“So, where should we go?” Zrevix asked Bodoh and Kilrea.

“Temple of Fraxiod War, Gronqla, Digital Plane!” They teleported to the area and saw several people chasing a man.

“Wait…that is the guy I saved from Virnteas town. What the hell is happening here?” Bodoh dashed towards him and his face turned pale upon seeing several women with black leather tails with heart shaped emblem on their ends.

“Some succubi suddenly attacked us. The girl who saved me earlier was stuck somewhere else she fought one of those girls. Damn…if there is some way to deal with them….”

“We can’t attack them directly…maybe this will do,” Bodoh dashed towards Kilrea and Zrevix.

“How you are going to help him if you run away from him?” Zrevix asked him in a loud tone.

“There are three of them, so we challenge one each,”

“Now that’s a good idea. Hopefully this won’t cause problems later on,” Kilrea took out her cannons. They nodded their heads and dashed towards him.

“Hold your pursuit, bitches!” Bodoh took out his phantalleum sword and yelled at the succubuses.

“What did you call us?”

“We’ll have a taste for you after we are done with him!”

“Who are you to call us like that?”

“Want a match? If you win, we’ll leave him alone. If we win, do not disturb him. Understand?”

“Sure. It’s not like you have any chance to win against us!” The three succubi dashed away from each other. After a minute, three barriers were seen surrounding two players inside each. Just when he thought he was safe and sat on the ground,

“I kicked that bitch out from the game. You are fi…!” A succubus appeared in front of him, but a barrier was suddenly appeared, surrounding them. The barrier was pale blue in color instead of others which were colorless.

“If you think that I can’t fight against just one of you…then you are completely wrong. I, Wriflor Sezvald, shall knock you down!” He took out a pair of fire spear and pointed them at her. His watch’s screen reads,

“Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Virtlea Pharlankt. Type: Material. Race: Extraterrestrial, Succubus. Class: Artillerist. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” Virtlea took out a pair of rocket launchers and fired rockets at him. Instead of dodging them, he jumped and stepped at them one by one. Upon reaching close to her, he jumped off to his right and threw a spear down at her, but it disappearing along with the explosions when it hit a few rockets. She fired a few onto the ground, but he quickly threw a few wind spears which formed whirlwinds onto the ground, blowing the rockets away while he was landed onto it.

“Skill! Steam strike!” He took out a water spear while jumping off the whirlwind towards her and threw both spears at her, only to hit several rockets before disappearing. She was suddenly kicked on her head and slammed her onto the ground. He jumped backwards while taking out the same weapons, readying to use the skill once more, but she stood up and rocket launchers were seen on her shoulders and helmet. upon landing onto the ground, he was hit several times before being thrown upwards.

“Skill! Shrapnel blast!” Several rockets were fired upwards and exploded into falling metal pieces.

“Skill! Marble shield!” A piece of marble appeared above him and the metal pieces dropped onto him hit the shield instead. She fired a few rockets onto the ground where he will land, but with his spears he threw them towards the rockets and the rockets exploded before they could even reach him. Upon landing onto the ground, he took out the same set of weapons. He threw the water spear upwards, followed by the fire spear. The fire spear was absorbed into the water spear while the water spear itself turned into steam.

“That’s a classic technique, but that thing is still weak compared to my rockets!” Her rocket launchers were switched to homing rocket launchers and the rockets fired now homes into him, but he slammed the rockets onto the ground using his spears and they exploded away from him. “Why he did this…damn…the rockets only do damage when they actually hit him and the explosions are nothing but visual hindrance? Crap!” She dashed towards him while resuming her rocket firing. Upon reaching close, he suddenly dashed backwards and kept on slamming the rockets onto the ground.

“If this continues, I would certainly crash onto the barrier and get hit by the rockets….” When he nearly reached the barrier, he jumped backwards, stuck his foot onto it and jumped off. She quickly turned around, but when she dashed out from the explosions, the steam spear pierced through her before disappearing. “Custom skill! Ground weapon conjuring strike!” A sandstone spear struck up from the ground, piercing through her upwards before it was teleported to his hands. The shock from the attack made her collapsed onto the ground.

“If you think this is sufficient…skill! Shrapnel blast!” She fired several rockets which exploded a meter away from him and emitted metal pieces at him. Instead of dodging the shrapnels, he dashed through them while taking out a vine pike inside the smokes. She dashed towards the smoke, only to have the pike impaled through her and she was disappeared along with the barrier.

“Phew…” He sat on the ground while drinking a bottle of healing potion only to see a pair of legs in front of him. “Argh!” He looked upwards, but he stopped screaming.

“It’s me, you fucking moron. Do I have those leather tails like theirs?” Irnole shouted at him.

“I thought you will come and intercept my match to help me!”

“No. That will introduce damage scaling and will render your pike impaling useless as a finishing move. You should have known that better,”

“At least we get to fight together! Anyway, we need to reveal the situation to the folks at the Saltrea square. There should be people, native or extraterrestrial who are willing to bring down that fucking army,”

“Wait for them first. Those three will definitely help,” The fights were going on….