“Go ahead. It’s not like I won’t be able to defeat you anyway. Skill! Poison slash!” Zrevix dashed towards Drifrea, but rock spikes struck from the ground prevented her from closing in. As such, she threw scythe towards Drifrea, only to be blocked when a rock spike was raised from the ground. The scythe was knocked back to her hands while the rock spikes moved down into the ground and disappearing. “Why don’t just attack me with your rock spikes? You can’t be anything but a geomancer,”

“A geomancer’s power is not merely about the land that I land on, you know. Skill! Air juggler!” A burst of wind from the ground launched her upwards and several more threw her in random directions before a downward burst of wind sent her crashed onto the ground. Dusts were sent flowing upwards but when she stood up the dusts kept on flowing upwards. She dashed towards Drifrea, but Drifrea merely stood still while the flow of the dusts forming spirals. “Skill! Dust tornado!” The spiral winds became larger and she was thrown upwards once more.

“It appeared that the geomancers I fought before does not use their skills to this extent. Skill! Duration reduction slash wave!” A slash wave was seen launched downwards, but nothing happened. Drifrea laughed while taking out a platinum obsidian wand, but the tornado was suddenly disappeared before Drifrea could do anything. “Do not underestimate my abilities, player. Skill! Slash wave rain!” A few slash waves were launched upwards. They explode when hit each other midair and smaller slash waves rained at Drifrea, but rock pillars raised from the ground around her blocked them.

“I am afraid that you are going to exploit the animation frame of my skills. Chain skill! Rock spike spread!” Rock spikes were seen launched outwards from the ground, but she jumped over them while the rock pillars were falling down back into the ground. “Crap!” The rock pillars were still falling down as she was standing above them. She threw her scythe to Drifrea downwards.

“I am not allowed to dual wield yet, but that does not stop me from performing additional attacks. Skill! Death drop!” She blocked the scythe using her hands, but she suddenly dropped onto the scythe and stomped the scythe onto her. The pillars were disappeared as she picked up the scythe and dashed backwards. “You are not going to use chain skills anymore! Skill! Chain lock slash!” She threw her scythe on the ground while it was spinning. The moment Drifrea jumped, the scythe was suddenly raised to her height. The scythe hit Drifrea and the wand dropped onto the ground.

“Don’t regret this, then. Skill! Rock cage!” Four rock walls were erected upwards from the ground while a rock board dropped onto them, sealing her instead. Drifrea picked up the wand on the ground and dashed towards the cage. A punch at a wall cracked the walls, but suddenly the wall collapsed with her scythe was suddenly thrown out from it. Drifrea strafed to her right and punched other walls. She was seen caught her scythe, turned around and pointed the weapon onto the ground.

“I guess you have fought a few men who submit themselves to you after you defeated them,”

“If what you say is true then I am not fighting you here! Skill! Boulder drop!” A boulder was dropped onto her, but she threw her scythe upwards.

“Skill! Damping slash!” The scythe slashed the boulder, but it merely left a mark on it while the scythe dropped back to her hands. Next, she walked forward and the boulder crashed onto the ground just a meter behind her. “How’s that, huh? You underestimated my death dealer’s skills! Skill! Blade grapple!” She dashed towards Drifrea, dodged rock spikes and wind spears raining down onto her and swung her scythe as if it was a hook. The scythe was lodged into Drifrea as she swung her scythe as if it she was performing a hammer throw. After a few revolutions, Drifrea was thrown   away when she suddenly stopped.

“Curses…you can go this far? Skill! Compressed air shot!” Air balls were seen around Drfirea midair and launched towards her as dusts surrounding her to form dusty winds. Upon landing onto the ground, the dusty winds were disappeared. The compressed steam shots were blocked, but the scythe’s blade were cracked. “Damn…I must do something with this….” She took out an aerosol spray and sprayed her scythe’s blade while dashing in random directions, dodging rock spikes that struck up randomly from the ground. Suddenly,

“Skill! Boulder drop!” A boulder was dropped onto her once more, but that time, she walked backwards while pointing her scythe downward.

“Custom skill! Tornado Strike!” She threw scythe onto the ground and a tornado formed from the spinning blew the boulder towards Drifrea. Instead of blocking it, a marble wall appeared in front of Drifrea. The wall blocked the boulder, but the wall itself was shattered into pieces. Dusty winds were seen around the boulder while the tornado stopped and she picked up the scythe. “Come on. Make the boulder chase me!” She yelled at Drifrea. The boulder started chasing her, but she quickly dashed away from it while dodging rock spikes launched at her. After a minute, she started dashed towards Drifrea.

“So this is what you planned all along! I am not going to allow this!” Drifrea turned around, kicked her only the ground and strafed away from the boulder.

“I can’t be defeated this way, bitch! Skill! Skill cancel slash!” She threw her scythe backwards. The boulder disappeared when the scythe hit it and bounced back to her. “How can you fight further? Show it to me!”

“Skill! Mountain drop!” A mountain was falling onto her while Drifrea dashed away from her. Instead of dashing away from the mountain, she pointed her scythe upwards.

“Skill! Custom cancel!” The mountain disappeared when she threw her scythe upwards. Her face turned pale and she knelt onto the ground.

“Fine. You win,” At the meantime,

“Your rusty cannons are nothing but pieces of old junk that is best left in a museum. I, Freile Konsiga, will not allow you to escape!”

“What did you say, you fucking cunt? You will regret that you say such fucking words to me!” This is not easy either….