills are really good,” Ilprig said.

“How good is that? I want to test it out with my scythe,” Zrevix took out her titanium scythe and pointed it at him.

“Wait…why?” Bodoh’s eyebrows were raised.

“I can’t let Kilrea steal the spotlight as the first native to beat up an extraterrestrial. I need to show my prowess as well,”

“Go ahead, lady. I will prove to you that we extraterrestrials are not jokes!” He took out his titanium anchor and they walked to an empty area. A barrier surrounded them and her watch’s screen reads,

“Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Atroud Qoiras. Type: Material. Race: Extraterrestrial, Florite. Class: Ricocheter. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” The crowd suddenly filled the area near to the barrier.

“That’s certainly something. I thought no one would care about this, at least compared to the handicapped battle,” Atroud looked at the crowd.

“That is because you was being bullied and no one could care less regarding that. But now, I am basically gambling the reputation of the entire planet. If I lose, people native to this planet will be derided as inferior compared to extraterrestrials. As such, be warned that I will not go easy on you,”

“Ha, we extraterrestrials are not bully targets, you know. Then again, considering the fight between them, I must admit that the top players among you can indeed thrash us easily. I will still go all out against you! Skill! Orbital spin!” The anchor was thrown away and it was revolving in a circular arc 5 meters away from him.

“Go ahead. It will be an interesting fight for the audiences. Let’s not disappoint them, shall we? Skill! Eye shift slash wave!” A pair of slash waves was launched from her scythe. One curved above the anchor while one curved below it towards him, but the anchor was dragged towards him while he was dashing backwards, letting the slash waves hit the anchor. “Great, but isn’t that a little bit ridiculous?” She dashed towards him while the anchor was dragged away from him.

“Skill! Ballistic launch!” The anchor was suddenly launched at her, but she quickly strafed away from it and kept on dashing towards him. The anchor was dragged back towards him along the same path with her at a higher speed. When they were 4 meters away, she jumped over the anchor and landed onto the ground. Just when the anchor was close to him, she strafed to her left and slashed the anchor, striking it at him. “Damn!” The anchor hit him and he fell onto the ground.

“Whoa!” The anchor resumed its revolving motion while being pushed away from him. She quickly jumped backwards. “Skill! Paralyzer slash wave!” A yellow color slash wave was launched from her scythe at the anchor, but it kept on rotating. Next, she landed onto the ground and dashed towards him the second time. The anchor maintained its relative distance from him and did not move closer or farther than him. Upon reaching close, he was slashed repeatedly, but,

“Custom skill! Emergency reversal!” She suddenly collapsed onto the ground. He quickly dashed away from her while taking out a bottle of cure potion. The bottle was thrown to the anchor, which broke and the liquid was spilled onto the anchor. “That is really nasty…I thought scythe users are useless….” He launched the anchor towards her, but she stood up and blocked the hit using her scythe.  The anchor was pulled back to his hands. “Skill! Quick throw!” He threw it towards her at a faster speed, but she strafed to her right, dodging the anchor before being launched back to his hands.

“You certainly aren’t a bad opponent for partially reversing the damage you have done on me, but I will still win against you! Skill! Rolling scythe slash!” She threw her scythe and it was spinning like a wheel on the ground towards him while she was chasing it. He quickly threw his anchor at the scythe, but the scythe was knocked upwards instead. He quickly dashed in a spiral arc towards the weapon, but she quickly grabbed her scythe. “Skill! Midair rolling scythe slash!” She threw it towards him, but he quickly jumped over it, grabbed the anchor and threw it towards her. She jumped upwards and the two weapons clashed when the scythe was returned to the spot she threw it earlier.

“Your skills certainly impressed me, but I am starting to wonder how long you can keep this up,” The scythe was knocked upwards towards her while the anchor was dropped onto the ground. He dashed in a straight line to pick up his weapon. When she grabbed her scythe, she threw it downwards towards the anchor in an hope to damage his hands when he picked it up, but he picked it up first and the scythe hit the ground instead. He threw his anchor towards her, but the anchor flew past her head as she landed on to the ground.

“It is you who can’t keep up, player. Now receive this final slash of mine! Skill! Death barrage slash!” She dashed towards him while launching slash waves at him, but he dashed away from her while the anchor was pulled back towards him. After a few seconds, she caught up to him and scythe slashes hit him for 10 seconds before the anchor hit her, pushing both of them crashing onto the barrier. The barrier was disappeared and both collapsed onto the ground. The watches’ screens read,

“Winner: Zrevix Hreas,” They stood up and picked up their weapons.

“What? I won with exactly 2 HP left? Holy cow….” Her face turned pale upon seeing her watch’s screen.

“So you survived both the anchor hit and the barrier crash? Judging from the battle records, if you get an additional hit before the anchor hit me, you would win earlier. In fact, I lost when that anchor hit you because your scythe accidentally slashed me one more time and the barrier was still there to prevent us from crashing onto the crowd. You are really good at fighting, pal,”

“Thank you. But you are doing quite well despite lacking required grinding,”

“Let’s fight again some time,” He teleported himself away. Problems will happen soon….