Kilrea stepped forward and a cylindrical barrier surrounded her and her opponent. Her watch’s screen reads,
“Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Ivqiul Sreigh. Type: Material. Race: Extraterrestrial, Werebat. Class: Undead Dealer. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” Two skeletons appeared in front of him and pointed their assault rifles at her.

“This? It is nothing,” Her shoulder cannons had four barrels instead of the usual three she usually uses. A pair was ejected to her arms while another pair was ejected and reattached at the opposite side. Laser beams fired from her front barrels crushed them into broken bones while the ones from her arm cannons hit him, but a pair of skeletons with titanium pearl wand appeared and blue sparkles surrounded him before they disappeared.

“Do not underestimate me! Skill! Bone storm!” The bones scattered on the ground turned into dusts and flow towards her, dodging laser beams fired at it. She dashed backwards while firing more laser beams at it, but the dusts appeared to be unaffected. “Dash, dash, dash! Let’s see how much you can suffer from the dusts!” He laughed loudly while dashing in circular arcs away from the dusts flowing towards her. After a few seconds, she hit the barrier and the dusts were closing in.

“Damn it! Skill! Anti-deuterium laser blast!” Laser blasts filled with positrons, antineutrons and antiprotons were fired from her front shoulder cannons and the dusts disappeared, but suddenly he dashed in a circular arc towards her, dodging laser beams fired from her arm cannons. Upon reaching close, the blast ended just when he took out a pair of oak wood wands. “Sneak up on me? That’s too slow, moron!” She turned around and the shoulder cannons slammed him right onto the barrier.

“Custom skill! Damage stun!” She could not move and he whacked his staffed on her repeatedly. After a few seconds, she dashed backwards and fired laser beams at him, but they were all blocked using her staff. “Is that what you get? Skill! Zombie strangulation!” He yelled and several zombies appeared near to her, strangling her, but they disappeared after she blew them off with several laser beams from her shoulder cannons. She coughed a few times, but a bone spike suddenly appeared and impaled through her. “Custom skill! Piston motion!” The spike was thrusting back and forth while the cannons barrels were attached to her arm and she used them as crutches.

“You have signs of perversion, but I don’t know you can be that depraved. Custom skill! Barrel shockwave!” The piston stopped while she dashed towards him. He jumped over her while a few flying skeletons appeared beside her, fired a few arrows and disappeared. She suddenly stopped, dashed backwards, ejected her cannons back to her shoulders and fired a pair of laser blast at him. He was hit, sent flying onto the barrier and crashed onto the barrier. She dashed towards him and the spike disappeared the moment he was impaled by the spike when she reached close.

“This is it! Skill! Hell fang!” Several large fangs struck up from the suddenly turned black ground and stabbed her, but several laser beams from her arm cannons broke them into dusts, but she was kicked onto the ground and several more struck up, impaling her. “That’s what you get when you mess with me! Custom skill! Impale burst!” The fangs struck out from her with flames burning at the bottom. She quickly slid backwards using her legs, barely dodging laser beams fired from them.

“You are really nasty. I wondered if you actually use those powers elsewhere. Skill! Homing beams!” She stood up and fired homing laser beams at him, but he blocked them using his wands and several unarmed skeletons which crushed into bones. He dashed in a circular arc while the homing beams were directed at the bones, but suddenly she yelled. “Custom chain skill! Impulse enhance!” A pair of rings appeared in front of her hand cannons and the laser beams fired from them turned into laser blasts when passed through the rings.

“Curse you! I will not allow this! Skill! Phantom wall!” A black colored wall rose up from the ground and blocked the laser blasts. The bones were turned into dusts the moment the blasts ended. Next, the wall was kicked towards her while several skeletons grabbed her together. The homing beams crushed them into dusts, but the wall hit her, sending her crashing onto the barrier before disappearing. “You are going to lose. Skill! Hell vine ashes!” Vines rose from the ground and tied her still. The homing beams from her cannons could not break them. Next, they were burnt into ashes and the flames spread to her.

“This? I never used this custom skill for some time, but perhaps I should show you why. Custom skill! Elemental counter blast!” The flames went into her shoulder cannons and red laser blasts were fired at him. Another black wall rose from the ground, but that time the wall was pushed onto him, sending him crashing onto the barrier. After a few seconds, the wall broke and he was bombarded by the blast. “Now who’s going to lose, huh?” He collapsed onto the ground and the barrier disappeared.

“Okay, you win. Take this map and you’ll find all areas you want to have raids on. Anyway, I need to tell you one thing. If you do well enough, a copy of you will appear out of nowhere and issue a challenge that is automatically accepted,”

“That is rather insane!”

“I fought the final boss before. His name is (secret),”

“So what I suspected from the beginning is true…oh my gods….” Tears were seen on her face.

“I don’t know why you want to fight him so much, but good luck. My date is waiting for me,” He walked away from her. Zrevix walked towards her and wiped the tears using a piece of issues.

“Let’s go to the next destination, shall we?”

“Yeah. You can’t reach anything with your tears,” Bodoh said.

“Thank you. Let’s go, shall we?” They nodded their heads. The next raid will not be easy….