At the grass plane zone of Engralof,
“I should be going now, but….” Ensorta looked around, only to see Bodoh, Kilrea and Zrevix appeared in front of him. “Now you have appeared, I have some big issues to talk with you,”

“What?” Kilrea stepped forward.

“Return to our home. We should quicken the process of rebuilding our country. I wondered if my former partners would help, though,”

“They are certainly will. After all, you are still their boss at the moment. Let’s go,” They teleported themselves to the tower and when they reached the top floor,

“Where have you been, coward?” Several people in black formal wear were seen lining up.

“Just having good times for temporary rest, but unfortunately it gets cut short, huh? We are here for the same thing, isn’t it?” Ensorta laughed.

“Of course. Let’s have a good retirement after we are done with it, shall we?”

“No way. We got a lot of things to do later on. Everything takes money away, you know,”

“As long as it’s legal, we couldn’t care less, though,”

“I guess the problem is solved, I think,” Zrevix told Kilrea.

“Yeah. Anyway, it appeared that I will have to put this journey on hold,” Kilrea sighed.

“No effing way, my daughter!” Ensorta quickly turned around.


“You have your boyfriend to search, isn’t it? I prefer if you reunite with him, even if that means you have to be away from this world forever,”

“I understand. Let’s go. We have to fight our way to there,” They teleported themselves back to the square.

“So, what is your next plan? Taking new adventures?” Bodoh asked Kilrea.

“Definitely, but I don’t know where to start,”

“Do you want to raid dungeons?” Ilprig suddenly appeared.
“Huh? Dungeons?” Kilrea looked at him.

“Yeah. Speaking of that, the players who raided them did get a chance to fight the final boss. It’s up to you if you want to do them, but I can give you their locations,”

“I see. Can you give me the map?”

“Of course,” A file was sent to her watch.

“By the way, shouldn’t we rest already? How long we go without sleep?” Zrevix asked her.

“Gods know how much. It’s not like we are tired or whatever, but you are right,”

“It’s kinda odd, but it appeared that in this game deprivation of sleep has no bad effects on us,” Bodoh rubbed his chin.

“In Crysault Online, this is outright impossible because our own body would be collapsing. I wondered how the god of health makes it possible,” Zrevix added.

“I don’t know. By the way, for that card game, I think it’s time for me to actually play it. After all, the sealing was worked out with and I finally rescued them. Will you become my partner for it?” Bodoh asked her.

“I will. In fact, I am hoping that I don’t need to see you in my dreams. The winner of the annual tournament will have the choice of migrating into other planes of existence,”

“I know. By the way, where should we start?”

“Maybe we should go to a nearby village that is included within the region we want to actually raid. Judging from the map, I think we should go to the frozen mountains of Virsleta,”

“Then, the village would be…”

“Virsleta port town, Ingreaki, Material field!” They teleported themselves to the town and saw the sea filled with ball sized ice blocks. The

“Want to raid the mountains? There are a few players going inside already just now,” A man wearing fur coat appeared behind them.

“What? Does the enemies inside them respawn?” Bodoh asked them.

“Of course. But be careful. I heard of people were forced to retreat when the spawn rate gets uncontrollable,”

“I thought the spawn rate is fixed,” Kilrea looked onto the ground.

“No. It was said that the battlefield was outright controlled by the gods. Considering that the accounts of most travelers, this seemed to be true. In fact, there are different enemies appearing around there,”

“What? Who?”

“Mostly denizens of hell. Perhaps this is the reason why the accounts of travelers are different,”

“I see. By the way, there are inns here, right?”

“Of course. We do have tourists on a regular basis, but not by much. This port is more know for the docks than the mountains. The tourists that we have are mostly businessmen than anyone else, but thanks to this incident a lot of people came here to conquer the mountains. Perhaps this isn’t a bad thing,”

“By the way, want a duel? I need some practice here,” Kilrea said.

“Go ahead. Let’s make it simple, shall we?” Kilrea’s watch screen read,

“”Challenge initiated. Player name: Reslati Frinhlon. Type: Material. Race: Human. Class: General. Match type: Single Hit One on One. Accept challenge? Yes No” Bodoh and Zrevix walked backwards while a barrier surrounded them. After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” Kilrea’s shoulder cannons had their cannon barrels ejected to her hands.

“Trying to attempt multiple attacks? Skill! Airstrike!” Missiles were rained down onto her, but she dashed backwards while firing laser beams while the cannon barrels were swinging randomly. “Skill! Solider call!” Several soldiers appeared behind her, but she quickly wiped them out by pointing her arm cannons backwards and firing them. After a few seconds, she fired laser beams at him, but he dashed and dodged the beams while firing his rifle at her.

“You are not going to win. Custom skill! Barrel shockwave!” She dashed towards him and the shockwaves from the barrels stunned him before he was hit by a laser beam. Their watches’ screen reads,

“Winner: Kilrea Jilout,”

“If I wore any accessories beforehand, you could have lost, you know,” Reslati sighed.

“I know. That’s why I secretly scanned you beforehand,”

“Oh? By the way, if you want to have a rest, come to my house. It shall be my honor,” At the meantime,

“Hey, are you sure of this? We can’t get to the final boss anyway,”

“I just want to explore this world. Anyway, I detected our pals in the nearest town. Let’s get this done with before they discover us,” There will be a major fight later on….