After 5 minutes, when Kilrea reached a cylindrical room,
“So this is the legendary deadly ice elevator,” The ground was suddenly raised upwards while an empty armor appeared in front of her. Her watch’s screen read,

“Alert. Illegal player detected. Player Name: (unavailable). Type: Hell. Race: (unknown). Class: (illegal). Defeat opponent in 20 minutes,”

“(knock)” A palladium sword appeared in front of it as it grabbed the weapon and stabbed it onto the ground. Icicles were dropped onto her, but they were vaporized when shoulder cannons appeared mounted onto her and laser beams were fired upwards from them. Next, laser beams were fired at the armor from the gun pods on her fingers, but they were reflected off from its surface. Her watch’s display showed that it was taking damage.

“Is that a gimmick or what? Skill! Reflector blitz!” Laser beams were fired randomly and reflecting off anything they hit. The armor dashed towards her while the laser beams hit it. Upon reaching close, she jumped backwards and dodged a sword slash from him, but a slash wave hit her, sending her crashing onto the wall and the laser beams disappeared instantly. She checked her watch as the armor stopped moving and her face turned pale. “45% of the HP gets cut off by a simple sword slash wave? This is insane. No wonder the armor is rather simplistic. Three hits and it’s over,”

“(knock)” The armor suddenly dashed towards her, but she quickly jumped over it while firing laser beams at it. The armor attempted to slam the beams away, but the sword was cracked instead. Next, she dashed to the wall and fired laser blasts at it, but it quickly threw its sword at her, which stabbed through her left shoulder cannon and both weapons exploded. However, the explosion did not harm her while she landed onto the ground and launched her entire right shoulder cannon at it.

“Skill! Weapon self-destruct!” The shoulder cannons exploded upon reaching close to it and her screen’s display only to make her face pale once more. “What? Only 30% so far? Damn! Skill! Anti deuterium beams!” Positron, antiproton and antineutron beams were fired at it, but it suddenly charged towards her while holding a palladium sword which appeared midair. Upon reaching close, he swung his sword downwards, but she strafed to her right, kicked the armor away and resumed the skill.

“(knock)” The sword was teleported back to itself and broke into pieces, releasing steam which was sealed inside a human shaped barrier. “You passed this challenge,” The elevator stopped moving despite have yet to reach an exit on the top. “(hiss)” Her watch’s screen reads,

“Enemy changed forms. Defeat to proceed. Win will result in accessing the exit on top while lose will result in teleportation back to the entrance of this dungeon. Player Name: Steam Barricade (fake). Type: Hell. Race: (unknown), Class: (illegal). Damage does not register in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Go ahead. It’s not like I can’t win,” The steam barricade took out a steam sword and dashed towards her. She fired laser beams at it, only to be deflected away when he blocked the beams using his sword. Some of them hit it, but it did not flinch. She let it slash her before she kicked it, sending it crashing onto the wall. When she checked her watch, “Similar pattern, except it exchanges massive damage for actual strategies. Skill! Reflector blitz!” Laser beams were fired out from her gun pods and reflected off anything they hit.

“(hiss)” It dashed towards her while launching steam slash waves sealed inside a barrier, but she strafed to her left while her shoulder cannons reappeared. “(hiss)” The laser beams disappeared upon reaching close while it jumped and threw its sword which spun towards her while taking a sword out from the air. The sword was barely dodged and stabbed into the wall. Icicles fell onto them, but they dashed away from the icicles which shattered and disappeared upon hitting the ground.

“You know how to fight, but your crappy gear means nothing when it comes to this! Custom skill! Impulse enhance! A pair of rings appeared in front of the shoulder cannons and laser beams fired through them turned into laser blasts, only to be dodged with steam sword became bigger while it was thrown slighly downwards, appearing to miss on purpose, but the sword stabbed through her as she fell down. “Such accuracy…it goes that far, huh? Skill! Return blast!” A pair of cannon barrel was ejected out from her shoulder cannons.

“(hiss)” It jumped backwards and threw its sword again, dodging the laser blasts fired from the barrels. That time, she stepped onto the sword and she quickly jumped off it, letting the cannon barrels reattached to her shoulder barrels and fired a pair of laser blast at the steam barricade, but it took out another pair of swords and blocked the blasts while steam was emitted out from the swords. “(hiss)” The emitted steam turned into compressed shots and launched at her.

“Seriously…how much you are going to take before you are going down? Skill! Split beams!” Laser beams split into five from the gun pods and destroyed the steam shots while she was still firing her shoulder cannons. After 10 seconds, the swords broke and it was bombarded before disappearing. When she landed onto the ground, the gun pods attached into her fingers disappeared as the ground rose once more and stopped exactly on a square shaped exit. “Hmm…looks like the watch is true,” She looked at the icicles on the ceiling and walked through the exit, only to see the exit was sealed with ice and a man wearing leather suit with gas mask appeared in front of her.

“So you have reached this stage, huh? Now fight me to pass,” The room was larger, but the walls are full of horizontal icicles. Her watch’s screen reads, “Defeat opponent to pass. Player Name: Srizgreid Ihcov. Type: Hell. Race: Human. Class: (illegal) Damage does not register in 10 seconds,”

“Bring it on. I will win!” The challenge starts….