“Hofiralze desert, Kroneilst, Digital Plane!” They teleported themselves to a desert. There was no one around. Suddenly, a man wearing black cloak with a black mask appeared in front of them.

“Visitors. Please don’t disappoint me,”

“I won’t. Stay back, folks. He is part of the raid,” Kilrea stepped forward and a cylindrical barrier surrounded them.

“As you say,” Bodoh and Zrevix walked away. Her watch’s screen reads,

“Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Jorltias Jingrea. Type: Hell. Race: Human. Class: Launcher. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” Kilrea ejected a pair of cannon barrels to her arms. “Skill! Rapid launch!” Jorltias took out a large graphite reinforced fiberglass syringe and pumped out acid at her, but the acid was blocked when she fired laser beams from her arm cannon. “Skill! Content switch!” Nitroglycerin was pumped out instead and explosions when they got hit by the laser beams rendered both of them invisible to each other. He dashed through the explosions, but she strafed to her left, turned around and fired laser blasts at him the moment he dashed out from them.

“Is that what you got?” He was hit, but he was neither sent away nor able to move through the blast. Next, he aimed his syringe diagonally upwards and pumped nitroglycerin. “Damn…skill! Skill termination!” The blast was ended prematurely. She quickly dashed to her right while firing laser beams at the syringe, but he quickly hid it behind his back while dodging the laser beams by strafing. He was seen strafing closer towards her, but she did not dash away from him.

“Custom skill! Syringe tip slash!” He held the syringe on his right hand and swung it leftwards, but her left shoulder cannon blocked it while a pair of laser blast fired from her arm cannons hit him. He quickly dashed diagonally backwards while pumping his syringe a few times and dodging laser beams from her shoulder cannons. The skill termination skill was still under cooldown and as such, she was hit by the liquid.

“Since that it is an explosive, the explosion damage counts, you know. Too bad that thing can’t be terminated. Now face my wrath! Skill! Droplet splash shower!” He pointed his syringe diagonally upwards and pumped several times. The liquid merged into a large blob before exploding into droplets of liquid raining at her.

“I am indeed going to be hit by this, but don’t be shocked when I do this,” A pair of cannon barrels were already ejected at him. He barely dodged them by strafing to his left. “Custom skill! Explosive teleportation!” The cannon barrels suddenly exploded and teleported back to her shoulder cannons. The blast ended and she resumed firing her laser beams at him. The two dashed in circular arcs, firing and doging attacks. Next, her shoulder cannons were suddenly pointing away from each other.

“Crap! She figured how to hit me! I guess I have no choice then,” He suddenly dashed towards her while swinging his syringe wildly. The liquid sprays were too wide to be dodged. She dashed towards him and stopped firing. Upon reaching close, he yelled, “Custom skill! Syringe tip slash!” He swung his syringe upwards while pumping it. She quickly strarfed to her right while firing laser beams from her arm cannons, but her left cannon touched some of the liquid and she was damaged from the explosions.

“Curses…skill! Homing beams!” Homing laser beams were fired at him. He was hit, but without flinching he quickly turned around and pumped his syringe harder. She jumped backwards while continued firing the homing beams, but they were blocked by the sprays of nitroglycerine. When she landed onto the ground, normal beams were fired instead with the explosions hiding him from her sight. “This is insane. I cannot fire a blast right now or he will definitely blow me up. Maybe I should distract him a bit,” She ejected a pair of cannon barrels slightly to her right while strafing to her right. He quickly strafed to his right while kept on pumping his syringe.

“What the fucking hell is this? How could this be happening?” A pair of laser blasts was fired from her arm cannons, which hit him. He quickly dashed to his right and pumped his syringe at her, but they were blocked when beams were fired from her shoulder cannons. “You…skill! Side split splash!” He punped his syringe diagonally upwards and the droplets from it split into three, one at the center, one to the left and one to the right. “Chain skill! Rapid launch!” He pumped the syringe more rapidly.

“You are really nasty…no wonder you are here,” The ejected cannon barrels were teleported back to the shoulder cannons while she dashed towards him. Upon reaching close, he threw his syringe upwards and punched her head, only to be dodged by strafing to her left and the cannon barrels hit his shoulders. “Skill! Point blank piercer blast!” Laser blasts were fired at him, sending him crashing onto the barrier. The barrier disappeared and he was seen collapsed onto the ground, being unconscious.

“You are really good. But can you deal with the next opponent?” He was teleported away and another man appeared. His body was completely in flames and his wings at his back was square shaped.

“It appeared that the gods are interested in making you extraterrestrials challenges for the players,” Kilrea checked her watch. “So this is a sequential battle and I have to use healing items myself, limited to three per duel,” She drank a bottle of healing potion and magum potion. Next, she sprayed her cannons while he took out a flame sword.

“You are right. Anyway, are you ready to fight against me? I am not like that wuss you have defeated before,”

“I don’t need you to remind me about that. Bring it on, player,” The cylindrical barrier reappeared. Her watch’s screen reads,

“Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Golfriod Calsad. Type: Material. Race: Extraterrestrial, Elemental spirit. Class: (illegal). Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” Another match starts now….