When they teleported back to the square,
“So, you are attempting some negotiations here? As far as I am concerned, what you are attempting is nothing but an invasion,” Korosa pointed her rapier at a succubus.

“I see. So I am not welcomed here or are you kicking me out from here?”

“As long as you don’t try to propagate your race here we will let you hang around. Anyway, why you are doing this?”

“Why? Our race is currently in the brink of extinction and we need offspring,”

“There are bunch of men out there. We at here do not welcome your plan,”

“I understand,” The succubus teleported herself away, but another appeared.

“Can anyone tell us where is Bodoh Sombong?”

“Here!” Bodoh raised his phantalleum sword upwards while walking towards the succubus.

“Our leader wants to meet you and negotiate things regarding the attack incidents,”

“So she wants to apologize with us? Go ahead. Where? I am bringing my friends so that you won’t try anything funny,”

“Yes. Please bring them together,” Bodoh whistled towards the others and they dashed towards him.

“Karzatof, Malinqia, Hell plane!” They were teleported to a room. A human with machine looking hands and arms was seen standing beside another succubus with a fire ring above her.

“As commanded, I brought them to you, my mistress,” The succubus walked towards her.

“As the leader of succubus, Virtlandies Koraizso, I am apologizing for the recent succubus attacks on you. Our goal is simple: to get as much males to mate with us and produce sufficient offspring to avoid extinction. I hope you understand,”

“If that is the case, I demand compensation for property damage you have done to Saltrea square. My superiors will cease legal charges on you if you pay 200 thousand Inglades to us,” Ilprig suddenly showed up and pointed his titanium sword at her.

“I will pay you right now,” A box filled with cash was seen in front of it.

“Thank you, but if you wreak havoc there again, I will make sure that you will be banned from entering this planet ever again,” Ilprig teleported himself away.

“I believe that you have more to say for us,” Wriflor said.

“The problem is solved, but I’ll tell you what we are going to do after this. We are going to seek men as usual, but we will no longer use harsh methods,”

“Seduce them? You better don’t act like what our locals did. I think you have heard of several abuse incidents that happened on our men since today,” Bodoh said.

“No. I am considering having some trans galactic population transfer deal with that android. Their representative is now standing beside me,”

“The man she was referring just now is me. I am Kitfren Lagrea, an android, but officially we are the ansior race. An extraterrestrial attack on our shelters has destroyed some of our female populartion and I am tasked to bring as much women to my planet,”

“Extraterrestrial attack? Can you identify where they are from?” Kilrea was surprised at his words.

“As far as I concerned, they come from a planet called Valsanga,”
“That Valsanga! The same extraterrestrial that nearly wiped this planet out…they are active once again?” Kilrea’s face turned pale.

“I even sighted a few members of them in this planet. We will help you. After all, your gods are gracious enough to let us stay in hell,” Kitfren said. “We have our men inside all areas readying for countering their attacks,”

“Well, our gods are human beings ascended upwards and we are now having some sort of competition to get a seat to godhood, but not much people seemed to be interested,” Zrevix said.

“We know that. We were told beforehand that we will never become gods no matter how well we are doing,” Virtlandes added.

“So, where are you going to attack next?”

“We have taken the defensive or we will become guilty if we ended up in the trans galactic court,”

“If there is nothing else, may we leave this place? We have some tasks to be done,”

“Go ahead,” They teleported themselves back to Saltrea square and saw Ilprig lying onto the ground and a man stepping onto him. Ilprig’s armor was seen cracked everywhere.

“So your claim to be the strongest in this square is just bluff, huh? I thought people here are good enough to give me a good fight, but look at you. You are now under the mercy of me!” The man raised his hammer.

“What the hell do you think who you are? You are a gamer so be a gamer, not a criminal!” Korosa yelled at the man.

“How boastful. I’ll spare this man’s life. But I will kill you if you lose,” Ilprig was kicked away by the man while a barrier surrounded them. Her watch reads,

“Challenge initiated. Player name: Hirklalon Vangiti. Type: Material. Race: Extraterrestrial, Human. Class: Crusher. Match type: Unlimited One on One. Accept Challenge? Yes No”

“I wondered how this match will turn out. That bastard knows too well that I cannot move fast with my shield on my hand. He is using the exact same setup to fight against her, but that is not an advantage or disadvantage. I wondered if it is possible for her to win,” Ilprig’s armor was seen having less and less cracks while he stood up.

“I think she will win, but she will struggle a lot. That is assuming she really work her way to improve herself. But what really worries me is the way he talks. I suspect that he is an invader,” Bodoh walked towards him and whispered.


“I got reports that there are invaders in the game and some extraterrestrials are currently ganging up against them. Also, they are from the same planet as the one which nearly destroyed this one,”

“Let the gods deal with it. The gods will not let this matter slide. For now, let’s pray for her safety,”

“Definitely. I hope that she wins as well or we are in the risk of being wiped out too,” This is not good at all….