“Match start!” Korosa dashed towards Hirklalon while taking out a titanium rapier. “Skill! Flash stabbing!” He stepped backwards and dodged some of her stab attacks on him while he looked at her hands. After a second, he swung his titanium hammer at her head, sending her flying onto the barrier, but she stepped onto it and dropped onto the ground. Next, he dashed towards her and slammed the ground, but she jumped over him and launched a few slash waves to his head.

“Not so fast, bitch!” He swung his hammer backwards and slammed the slash waves. When she landed onto the ground, he turned around and slammed hear head again, but that time, “What? How is this possible? Your rapier should be broken by now!” She raised her rapier and the hammer stopped upon hitting it. Next, she dashed backwards while launching several conical shaped stab waves by stabbing the air. He jumped over them and threw his hammer midair. “Custom skill! Diving slam with shockwaves!” She jumped backwards while swinging her rapier randomly.

“I don’t think that you can defeat me like what you did to him. I am too mobile for you for this trick to work! Skill! Flashing strike!” She landed onto the ground and dashed towards him. Upon reaching close, she suddenly stepped forward and stabbed through his body, pushing him backwards. She repeated the motion a few times before dashing backwards to the hammer. “Come on. I dare you to take this weapon,” He dashed towards his hammer, picked it up and slammed it down onto the ground, but she jumped and launched several slash waves at him.

“I am not that foolish, you fucker! Skill! Block launch!” His hammer’s metal block was launched towards her and the slash waves disappeared upon hitting it. The metal block hit her hair, but there was no damage except some hairs were falling down. “Custom skill! Parallel swing!” He swung his handle down onto the ground and the metal block moved down in the same arc as the handle, knocking her down onto the ground with her shirt ripped off. The metal block was raised as he raised his handle, but when he swung it down, she quickly rolled to her right and stood up, only to be launched upwards by the shockwaves made from the metal block’s hit on the ground. Her shirt was seen regenerating.

“You certainly are invasion material, but I doubt that your invasion will be successful. Skill! Self knockback strike!” She landed onto the ground while the metal block was teleported back to his hammer’s handle. She dashed towards him and stabbed his body, knocking herself back away from his hammer swing every time the stab hit. When she did that the third time, he threw his hammer towards her instead and she was hit, sending her crashing onto the barrier.

“I don’t think so. Your fighting abilities are rock solid, but I think I’ll make you my slave instead of killing you. Skill! Total crusher!” His hammer was seen emitting white glow while he picked up his hammer and dashed towards her. Upon reaching close, he swung his hammer in a horizontal arc towards his right, but she jumped to the barrier, stepped onto it, jumped to her left and stabbed the hammer. The hammer slammed onto him, turning his blue jacket and jeans into dusts. “Custom skill! Restoration accumulation!” The blue jacket and jeans reappeared while his hammer was emitting blue glow.

“Like I would allow this! Skill! Piercer throw!” She threw her rapier towards him while dashing away from him. The rapier pierced through him while she dashed to take the rapier back. She grabbed the rapier and threw it back at him, but he quickly stood up and swung his hammer, knocking the rapier back to her hands. He dashed towards her with his hammer still emitting blue glow. Upon reaching close, he slammed the ground, but she jumped backwards and threw her rapier towards him. The shockwaves from the slam stunned her while the rapier pierced through him. He threw his hammer towards her, but the hammer passed under her.

“I missed? Damn….” He chased the hammer and grabbed it near the barrier after it hit the barrier and dropped onto the ground. When he turned around, she was already landed onto the ground and picked up her rapier. He dashed towards her with the blue glow disappeared. She dashed towards him as well. When they reached close, he swung his hammer upwards, but she stepped on the hammer and jumped over him. Next, she turned around and threw her rapier at him. The rapier pierced through him once more and stabbed onto the ground.

“Custom skill! Reverse motion!” The rapier suddenly moved reversely and pierced through him again. He turned around and swung his hammer along his stomach horizontally, but she still grabbed her rapier right before she was hit and sent flying towards the barrier. She quickly stabbed her rapier onto the ground. Fire sparks were seen on the ground as she slowed down and landed onto the ground while still moving towards the barrier. After 5 seconds, she stopped barely in front of the barrier.

“This is insane…I will not let you win. Custom skill! Pralyzing ground!” He slammed the ground while his hammer was emitting yellow glow, but she jumped and threw her rapier towards him.

“Custom skill! Phoenix dive!” A fire phoenix surrounded the rapier and flew towards him while she landed onto the ground and chased the rapier. Upon reaching close, he swung his hammer downwards, but it was knocked back upwards upon hitting the phoenix. The rapier was bounced backwards upon hitting him, but she grabbed it and stabbed it through him. “We, the people of Gylfran, are not your plaything!” He disappeared along with the barrier. The crowd cheered loudly while she walked towards Ilprig.

“Great job, player. That will certainly make them learn the lesson,”

“By the way, you need some repairing for your equipment. Show me that cracked sword of yours. I’ll repair them for free,” She took out her aerosol can.

“Okay….” He blushed while letting her spraying him along with his sword. The invasion has yet to end….