“Yes. Ascending from the hell plane of existence, I, Glaractio Fagnis, will defeat you!” A man with feathery wings not unlike a hawk and wielding a platinum spear was seen standing in front of her.

“I do not think so, dude,” Her watch’s screen reads,

“Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Calactio Fagnis. Type: Hell. Race: Harpy. Class: Pole Master. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” He dashed towards her with his spear emitting black glow. “Custom skill! Dark storm!” Upon reaching close, he swung his spear downwards, only to be dodged by dashing backwards and she fired a pair of laser blasts at him. He was hit, but he was flinching instead of sent flying backwards. “Skill! Quick slash wave!” When the blast ended, he swung his spear quickly to his left and a slash wave was launched quickly at her.

“This fast…skill! Homing beams!” She was hit and pushed backwards, but her shoulder cannons were firing homing laser beams at him, but they homed towards his spear instead of his body while he laughed and pointed his spear upwards. She quickly stopped firing and dashed further away from him. Next, homing beams were seen emitted from the spear’s tip towards her, only to be blocked by her arm cannons. “This is devastating…skill! Rapid beams!” She fired the laser beams from her arm cannons as if they were from machineguns.

“This? You are kidding me. Custom skill! Accumulation counter blast!” The laser beams were blocked using his spear. She stopped firing and dashed in a circular arc towards her right, but suddenly a laser blast was fired at her. She jumped upon seeing it, but she was still trapped in the blast. “Chain custom skill! Rising slash wave volley!” Slash waves suddenly struck up from the ground for a few seconds before stopping along with the laser blast. After that, she was seen using her arm cannons as crutches while he dashed towards her. “This is it! I will finish you!”

“Is that what do you really think? Custom skill! Barrel shockwave!” Upon reaching close, her cannons barrels suddenly emitted shockwaves and he was stunned. She quickly dashed away from him while drinking a bottle of healing potion. “Skill! Quick barrage spread!” Laser shots were seen fired from her shoulder cannons, spreading out while travelling quickly. He was hit, but he quickly turned around and blocked some of the shots using his spear.

“Damn…how she know this trick? Skill! Wave storm dash!” The spear was pointed forward at her and a transparent conical barrier was seen formed out from its tip while he dashed towards her. “Chain skill! Slash wave emission storm!” Slash waves were emitted from the barrier and spread far away from him. Upon reaching close, she strafed to her right while blocking the slash waves using her arm cannons, but he suddenly took a U-turn and threw her spear towards her.

“Like I do not notice that!” She strafed to her right before turning around. “Skill! Piercer beams!” Laser beams fired at him pierced through his spears from her arm cannons, hitting him repeatedly while she stepped backwards. After a few seconds, she stopped firing the beams while firing a laser blast from her shoulder cannons, but he suddenly strafed to his left and dodged the blast while throwing his spear at her.
“This is…that little amount of recovery time is utilized to this extent….”

“Shocked? This is just the beginning. Custom skill! Tiger strike!” A blue tiger shaped flames engulfed the spear while the blast was still firing. Laser beams fired from her arm cannons were deflected off the flames. The blast ended just a few seconds before the spear hit her, but she strafed to her right and barely dodged the spear. After that, the spear suddenly reversed and flew towards her from her back, only to be stopped when she pointed her arm cannons at her back and fired a pair of laser blasts at it.

“Your abilities stunned me, but I guess there is a limit of what you can do when you are unarmed. Skill! Split beams!” Laser beams were split into five upon firing out from her shoulder cannons. He dashed in an oval arc away from her while dodging the laser beams. After a few seconds, the blast ended and she quickly turned around, but the split beams were still dodged. Just when he jumped to reach the spear, the split beams were suddenly stopped firing. “You are not going to win!” Laser blasts were fired from her arm cannons, but he grabbed the weapon just before the laser blast hit him.

“Your timing is a little bit off, miss. Skill! Attack piercer strike!” He dashed in the laser blasts while holding the spear as if it was a pike, but laser blast ended halfway between him and her. Upon reaching close, she jumped over him to his back, bu upon landing onto the ground he stopped, turned around and threw his spear at her. The spear flew over her left shoulder cannon while laser beams were fired at him. “Custom counter skill! Accumulative counter!” The laser beams hit him spread over his entire body, forming a white glow. When she stopped firing, Laser beams were emitted at her.

“Curses….” She dashed away from the laser beams backwards, trying to seek the spear. After several seconds, the beams stopped firing and the white glow disappeared. The spear was kicked backwards while he dashed towards her. “I don’t think that you will survive this one to pick up your spear. Skill! Drop beams!” A laser beam was fired diagonally upwards. When he jumped off the ground, the beam suddenly split into smaller beams and rained down to him before he disappeared along with the barrier.

“This is the reward for completing this raid,” The golden cannons suddenly appeared and two pairs of cannon barrels disappeared while the remaining two pair of cannon barrels were enlarged and elongated. The pair of cannon barrels had the same size. “Complete the next raid to gain access to the final boss,”

“I understand,” There will be a break….