The next morning, they walked up the icy mountain paths. Suddenly, several wolves were charging towards them. Kilrea took out a pair of shoulder cannons and fired laser blasts at them. The wolves disappeared and they continued walking. After a few minutes, they reached an entrance to a cave at their left.
“Go inside?”

“There is nothing on this mountain. Perhaps we should explore the caves instead,” They walked into the cave and saw icicles were hanging above the ceilings. After walking deeper, the icicles suddenly fell onto them, only to be melted when Bodoh took out his phantalleum sword, switched its hilt to a titanium obsidian wand and fired fireballs from his sword’s tip.

“So this is the trials gods have made for us? Bring it on! We are conquering this cave no matter what!” They dashed forward while resumed melting the icicles stabbed into the ground. Upon reaching a junction which split into two, they stopped and looked around.

“There are no indications of where does these caves leads to, huh?” Kilrea said.

“Let’s go right. It is luckier,” Bodoh dashed through the right path and slashed several blue colored fireballs which appeared in front of him. Several more appeared, but he did not slash them and they did not attack either. He immediately stopped and waited as more and more appeared in front of him. When the rest caught up to him, the fireballs merged and a woman in blue flames was seen looking at them. “What do you want, lady?”

“You are going to fight in this cave? If that is the case, please follow me,” She walked along the corridor and after a minute, they went into an empty room. “Now challenge me. Let’s see if you can defeat me,”

“Kilrea, it’s your chance. Isn’t that you are so eager to fight the final boss?” Bodoh and Zrevix walked out from the cave.

“You are right,” Shoulder cannons were seen on Kilrea’s shoulders. The cave was sealed with a transparent barrier.

“Then, let’s start! Come and fight me, Refleion Urtrag with all you have! I waited for a heated battle for ages since I died of freezing in this place!” She took out a pair of sword lances in blue flames.

“You will never regret this,” A pair of barrels from the cannons was ejected at her.

“Take this! Skill! Return laser blast!” She swung her sword lances downwards, but the barrels suddenly stopped and fired laser blasts at her while launched back to her, reattaching themselves to the shoulder cannons. “Ghosts don’t get knockback. I know that very well,” Kilrea dashed towards her while ejecting the barrels to her own hands. Upon reaching close, “Skill! Barrel shockwave!” The barrels emitted shockwave, but there was no effect and she swung her sword lances downwards anyway.

“Ghosts are immune to any status effects, moron. Now fight me with your real powers and stop screwing around!” She kicked Kilrea while throwing her sword lance which turned into a blue flame phoenix. Kilrea crashed onto the ice walls, but dashed to her right and dodged it. She was seen taking out another blue flame sword lance. “Surprised? My ghost flames are infinite because they are tied with my life. You are not fighting against a human player. Oh, I need to tell you that I am technically an illegal player too. Custom skill! Haunted slash!” Blue slash waves were seen around Kilrea and launched at her, but,

“I know. After all, not even denizens of hell go that far. Still, you are not going to win, ever!” The cannons were disappeared while Kilrea dodged the slash waves by zigzagging. After a few seconds, Kilrea’s fingers were attached with gun pods. “You forced me to switch to this. Skill! Reflector blitz!” Reflecting laser beams were fired randomly, forming structures akin to laser trap, only visible, but she walked around the trap with the beams not affecting her at all. The beams were disappeared, but she stopped walking and pointed her sword lances at Kilrea.

“That is a bad choice of skill. You are not going to win. Custom skill. Cave of death,” The cave turned blue and blue fireballs were launched at her, but they were all disappeared when she fired her laser beams. After 10 seconds, the cave turned back to white and she collapsed onto the ground briefly. Kilrea quickly fired laser beams at her, but they pass through instead of hitting. Her sword lances disappeared and she stood still, letting the beams pass through it.

“I think what actually hits you. Don’t be surprised by this,” The positron beams hit her, but she dashed towards Kilrea. “Now! Skill! Point blank piercer blast!” Kilrea dashed towards her, letting the cannon barrels hit her shoulders and fired positron blasts that pierced through her. Kilrea kicked her away while the blasts were still firing at her. When she crashed onto the walls, the blast was stopped and the blues flames were disappeared, revealing her black robe. “Is that a spell or something that the gods has done to you?”

“You won. By the way, I am not exactly dead to begin with. I am Undman after my death for protecting a few kids from icicles, but only after the area swapping thing happened. However, I was in the blue flames when I woke up and I was told that by having a duel with someone will reverse my state when I lose. I wondered if you are somehow destined for something. Anyway, you need to go through the mountains on your own. Your partners have to leave,” She disappeared and the barrier disappeared.

“We heard that thing. Let’s go, Zrevix,” Bodoh and Zrevix teleported themselves away. Kilrea dashed to the opposite exit and saw several human shaped water crystals dashed towards her.

“So this is what I am going to face, huh? With the power of my love to him…I shall reach him and ascend to godhood together! Skill! Split beams!” Laser beams split into three when fired out from her gun pods. The challenge continues….