“I don’t know why your class is illegal, but I don’t care. I can defeat anyone regardless of their classes. Skill! Homing beams!” Homing laser beams were fired at Golfriod from her shoulder cannons, but they were blocked using his sword. Next, several normal beams were fired from her arm cannons. Those beams hit him, slowly pushing him backwards. He suddenly dashed towards her with a fire shield appearing in front of him, bouncing the beams off it.

“Skill! Shield launch!” When he was midway to her, the shield was suddenly launched at her. “Chain skill! Dodge trap!” She strafed to her right, but a fire pillar struck up from the ground, burning her alive. The shield disappeared upon crashing onto the barrier, but the flame pillar became larger. She dashed out from the flame pillar while firing laser beams at him, but the beams were dodged while fireballs appeared around him and launched towards her.

“That is just insane! Now I know why his class is illegal,” She fired laser beams from her shoulder and arm cannons while dashing to her right, dodging the fireballs. The beams were dodged while he dashed to his left. The two dashed in circular arcs, dodging attacks thrown at each other. “Skill! Laser rage!” The laser beams were suddenly fired in slanted angles out from the barrels and some of them hit him a few times before he fell onto the ground. A pair of laser blasts fired from her shoulder cannons, but he quickly woke up and dashed to his left. “Crap!”

“Now you know what I can do, huh? Skill! Octinus flreas!” Eight flame pillars appeared spinning around and closing in towards her. “Connect chain skill! Flame beam extension emission!” The flame pillars emitted cylindrical shaped flames at her, but she dodged them by dashing and jumping in random directions while her shoulder cannon fired laser shots at him. He strafed away from the shots, but suddenly the shots became scattered and he was hit. “Damn…” The flames were disappeared while he dashed towards her with his flame sword became bigger.

“Now you know how I can do this. Skill! Split beams!” The beams fired from the cannons split into five when they were fired out from their barrels. He kept on dashing while a burning shield appeared in front of her. The beams stopped splitting and focused straight at the shield. “This is not going to work on me anymore! Skill! Laser defense pierce!” The laser beams fired at the shield pierced through, sending him crashing onto the barrier but the shield itself was launched at her.

“Custom skill! Back warp counter!” She jumped over the shield, only to be suddenly warped to her back, crashing her straight towards onto the ground. She stood up and saw he walked forward from the barrier. “Go ahead. Shoot me. I have more skills that what you could reasonably hold! Skill! Cross flame drop!” Fireballs dropped onto her in criss-cross angles as if they were all spiraling into her, but she turned her back against him and dashed backwards.

“Skill! Laser thruster!” Laser blasts from her shoulder cannons send her flying horizontally backwards. Upon reaching close, he thrusted his sword forward, only to thrust into her right arm cannon instead. The backwards thrust crashed both of them onto the barrier right before the blast ended. “This is it! Custom skill! Barrel shockwave!” The barrels of her cannons emitted shockwaves while she dashed away from him and turned around. She fired laser beams at him, but he suddenly disappeared.

“I am immune to stun, asshole. I will not allow this! Custom skill! Full range dashing slash!” She could only see wall shaped flames travelling from a point of the barrier to another before disappearing. She dashed backwards a few seconds before jumping over them, but upon landing onto the ground she was hit repeatedly with the increasingly faster walls. After 20 seconds, he reappeared at the spot he crashed earlier. “I doubt you have HP left to take this from me…skill! Flame bomb!” Flame balls were dropping onto her, but she quickly turned around, aimed her shoulder cannons upwards and fired laser beams at them. The flame balls exploded midair while she pointed her arm cannons backwards. After 10 seconds,

“You nearly got me killed, but you don’t heal, aren’t you?” She turned around, ejected her arm cannons and drank a bottle of healing potion. “I wondered how much HP you actually left now? Skill! Rapid laser barrage!” Laser beams were fired at him, but he dashed towards her with another flame shield appearing in front of him. That time, she stopped firing her cannons and dashed towards him. “Custom skill! Explosive teleportation!” When the cannon barrels hit the shield, they exploded before teleporting back to her arms, but he kept dashing towards her.

“That does not work much on me, but that is already a big enough threat. Custom skill! Shield barrier exchange!” The shield turned into a burning barrier. “Custom chain skill! Barrier reinforcement!” The barrier was seen surrounding his sword. She resumed firing her cannons with laser beams, but he kept dashing towards her. Upon reaching close, he swung his sword downwards, but she dashed to her left, barely dodging the attack and flame pillars rising from the ground straight towards the barrier.

“You are finished! Skill! Point blank piercer blast!” She dashed forward, knocked her shoulder cannons at him and fired a pair of laser blasts. After 5 seconds, he disappeared along with the barrier. Suddenly, blue sparkles were dropped onto her. She looked at her watch. “So after this fight I was restored back to normal. I don’t think this is the end,”

“This is of course not the end. You still have me to fight, you know,” A woman with gray skin tone appeared in front of her, wielding a pair of handguns with homing missiles as extended magazines. Her watch reads,

“Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Rezreina Freiolde. Type: Hell. Race: Undman. Class: Firearms Master. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” This is not good at all….