“Well, at what rate you won against me?” Bodoh took out his phantalleum sword while Zrevix took out her titanium scythe.

“This is not an exact clone of Crysault Online! Skill! Rolling Scythe!” She dashed towards him while throwing her scythe at him.

“I know this in mind. Skill! Blade pickup and reversal!” He dashed towards the scythe and upon reaching close, he strafed to his left, letting his sword spin around his sword’s blade and threw it back at her.

“Curses…Skill! Shockwave charge!” She grabbed the weapon while kept on dashing towards him. Next, upon reaching close, she slammed it onto the ground while it was emitting blue glow.

“Is that what you get? Counter Skill! Interception redirection!” Instead of dashing backwards to dodge the attack, he struck the scythe’s blade and slammed it back at her head. She was hit, but the shockwaves hit both of them.

“This…you are really going all out…you are not going to win! Devastation slash!” She dashed back and forth, swinging her scythe from her left to right, but he dashed backwards and missed. Next, a few slash waves were launched from his sword, only to be dodged when she strafed to her right while launching several back at him. The slash waves were blocked right at his sword’s tip while she ran towards him. Upon reaching close, she slashed him diagonally in an X pattern.

“This is what I want to see in you! Skill! Frame strike!” He stepped backwards, barely dodging the slashes and stabbed her. “Continuous skill! Pull off!” His sword was ejected out while he was still stepping backwards, but she suddenly swung her scythe downwards and a few slash waves were launched right at him, sending him flying away. Next, she threw her scythe at him as if it was a spear. “Skill! Warp back!” A warp portal suddenly appeared in front of him and the scythe was warped to her back.

“Not so fast!” She suddenly strafed to her left and grabbed her scythe when he landed onto the ground, just a few centimeters away from the barrier. “Custom skill! Tornado strike!” She threw her scythe onto the ground which spun towards her while a tornado was seen rising from it. Instead of dodging it, he ejected his sword’s hilt and inserted a short titanium obsidian wand. Upon reaching close, he strafed to his right, but the scythe hit the barrier and reflected towards his back.

“Ha, this is what I’m waiting for! Skill! Arc diversion!” He threw his sword from his right hand to his left hand through his back. The sword hit through the scythe and he swung his sword to his front and the scythe spun forward away from him. “My ultra novice abilities will make me undefeatable against you! Skill! Accelerate!” The scythe suddenly spun and moved faster towards her. Instead of avoiding it, she dashed towards the scythe.

“I am sorry that you tactics may fail. Skill! Scythe identifier guard!” She picked it up and kept on dashing towards him. He quickly ran away from her in circular arcs while ejecting his wand out and inserting a gun pod. His sword’s blade was seen split into two, forming a gap between them. “Oh no you don’t pull that off on me. Skill! Slash wave storm!” Slash waves were seen launched repeatedly at him in a spread formation, blocking any attempts to dodge the attack.

“This? I don’t know what variation of chain skill that you are going to pull off this time, but I will be a coward this time. Skill…source teleportation,” He smiled and teleported to her back, but she quickly turned around while swinging her scythe, only to be blocked by his sword while he kicked her away. “Skill! Rapid beams!” Laser beams were fired rapidly at her. Upon hitting the ground, he stopped firing and the sword blades’ gap was closed. She stood up and clutched on the ground.

“You do proved to me that you indeed one of the top players, but do not forget that I am a top player as well! Skill! Paralyzer slash wave!” Yellow slash waves were launched at him. He jumped and stood on it, but he stopped moving and crashed onto the barrier.

“You are not going to win! Skill! Half-moon slash wave!” A blue hemispherical slash wave was seen launched by swinging her scythe repeatedly for a few seconds. His legs could barely move.

“Skill! Body loose!” Just when the slash wave nearly hit him, he strafed to his right, barely dodging it. “You are smart enough to bypass my equipment protection, but you forget that I have all skill learned from all classes,” She dashed towards him while he ejected his gun pod and inserted the wand back. “Skill! Thunder gate!” Thunder sparks struck down onto the ground, forming a gate.

“Skill! Skill guard!” She spun her scythe above her head while passing through the thunder sparks, only to be kicked away. “This should not be…damn….” She dashed backwards and pointed her scythe at him. “Deal dealers that come to hell…bring forth the rampage that cause the fleeing lives…custom skill! Death storm!” She threw her scythe at him and it looked like a disc flying towards him, passing through the thunder sparks.

“This? Chain skill! Skill move!” He strafed to her left and swung his sword right at the scythe. The scythe was slammed towards the thunder sparks. When the scythe hit them, they started to move like a wall which became faster and faster while he was chasing them. “Chain skill! Mirror strike!” A row of thunder sparks appeared behind her and moved towards her as well. When the thunder sparks almost passed through each other, he suddenly jumped. “Chain skill! Punch wave!” He punched the air a few times and the energy waves coming out from his fists hit her. She collapsed onto the ground and the barrier was disappeared.

“You are really skillful. That makes another loss, huh?”

“You are improving as well, but that is still far away from people above us in the leaderboards,” At the meantime,

“So you are my next opponent, huh?” The next fight will be worse….