“Go ahead. I’ll show you what I am made of!” Freile took out a pair of sprayer guns while dashing towards Kilrea, dodging laser beams fired from her shoulder cannons. Upon reaching close, she was kicked onto the ground, stepped on and had flames sprayed at her.

“Custom skill! Barrel shockwave!” Her cannon barrels were emitting shockwaves, stunning Freile while she rolled around. Freile fell onto the ground while she dashed backwards. After 5 seconds, a pair of laser blast was fired at Freile, but Freile stood up and strafed away from them. Next, Freile dashed towards her with the blast still active, but upon reaching close the cannon barrels suddenly turned around, knocking Freile away. “I cannot move, but my cannons can while they are still firing blasts!” The blast ended and she dashed away from Freile.

“Curses…but never mind,” An additional barrel was attacked at the sprayer guns while letting the laser beams hitting Freile. Next, Freile started dashing in circular arcs while looking at her cannon barrels. After a minute, she suddenly dashed towards Freile while ejecting her cannon barrels out, letting them attached onto her hands. Upon reaching close, flames were sprayed at her, but she quickly slammed her cannon barrels attached on her hands at Freile’s shoulders.

“Skill! Quad blast!” She jumped backwards and all cannons fired laser blasts at Freile. The blast ended when she landed onto the ground. Freile was seen using her sprayer guns as crutches before lifting them up. Freile dashed in circular arcs again and fired tubed shaped fire sprays at her, but she strafed away from them while waiting for her cooldown timer to drop to 0. Suddenly, Freile stopped firing and dashed towards her. Upon reaching close, she was kicked upwards.

“You are not going to win! Skill! Flame spiral!” Double helix shaped flames were fired at her, burning her alive, but she quickly pointed her cannons towards Freile and fired a pair of laser blasts from her shoulder cannons while ejecting her arm cannons at Freile. The blast hit Freile, but the cannon barrels missed as she heard sounds of them hitting the ground.

“Custom skill! Explosive teleportation!” The cannon barrels were suddenly exploded and Freile was thrown away from the laser blasts while the cannon barrels on the ground were teleported back to her arms.

“This is…insane…Custom skill! Direct spray!” A warp portal appeared in front of Freile and another in front of her. Freile fired the flames at her, but she blocked them using her shoulder cannon barrels which were aimed at the warp portal. Next, she pointed her arm cannons at the warp portal and fired a pair of laser blasts into the warp portal, which were warped towards Freile. Freile was hit and the warp portals were disappeared. She dashed towards Freile while reattaching the arm cannons back to her shoulder cannons.

“Custom skill! Barrel shockwave!” Upon reaching close, her shoulder cannons were emitting shockwaves and Freile were stunned just after she switched her guns’ magazine. She dashed backwards and a pair of ring was seen floating midair right in front of the shoulder cannons. “Custom Skill! Impulse enhance!” A pair of laser beams were fired through the rings and turned into laser blasts. Freile was hit while the rings disappeared, but Freile was seen dashing towards her.

“This is ridiculous! I will not let you win! Custom skill! Spray drone!” Several tubes appeared left and right of Freile before flew towards her while firing icy sprays at her. She blocked them using her cannons, but the cannons turned blue and they could not be turned at all. She quickly dashed backwards towards the barrier, but Freile suddenly appeared at her back, kicked her upwards and the tubes fired icy sprays, which turned her entire body blue. She crashed onto the ground and the blue color was instantly disappeared along with the tubes. “Victory is mine!” Freile pointed the sprayers at her, but she quickly turned around and kicked the sprayers away from Freile’s hands.

“You don’t bet on that happen on you, right? Skill! Anti-deuterium laser blast!” A pair of laser blast filled with positron, antiproton and antineutron were fired at Freile and she was disappeared along with the barrier. She stood up and looked at everyone else while walking towards Wriflor and Irnole.

“Good job, players. If not for you I would get raped by those horny devils,” He bowed at them.

“That is what a responsible player should do, you know. By the way, can you tell us what the fucking hell is happening on you? It appeared that they are lusting after you,” Zrevix asked her.

“My opponent said that they need him to produce offspring for their nearly extinct race. I don’t know if that is a lie, but it doesn’t appear to be one,” Bodoh said.

“Maybe we should go to their lair and explain everything. Perhaps we can end this crisis once and for all,” Kilrea added.

“We were chased off near a port, but there were only four of them. Perhaps we need to go to the square and ask if they know this thing,” Irnole said. At the meantime,

“What? Four people were kicked out from the game?”

“Yes, my mistress. They were all pursuing the same man aggressively,”

“Those bunch of idiots. I have ordered them to not be forceful! If I ended up declaring wars with other players here just because of this….”

“What should I do, my mistress?”

“Track that person and attempt to bring him and those folks who defeated them to me. We have to negotiate things a bit,” Suddenly, someone appeared in front of them.

“I heard that your race is having extinction crisis. My race has the same yet opposite problem. Can we deal for it?”

“I have to gauge your sincerity first. By the way, could you wait until I deal with the locals first?”

“It is certain. Please take your time as much as you wish. I will wait here patiently,”

“If that is the case, I’ll leave here at once. Please pray for my safety,” Things are getting more interesting….