“Hey, what do you think? Should we pursue them?” Zrevix asked Bodoh and Kilrea.

“Of course. If we somehow managed to defeat their leader, then we will have no problems regarding it,” Kilread said.

“To do that, we need a research officer for that. They can identify players without any costs,” Bodoh scracthed his head.

“Need my help, huh?” Revire walked towards them and pointed her glass rods at them.

“If you are willing to lend your abilities to us, we would appreciate it,” Wriflor said.

“Take this. You want this weapon, right?” He handed her 500ml measuring cylinder to her.

“I have one, but at least I can now dual wield this thing. The deal’s set. In fact, we extraterrestrials are currently waging wars against them too. After all, their activities in this planet have severely tarnished our reputation. To show that we are not people like them, we worked together with the locals to drive them out from the game,”

“I understand. So, do you know where they are?”

“They are now in the surroundings to the Irklad tower. The people of Ezetlin are currently fighting against them, but they could not take over the tower. At least 100 people, including several who once fought the final boss were kicked out from the game. Thankfully, they can always return after a set period of time,”

“Wait…are you leading us directly to the boss?” Zrevix asked.

“Of course. That is the only place where people are having trouble since that most extraterrestrials refused to go there,”

“We changed our country’s constitution to match it with other countries and they are still going against us?” Kilrea asked her.

“I read your country’s constitution. It is indeed eliminated all of its organized crime influences, but the laws are yet to be corrected. This is the major reason why they are still looking down upon your country,”

“Do you think we have the time to deal with the laws while the entire country gets transported into the material field? We have to redo our general election and reinstate all laws and it will take a lot of time, with the shortest being 1 year. Can’t they become more considerate?”

“You might not know this, but a country similar to yours managed to do all this in a month without any outside help. I know that the current situation makes it impossible to do that in a month, but unfortunately most people ignored this fact. Enough with the talking. Let’s go,” They teleported themselves to Irklad tower, but they ended up appearing at a park near to the tower instead.

“This isn’t Irklad tower….” Kilrea looked around.

“What do you expect? Those people are occupying the tower so it is safe if we spawned here. Plus, my multi sensors detected a lot of people outside of the tower, which seemed to be a big commotion. Whatever it is, we should get some help from a warlorer,”

“I can use warlord’s skills. I simple need to change the assembly of my weapon and it is done,” Bodoh took out his phantalleum sword and ejected its hilt out, replacing it with a short titanium obsidian wand. “Skill! Sun volley!” At the meantime, near the tower,

“Aren’t we extraterrestrials? Shouldn’t that we cooperate to take over this planet?”

“Hell no! We will not cooperate against criminals like you! Skill! Ice seal!” A man was sealed under an ice cube. Suddenly, an android who fought him saw basketball shaped suns were dropping onto the ground. “That is certainly some outsider help. Everyone, leave this place now!” He yelled loudly and the androids dashed away. The remaining men were blown up by the suns bombarding at them. After 10 minutes, when they returned, they saw no one near them.

“Let’s retreat for now. They may reappear soon enough,” They left the area once more. After another 10 minutes.

“This area should be cleared by now, but the tower is certainly filled with enemies. I wondered how this is going on here. Wait…I sensed someone coming to us,” They split up and dashed around the tower, but no one was spotted. Next, when they returned to the entrance, a cannon was suddenly fired at them. They quickly jumped away from it and looked upwards. A woman was seen landing onto the ground.

“It appeared that you are going to attack us. But sorry, I will not allow this. You are not going to stop our plan to take over this planet. Suddenly, an andrnoid suddenly appeared with several cards thrown at her.

“Go ahead. I will stop this cunt myself!” He dashed towards her and a barrier surrounded them. They dashed into the tower.

“So you want to pretend to become a hero? You will pay hefty price for it,”

“If I get kicked out, I don’t care. Plus, you will be stopped no matter what. I, Obras Hiretreas, will stop you!”

“Don’t be arrogant, you fatherfucker! I, Sirsezalf Kargias, will defeat you!” Sirsezlaf switched to a pair of homing missile launchers and fired homing missiles at him, but they were all destroyed when he threw poker cards that burn midair at them.

“Fire as much as you like, but no missiles from you can scratch me at the most!” He threw several cards onto the ground.

“I don’t think so. Skill!” Hyper barrage!” Missiles were fired at a higher rate and flew in a higher speed at him, but he dashed to the barrier and dodged them, letting the missiles explode when hitting the barrier. After the skill from her was ended, he dashed towards her while stepping onto the missiles fired at him. Upon reaching close, he jumped over her.

“You lose. Skill! Meteor card drop!” He threw cards at her and brown colored barrier was seen surrounded them before piercing through her. He threw a few more to her back and she was disappeared when the cards hit her. “Is that what you got?” The barrier disappeared while he was walking away from the tower.

“Please win, you all. We can’t afford to lose,” The fight against the invaders starts….