They walked up the stairs and saw a lot of skeletons were seen on the floor.
“Skill! Acid rain!” Bodoh took out his phantalleum sword, switched its hilt to a mini titanium wand and sulfuric acid was rained down the skeletons, turning them into ashes. Black colored energy beams were fired upwards through the upper floors. At the meantime,

“It appeared that dominating this game does not worth it. I wondered if I am supposed to full out everyone else,” The black energy flowed into a woman with white feather wings.

“Madam, I have very bad news for you. Most of our personnel were kicked out from the game and arrested for invasion attempts,”

“If that is the case, call remaining people to retreat at once and I’ll negotiate if it is possible to release them,”

“I understand,” The two teleported themselves away. Back to them,

“Wait…why they….” The skeletons were absent when they reached the next floor.

“Retreat?” Kilrea looked around the area.

“I am certain of that. My scan spell shows nothing except a letter lying on the top floor,” Revire walked towards the lift and everyone else followed quickly. Just when they reached the top floor,

“It appeared that this is a misunderstanding. They do not intend to repeat what they did 500 years ago. What they actually want is nothing but domination of the game. I’ll send this letter to the legal enforcers out there,” An android appeared and the letter was at his hands.

“Can we have it?”

“No, but I will give a copy to you. The writer of this letter make it a game item and copiable,” The letter read,

“To all residents of Gylfran and the Trans Galactic Treaty,
It is unfortunate that some of our members are attempting to repeat the interstellar warfare which happened 500 years ago. However, our intention in Gylfran is merely dominate the game currently being played, known as a clone of Crysault Online. As such, we are now retreating from Gylfran and will bear any consequences that happen to us.
Illernoe Hageratia
Ambassador of Valsanga”

“No wonder they behave like that. They want to become the top players so they just do anything the can. Classical aggressive playing behavior,” Bodoh said.

“If this is the case, maybe they won’t get heavy punishment for that. I don’t know if they are allowed to play, though,” Kilrea added.

“Anyway, let’s go back to Saltrea square and see if there is anything that happens next,” Zrevix said.

“We are not following. We are having our date,” Wriflor and Irnole teleported themselves away. At the square,

“So, the invaders have retreated, huh?” Ilprig asked.

“Yes, but as far as I know, they are invading this game instead of the entire planet,” Revire added.

“We get the copies of the letter already. I bet you forget that you can send items to other players,”

“Without our involvement the letters would be sent anyway. It was not us that found the letters first. Anyway, any unusual incidents around?” Bodoh asked him.

“Nothing much. You know, those usual stuff that happens in Crysault Online,”

“What do you mean by that?” Revire scratched her head.

“Basically, people randomly assulting people, indecent behavior in public and public interrputable duels. This is the main reason why Crysault Online is not in Rookie Gauntlet Coliseum,” Zrevix sat onto the ground.

“What’s that?”

“You know Cross Arena Rumble, right? Rooki Gauntlet Coliseum is basically that for underage people, with some contents removed. Crysault Online is one of them,” Bodoh answered.

“I see…wait…I thought Cross Arena Rumble and Crysault Online are separate,”

“You may think of that because you only heard of the console and PC versions of it. Those are popular too, but not as much as the version in Cross Arena Rumble mainly because you don’t become that immersed in it. In fact, Cross Arena Rumble is an online game compilation encompassing all genres. By all genres, we literally mean all,” Kilrea sat on the ground.

“I see. Can you tell me more about them? I could not play as elves and this pisses me off,”

“That is outright impossible in Crysault Online for safety reasons. However, there are other games that allow you to play as other races. Still, they are never referred to races, but tribes instead to avoid confusion. Oh, they won’t be opened for extraterrestrials, at least for now,” Bodoh added.

“That is understandable. At least we have our versions that have similar yet different content. Case in point, there is a hack and slash game called Gylfran Annual Military Exercise Online version H in your version. Your planet’s version of the game has multiple races as bosses, but my planet’s version has all players being human due to complaints of racism,”

“I know. That is pretty stupid, at least in our planet’s perspective. This is because that game is based on an annual worldwide military exercise where people of various races will form race based factions and wage wars for real. No casualties will be involved as ‘killed’ people will be sent to other planes of existence to have fun. As such, it is normal to have multiple races as bosses and the game is an accurate replication of the event anyway. In fact, the actual event is changed to a game event for military personnel only,” Kilrea added.

“I see. But speaking of indecent behavior in public, do you refer to….”

“Yes. Thankfully everyone is sterilized temporarily when they play the game. Plus, criminal behavior can land you into legal trouble like committing it anywhere else, even spitting onto the ground,” Zrevix said.

“Wait…our version does not allow that, but no wonder Cross Arena Rumble is adult only. By the way, I got a message from my extraterrestrial friend. See ya,” Revire teleported herself away.

“Hey, you worked for the mafia, right, Kilrea?” Bodoh asked her.

“No. I was just the daughter of its leader. I am not involved into politics either. Maybe I should ask him to return to his office and resume his work. There are vocal complaints about the transition process is not going on,”

“If that’s the case, let’s do it. It will speed up the approval process of being an official member of Trans Galactic Treaty,”

“Not quite. The final condition of the membership is to have Gylfran authorities convinced that there are no prejudices against War of Eternal Zones portion of Cross Arena Rumble. They have repeatedly stated that I must play and win the annual tournament to have them partially convinced. Anyway, we’ll help you,” The adventure continues….