“Like I would allow this!” He took out a titanium spear and shotgun while dashing towards him, dodging laser beams fired from her shoulder cannons. Upon reaching close, she strafed to her left, but he jumped onto the icicles and jumped backwards while firing his shotguns. The shots missed while she continued strafing and turned around. A few laser beams were fired from her cannons, but the shots missed and he threw his spear at her, only to be blocked when a pair of barrels was launched at the spear.

“Don’t be boastful. I know how you fight, asshole,” He jumped backwards while the spear, being knocked down onto the ground was teleported back to his hands while he threw it once more. She dashed backwards while the cannon barrels were teleported back to her shoulder cannons. Next, laser beams were fired at him, but he dashed in a U-shaped arc and picked up his spear, but suddenly she dashed towards him as he jumped over her while her shoulder cannons were pointed upwards.

“Custom skill! Barrel shockwave!” The shockwaves from the cannon barrels stunned him, but as he was directly above her, she dashed backwards while the cannon barrels were pointed backwards at him before laser beams were fired. After a few seconds, he dashed away from the laser beams and fired a his shotguns with burst spread shots. The two dashed in circular arcs while dodging their attacks. After a few second, she dashed towards him while her shoulder cannons were pointing diagonally downwards, forming a cross which blocked some shots.

“You are not going to do that anymore! Skill! Stab barrage!” He dashed towards her while still firing his shotguns. Upon reaching close, he stabbed her repeatedly, but she kicked him towards the wall while still dashed towards him. After that, he crashed onto the icicles and got crashed again when she rammed him. She dashed backwards and realigned the cannons back forward while waiting for him to stand up and attack him again. After a few seconds, he stood up and switched his spear to another shotgun.

“How dare you do this…no wonder you can go this far. Custom skill! Detonation spread!” Explosive shots were fired from his shotguns as split spread shots which dropped onto the ground. She dashed backwards while firing laser beams randomly, having the explosions obscured the visions. Next, he dashed forward while still firing the explosive shots. A pair of cannon barrels were ejected to her arms. The explosions reaching closer and closer as he was still hidden in behind them. Upon reaching close, the shotguns were suddenly thrown at her. “Damn it…when she is going to fire?”

“Skill! Point blank piercer blast!” She dashed towards him, but the shotguns hit her. The sound was heard and he jumped over her while taking out a titanium spear. She turned around jumped backwards when he threw his spear right after the explosions disappeared. As the result, the spear missed while she fired a pair of laser beams at him. The laser beams missed to as they were above his head. The two landed onto the ground and stared each other sharply while the spear disappeared. “You certainly know how to render my skill failed, huh?”

“I am a person from Hell after all. I have fought a lot of matches before I die. Such child tricks will do nothing against me! Skill! Short burst chain!” He dashed towards her while firing white colored burst spread shot. Some of the shots hit her while she dashed backwards. “Your customs were disabled for the remainder of this match! You can no longer stun me! Let’s see how long you can resist my skill!” She accidentally hit the icicles and attempted to strafe to her right, but some icicles suddenly appeared and strangled her legs. Upon reaching close, he kept on firing the burst spread shots, but the spread of the bullets were smaller.

“Do not underestimate ‘the mighty empdy’,” A pair of cannon barrels were ejected upwards from her shoulder cannons and flew over his head before dropped onto the ground. “My cannons are three barreled for a reason. Skill! Return blast!” The cannon barrels fired laser blasts while flying back to her shoulder cannons. Upon reaching close, he jumped backwards while the cannon barrels reattached themselves. Next, a pair of laser blasts were fired at him while he was falling down onto the ground while she took out a bottle of blue colored potion and drank it. “You forget that I can use items, moron,” The blast hit him but it was stopped just after a second.

“Don’t be cocky, asshole! Custom skill! Bullet cover!” A titanium spear appeared in front of him and launched towards her. He fired burst spread shots and the bullets surrounded the spear. She quickly fired laser beams at the icicles using her arm cannons while firing some more from her shoulder cannons at the spear, only to be blocked by the bullets. Upon reaching close, she dashed while leaning forward while pointing her shoulder cannons to him. “Skill! Bullet summoning cover!” The spear was teleported back to him and thrown again at her. That time, the bullets fired from his shotgun formed a “dove”.

“Go ahead. It’s not like you are going to win anyway! Skill! Fuse beam blast!” A laser beam was fired from both shoulder cannons and arm cannons which met at a point for a second before a laser blast was fired from that point, passing through the “dove” and hit him. Just before the “dove” reached her it disappeared along with him. “That was close, but at least that thing can’t actually defeat me,” She was teleported to another room and saw an android.

“An extraterrestrial?”

“What do you expect? This is the gods’ will. Defeat me to complete this raid,” Her watch’s screen read,

“Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Zireolis Qifreg. Type: Material. Race: Extraterrestrial, Andriod. Class: Geologist. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“I will definitely defeat you, no matter who you are! Don’t say that I don’t warn you beforehand!” The last challenge starts….