When they dashed into the tower, a woman wielding a pair of titanium knives appeared in front of them.
“We are now being heavily opposed thanks to our intent to invade this planet. However, we will not give up. I will stop you no matter what!” The lift and stairs were sealed by barriers.

“If that is the case, I will destroy you. No exceptions. Your criminal activities must be stopped no matter what!” Bodoh yelled at her and stepped forward. The others were teleported out from the tower.

“Are you really sure of this? You may regret that,” His watch reads,

“Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Eirhrei Kragnild. Type: Material. Race: Extraterrestrial, Human. Class: Assassin. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” Bodoh took out his phantalleum sword and switched its hilt to a gun pod. Next, he walked to his right while looking at her, waiting for her to attack.

“Don’t ever regret this! Skill! Barrage of deadly slashes!” She switched to titanium sword darts and threw them rapidly at him, but they were all dodged when he strafed away from them while closing in. When he was midway towards her, he fired a few laser beams at her, only to be deflected away when she threw her darts at the laser beams. Next, upon reaching close, she switched to a pair of titanium sliding knives and stabbed him, but she was stabbed as well. The two pulled their weapons out and dashed away from each other.

“No wonder you are one among the invaders. I am not going to lose, though. Skill! Air charge!” Wind was seen sucked into his sword while he dashed towards her. Upon reaching close, she jumped backwards and threw the sliding knives at him, but he jumped too, slammed the sliding knives away and launched a slash wave at her. She was hit and sent crashing onto the ground. “Skill! Drop stab!” He dropped onto her and stabbed his sword into her body. “Skill! Ejection slash!” He jumped backwards while his sword was ejected out from her and he grabbed it just before she stood up.!”

“Are you intending to humiliate me? This is now a personal affair! Skill! Knife web!” Knives were seen around him one by one and launched in straight lines. He dashed randomly away from the knives, but the knives suddenly appeared in front of him whenever he dashed towards her. After a minute, she dashed towards him, but he strafed away from her to align him and her to the knives. Seeing the knives, she dashed backwards, only to be stabbed by a knife that just appeared.

“Go ahead. It’s not like I don’t have any personal affair with you! Skill! Laser blast!” He pointed his sword at her with his sword’s blades split into half, forming a gap between them. Next, a laser blast was fired from the gap while letting knives kept on stabbing him. She was hit, but she was not knocked away. “Good. Counter skill! Ejection homing launch!” The knives stabbed into him were ejected away and flew towards her as if they were homing missiles, but she took out her sword darts and knocked the knives away from her by throwing them.

“Ha, this is insane, isn’t it? I guess this is really not a bad thing. Maybe we should change our invasion plans into domination plans. Who knows if I can convince my boss to drop the act. However, I will not get easy on you! Skill! Loser’s launch barrage!” She threw her darts and some darts appeared around him before launched in curved lines homing into his current position.  He quickly switched the gun pod back to the sword’s hilt and stepped onto it. He flew in circular arcs, away from the knives but she was still throwing sword darts at him. He suddenly turned around and looked at her while still flying in the same arc.

“Skill! Meteor dash!” A blue spherical barrier suddenly surrounded him and he flew towards her, but she jumped over him and continued throwing darts at him. After a second, he jumped off his sword, launched himself at her and crashed her onto the ground. He quickly dashed away from her to pick up his sword. After he picked it up, he switch its hilt back to the gun pod and pointed at it at her. She quickly stood up and dodged laser beams fired at her while throwing more sword darts at him.

“You forced me to use this. You will never win, anymore! Custom skill! Grounded knife waves!” He strafed away from the darts, only to be tripped onto the ground he stumbled on a knife struck up from the ground. Knives were seen pierced through him up from the ground, but he quickly stood up and ran away from the knives striking upwards from the ground towards her while switching his gun pod to a mini titanium sapphire wand. She kept on throwing her darts, but they were all blocked by a barrier appeared in front of him.

“Skill! Beating over the bush!” Upon reaching close, he kicked the barrier, but she jumped over it, only to be still hitting her at the knee and she fell over the barrier. “Crap. Skill failed. But nevermind. Skill! Chokeslam!” He choked her neck and swung his arm downwards, slamming her onto the ground. Next, he jumped backwards and threw his sword at her. “Skill! Exploding dive!” Flames were seen on the sword’s tip and exploded upon stabbing her. She disappeared along with the barrier when he landed onto the ground. The barrier on the lift and stairs were disappeared.

“Great job, dude!” They walked inside.

“Definitely. However, how should we go to the top floor? By the lift or by the stairs?” Zrevix asked everyone.

“I think we should go through the stairs. My scan spell suggests that they are all undead. This could be a ploy where going straight at the boss will make the boss activate a custom skill that kills them off but powers him up as the result,” Revire said. This may or may not be true….