“So, you are done with that, huh?” Bodoh and Zrevix asked Kilrea.

“Let’s go back to the square. Ilprig sent a message to us,” Her watch’s screen reads,

“Dear Kilrea and friends,
Several Trans Galactic Treaty officers are waiting for you. Please come to Saltrea square right now.
After 5 minutes,

“So you are Bodoh Sombong? We have things to discuss right now,” Several officers with sword shaped insignias appeared in front of them right after they appeared at the square.

“Regarding my job as an ambassador?” Kilrea and Zrevix walked away from him to the monument at the center of the square.

“Definitely. We managed to secure a breakthrough in the talks between our superiors and local officals,”

“That is certainly good news. May I know what is exactly happening?”

“You are no longer required to win the card game to progress, but you are expected to stay in this planet after this mission is done as you are now a permanent citizen of Gylfran,”

“That is what I expected all along. In fact, I am planning to marry someone local relatively soon,”

“That is certainly good news. Should we tell this to them?”

“Please, not yet. She will definitely upset if our relationship is used as a tool. I really have deep feelings towards her,”

“I understand. This is all. See you soon,” The officers teleported themselves away.
“I don’t know that the officers would know everything about you,” Zrevix suddenly reappeared.

“This is unavoidable. I don’t even know if they will actually keep the promise,”

“It’s okay then. This will be a catalyst for this planet to rejoin the Trans Galactic Treaty,”

“So you are really in favor of rejoining the treaty,”

“Yes. But now, the opposition must be pissed off. In fact, several wars happened as we speak inside these swapped areas,”

“Ha, what do you expect? In Earth it can cause actual wars. There is even a war happened just because of a soccer match!”

“At least countries don’t wage wars just because of in-game matches,”

“By the way, where you are going to? It’s almost night,” Kilrea suddenly appeared.

“Stay here, I think? We could just use our in-game camps,” Zrevix said.

“As you wish. I want to wander a bit,” Bodoh walked away from them.

“He is always like that,” Zrevix said.


“He likes to wander off on his own when he gets frustrated,”

“What is so frustrating about…he must be worrying that people mistake the marriage to be political and people raise opposition because of that,”

“Thankfully, our relationship is quite known in-game. We even won a team match once,”

“I know. In fact, you won against our team. Now if I can actually reach him,”

“You will certainly reach him. But, there is a rumor going on that he is a god already,”

“What? Which god?”

“The god of dimensions. What we actually aim is to become the god of cyberspace,”

“In fact, he uses his god powers as the true final boss of this game, Kilrea,” A man wearing cowboy outfit suddenly appeared in front of them.

“You fought that man? How impressive,”

“Of course, but unfortunately I expended myself too much during the first fight and I ended up having my armor destroyed later on. Now I have to wait for 3 days straight before I am allowed to fight him again. Even then, I have to do another raid at first,”

“I understand. By the way, does he said anything about someone?”

“Nothing, but there is a letter to you. He said that I must deliver this to you. This is all what I am saying. Good luck,” A piece of rolled paper appeared in front of her and it read:

“Dear Kilrea,
It must be a lot of time passed between the incidents. Back during the day it started, I was suddenly teleported to the heaven plane of existence and appointed to become god of dimensions. The god of video games asked me to stay at a place that I do not familiar at all. Then, I found out that I become the final boss of the ‘game’ that he set people in. Now, my job is just to defeat anyone who comes to me. Please come to me as quick as possible. I fear that I will have to leave you permanently.
Vorota Piserga”

“Everything is now confirmed…I must do the next raid now,” She took out her shoulder cannons, but Zrevix suddenly held them.

“What are you doing? Do you wish to prevent me from reaching my goal?”

“No. But if you go like this your mental state would be unfit to fight. You need to get some rest now or you will be defeated in the raid,”

“I see, but the rushing feel is somehow overwhelming,”

“A good night’s rest will help you a lot,” At the meantime,

“Something bothering you?” Bodoh took out a pillow and lied on the ground while Ilprig and Korosa were sitting in front of him.

“Yep. It’s about Zrevix,”

“Why? Breaking up?” Korosa asked him.

“No way! We won’t do that no matter what!” He suddenly shouted at her.

“Then, a quarrel?”

“No. I fear that our relationship would hinder my mission. If that happens, it will break my heart as I will have no choice on the matter,”

“I see. But don’t worry though. If those people in the opposition dare to touch you two, we will stand up and back you two up. After all, you two are known to be a couple, at least in Cross Arena Rumble,”

“Thanks, but how should I face her from now on bothers me,”

“We are lovers, remember? We will stay together no matter what happens, isn’t it?” Suddenly, the officers reappeared in front of them.

“The local officials are very pleased with your relationship with your partner, but they expect you two to marry both in-game and out-game before this planet will join the Trans Galactic Treaty. Let’s just say that we will protect you after this incident is over,” The disappeared once again.

“Zrevix…do you want to migrate to my world?”

“I…I…I definitely want to!” The two hugged. The next day will be harsh….