“Skill! Bullet storm!” Rezreina fired both her handguns and homing missiles simultaneously. Kilrea dashed to her left while firing laser beams at the homing missiles. The explosions hid her from Kilrea’s sight while she switched her extended magazines to sword darts. Next, the sword darts were launched, but missed. Kilrea saw the darts and fired laser beams through the smokes, but they missed as well. They dashed into the slowly dissipating smokes, but pass through wihout seeing anything.

“Skill! Split beam!” Laser beams split into five upon firing out from Kilrea’s arm cannons while she swinging them randomly. After a minute, the smokes dissipated while Rezreina was hit by the beams. Next, Rezreina dashed towards her while launcher her sword darts, but Kilrea dashed to her left and launched a pair of cannon barrels towards Rezreina. “Skill! Explosive teleportation!” The moment the barrels passed just above her shoulders the cannons were exploded before disappearing, teleporting themselves back to the shoulder cannons.

“This is insane! Custom skill! Bullet homing!” She dashed away from Kilrea while firing shots above the air. The shots suddenly home towards Kilrea, forcing her to dash away from the bullets while firing laser beams at Rezreina. “Skill! Shot guard!” The shots fired at the laser beams blocked them while she stood still. Next, Kilrea launched a pair of laser blasts at her from the shoulder cannons, but she strafed to her left and fired her handguns, only to be blocked by scatter laser shots from her arm cannons which shrunk and disappeared a few meters away from her.

“You are not going to exploit my immobility. Skill! Homing shots!” Laser shots fired at her homes towards her, but they were blocked when she fired her bullets at the laser shots. The blast ended a second later and Kilrea fired homing laser shots at her from the shoulder cannons as well. She dashed backwards while firing her bullets. After several seconds, she hit the barrier and strafed to her right. The laser shots hit the barrier instead. “Skill! Boost beam!” Kilrea stopped firing the laser shots and fired laser beams instead from her shoulder cannons whch hit her no matter where Rezreina strafed.

“You sicko! Custom skill! Shot magnet!” A blue magnet appeared above her head and Kilrea’s laser beams were fired at it instead of her. Kilrea stopped firing and dashed towards her. “I don’t think you can do that, moron. Skill! Full magazine rapid shooting!” She let off her guns and the bullets were fired rapidly along with the sword darts at high bullet speed that Kilrea was pushed back when the bullets were blocked using arm cannons. Next, the magnet disappeared the moment the sword darts were all fired.

“Is that what you got? You don’t know how to keep count of your ammunition?” She held her guns while the handgun bullets were still fired at Kilrea, but Kilrea dashed forward while still blocking the bullets fired. “Custom skill! Barrel shockwave!” She suddenly kicked her arm cannons, which broke them while sending her flying backwards, but the barrels fell onto the ground still emitted shockwaves, jamming her guns and stunned her. “Take this! Custom skill! Equipment damage repairing laser blast!” Kilrea pointed the broken arm cannons at her.

“Custom skill! Barrier burst bullet!” A pair of laser blasts was fired at her, only to be blocked when she fired bullets which formed umbrella shaped barriers. The barriers broke one by one, but after 10 seconds the blast stopped with the arm cannons reformed. “If you think you can dodge that…skill! Bullet dispersion!” The barriers suddenly dispersed, covering Kilrea’s sights while moving forward slowly. Laser beams were fired at a barrier, which broke just several meters away from Kilrea.

“I can, asshole!” She ran and slid through the hole, only to be hit by bullets fired from Rezreina’s handguns, but she kept firing laser beams from her arm cannons while standing up. The two dashed in circles while firing and dodging shots. “Skill! Homing beams!” The laser beams homes towards Rezreina, hitting her repeatedly. Next, Kilrea dashed towards her with the shoulder cannons hitting her shoulder. “Skill! Point blank piercer blast!” A pair of laser blasts pierced through her shoulders, pushing her straight to the barrier.

“Curses….” The blast ended after a few seconds and Rezreina switched her extended magazines to homing missiles. “Skill! Bullet storm!” She fired her bullets and homing missiles at once, only to be blocked by the arm cannons. “Custom chain skill! Bullet hit push!” The hits on the arm cannons pushed Kilrea slowly away from her. Suddenly, the shoulder cannons were raised diagonally upwards. The bullets and homing missiles were fired at them instead.

“Is this how you fight? Never mind,” The cannons barrels were launched in projectile motion, but she dashed away from the barrels. “Smart move, but I still have a pair of barrels to deal with you! Skill! Homing beams!” Laser beams were fired from the shoulder cannons and homed at her while Kilrea was dashing towards her. She fired her bullets and homing missiles at Kilrea, blocking the homing beams from reaching close but Kilrea kept on dashing forward. “Chain Skill! Offense piercer beams!” The homing beams suddenly pierced through the bullets, hitting her repeatedly for a few seconds before she disappeared along with the barrier. At the meantime,

“How long do you think this will end?” Bodoh asked Zrevix.

“Who knows? But this place is oddly calm. There should be some dusts flowing here somehow,”

“Yeah. Anyway, the first thing I want to do after this ends is to train for the card game. But I heard rumors of negotiations with the game devs to exclude that requirement since that the discovery of similar games in other planets has make the criticism died down,”

“Hey, you want to bring me to your world. Do not ever forget that!”

“I won’t, but I think you should be able to come by yourself. Don’t forget that we are in the top bracket. I might go for the other big game instead this year,”

“Are you implying that if we go all out I will lose no matter what? Prove that to me!” A barrier surrounded them. A fierce fight may start….