They arrived at the snow desert. The snow were falling from the sky and no one else were around. 

“So you two are coming along?” Bodoh asked Wriflor and Irnole.

“Of course. This is the first time we explore this area, but this place is certainly cold if this place is not swapped somewhere else,” Wriflor took out a blue colored orb.

“Anyway, we will split here. We have a lot of exploring here,” Irnole and Wriflor walked away from them to their left. After 10 minutes, a snowstorm suddenly stopped them and a snow coated ice golem appeared in front of them.

“Where are you going? This place does not welcome visitors,”

“What the hell do you think who you are? Your appearance alone suggests that you are the one visiting our planet!” Zrevix yelled at it.

“So you see through it, huh? I wondered how other people were fooled when they mistaken me for a snow empdy,”

“A snow or ice empdy exists, but they are never naturally coated with layers. Plus, empdy does not have any machine looking joints. I fought a rock variant of your race,” Kilrea said.

“I see. By the way, I don’t think that you are going to win anyway. Want to challenge me?”

“I’ll pass. Kilrea?” Bodoh said.

“No. I can’t let myself hog the action, you know. Zrevix?”

“If that’s the case, I’ll fight, then,” She stepped forward and a cylindrical barrier surrounded them. Her watch’s screen reads,

“Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Erfial Ezxort. Type: Material. Race: Extraterrestrial, Golem. Class: Element Master. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” Icicles fell down onto her, but she walked towards him while the scythe was spinning above her head. Next, “Skill! Icy storm!” Icicles were still falling onto her after cut by her scythe. She quickly dashed away and pointed her scythe onto the ground. “Custom chain skill! Dodge warp!” A warp portal appeared on her feet and another appeared behind her, warping the icicles she dodged upwards from the ground.

“Skill! Chain cancel!” She suddenly jumped while turning around and threw her scythe to the warp portal. Both portals disappeared when the scythe hit it while she landed onto the ground. Some icicles hit her while she dashed to take back her scythe, but she was not flinching. “Skill! Rolling scythe slash!” She picked up her scythe and threw it at him, making it spinning like a wheel. The icicles were stopped falling while an ice wall rose up from the ground and blocked the scythe.

“Custom skill! Frost rush!” A horizontal cold tornado pushed the wall towards her while the scythe was stopped and a layer of ice coated it. Upon reaching close, she strafed to her right, grabbed the weapon and dashed towards him. The tornado disappeared and reappeared at the opposite side and pushed the wall towards her at a higher speed. He merely stood still while waiting for her to come close.

“Want to punch me straight in the face with a chain skill? Sorry, that thing is still in effect. Skill! Blade grapple!” Upon reaching close, he jumped over her, but she swung her scythe upwards and the blade was lodged into its back. She turned around and strafed to her left, slamming him straight onto the wall and the tornado blew both of them. “Curses….” She jumped and let go of her scythe, leaving him crashing onto the barrier. Upon landing onto the ground, he stood up and pulled out the scythe from his back.

“You bitch…I will not let this slide. Custom skill! Frost biting guns!” A pair of handguns made from ice appeared in front of him as he grabbed them midair and started firing ice shots which emitted ice beams before disappearing. A few hits on her formed ice plates that stuck onto herself and her weapon. Upon reaching close, he jumped over her and fired a few bullets at her, but she dashed backwards and threw her scythe at him. The weapon slashed him a few times before dropping onto her.

“So do me, bastard. I will not allow you to win. Skill! Rising stab wave!” She dashed backwards while swinging her scythe upwards repeatedly and launched fang shaped slash waves which hit him. “Skill! Blade grapple!” When he almost fall onto the ground, she swung her scythe and the blade lodged to his back once more. After that, her threw him and stopped in a sudden, launching him crashing onto the barrier again. When he stood up, he saw his guns were cracked.

“You bastard…skill! Icy flow!” The cracks on his guns disappeared while he fired his guns. Instead of disappearing, the bullets kept on moving after emitting laser beams. She dashed in a circular arc and upon reaching close, she swung her scythe to her left, letting the shots hit her, but he suddenly dashed and rammed her onto the ground. “This is it! The finisher! Custom skill! Ice hammer!” He tossed his guns away, took out a hammer made from ice and slammed it downwards, but,

“Custom skill! Narrow escape slide tackle!” She suddenly slid forward and kicked his legs, sending him flying over her. “Skill!” Rolling scythe slash!” She threw her scythe as if it was a wheel and he was slashed at the legs a few times before disappearing with the barrier. “How’s that?” She walked to pick her scythe.

“That is certainly amazing, I must say. However, I don’t think there is anything to explore here,” Bodoh looked around. Snow was everywhere.

“Ha, I guess so. Maybe we should find somwhere else. Let’s see if there are any possible places….” Kilrea looked at her watch. After a few seconds, “Let’s go there,”

“Where?” Zrevix reached close to them.

“Utrigh square, Zankaldras, Material plane!” They teleported themselves away. At the square,

“What are they doing here?” Sounds of murmuring were heard.

“This is odd. I thought only extraterrestrials come here,” Suddenly, a man with bat wings appeared in front of them.

“I guess you come here to challenge me, the bat king, milady,”

“How boastful. Want a duel?”

“Sure, but if you lose, I get to fuck you. Deal?”

“Deal, but if you lose, you will tell me all possible places of raids,” The next match starts….