“Let’s how you as a charmer can fight in a battlefield!” Bodoh took out his phantalleum sword and stabbed it onto the ground.

“I might as well enjoy your handsome body after I am done with you, just like a certain video game with monster girls. You are certainly fertile enough to satisfy me,”

“Shut the fuck up! I am a virgin and I will still become one after I kick you out from this game! Skill! Satelite drone!” Several satellite shaped drones appeared and flew towards him. The drones emitted laser beams at her, but she laughed while flying upwards, dodging the laser beams and taking out a shrapnel launcher. “If you think I cannot do that….” He stepped onto his sword and flew upwards too. “She could be a hybrid, possibly a space warrior. I must be careful,”

“He can do both of these…he can only be an ultra novice…I must be extremely careful with regards of this, or he will be thrashing me instead. Skill! Spatial mine!” Several spiked spherical mine were deployed around him.

“Skill! Trigger sting!” Needles were seen near his body and were launched towards the mines. The mines exploded as he flew over them. “You are not going to win. Skill! Steel vault!” She was sealed inside a steel box, but,

“Skill! External explosion!” The steel box was broken into pieces as several bombs blew it up. “Thanks to the properties of bombs used by everyone else except the boom master line, I can safely blow up traps myself,”

“Are you sure? Skill! Balloon air bomb!” A balloon was thrown at her and it blew up in front of her. She checked her watch and her face turned pale.

“Wait…you really are an ultra novice! Skill! Air to air missiles!” Long missiles were fired towards him, but he flew away while he was facing her and switched its hilt to a wand.
“Why you are doing this? Skill! Thunder spark!” Thunder sparks were emitted from his sword’s tip, but they were all dodged while she took out a laser cannon. Laser beams were fired at him, but they were all dodged while he suddenly flew towards her instead. Thunder sparks were seen on his sword as if it sealed the weapon like a cage along with his hands. Upon reaching close, she fired a laser blast at him, only to be dodged by strafing to his left.

“Skill! Lightning release slash!” The thunder sparks spread out from his sword while he swung his sword to his right, slashing her back.

“We are in severe risk of extinction. That’s why we have to get as much males to get offspring. I may sound forceful, but that is the only way out,” She turned around and flew back towards her while switching to a pair of machineguns. When she started shooting them, the sword he was standing on was sealed in a layer of cloud while he flew faster to dodge the shots. “If you are keen to dodge…skill! Block trap!” A steel block suddenly appeared in front of him.

“Skill! Warp through!” A warp portal appeared in front and back of the block and he pass through them instead of crashing onto it. “That is too forceful! You could have just search a planet that has an opposite problem, make a deal and be done with it! Skill! Flash!” His speed became too fast for her to point her machineguns. He flew in an oval shaped arc while his sword was sealed under a layer of water crystal. “Skill! Aqua rush slash!” Upon reaching close, he slashed her, with the water crystal shattered into pieces and launched towards her while still maintaining his swinging momentum.

“This is really insane. How could you have so much skill learned? Just how much time you spend in the game?” She was hit, but she was still flying and fired her machineguns at him, but the shots were still missed. “You are forcing me to do this. Custom skill! Ultra vortex!” A black energy ball appeared behind him and he was slowly sucked towards it. She resumed firing her machineguns while giggling. “I doubt that you have any skills that counters this one. Victory is already mine, idiot!”

“Are you thought so? Skill! Static warp portal!” He let the sucking power sending him back and forth through a pair of warp portals while firing ice beams from his sword, but they were all dodged. “By the way, I live in the game for years. I am sponsored to do that and I have to report my live in it as an exchange. It’s quite sucky when I have real life things to be done. Oh, that vortex? I can eliminate that thing. Skill! Skill cancel!” The vortex disappeared along with the warp portals. Next, he dashed towards her while his sword was sealed by plant roots.

“Go ahead. It’s not like I can’t defeat you without it. Skill! Flying thrust!” She dashed towards him and both crashed onto the barrier with him falling onto the ground, but he caught his sword he used for standing before. “This is it! My finishing move! Bomber drop!” Bombs were dropped down onto him, but he quickly launched slash waves at them and they exploded midair. Upon landing onto the ground, she dived towards him while firing her machineguns. “I will crash onto him once more and he will be toast!”

“Not so fast, bitch!” He suddenly dashed backwards and slashed the ground by swinging his sword from above his head. “Skill! Rock eject!” A spherical rock was launched upwards from the ground and hit her before she disappeared along with the barrier. He wiped his sword using a piece of cotton cloth while looking at Wriflor and Irnole. At the meantime,

“What you are trying to do at the man is certainly unforgivable. You may get away with such crime in other planets, but at here you can be outright jailed. I will punish you myself before the justice comes to you!” Zrevix took out her palladium scythe.

“How boastful. Then don’t regret what you have said if you are the person who gets kicked out from this game instead. I, Drifrea Kinurkof, will defeat you!” This fight is not easy, either….