The next morning,
“Let’s go. This will be the last one, right?” Bodoh asked Kilrea.

“Yes. After that, I wondered if there are additional challenges before I actually tackle him,”

“Do you want to be caught up by others?” Zrevix tapped her shoulder.

“Yeah. Enfrive tower, Ancalos, Digital Plane!” They yelled and they teleported to a blue tower.

“So that is the Enfrive tower. I wondered how much magic would be consumed to maintain this tower,” Bodoh took out a binocular and looked upwards.

“Who knows? I’m going in,” Kilrea walked through an open door and the door was suddenly shut. Next, a man in titanium armor appeared in front of her. His titanium sword was seen has a recorder as its hilt.

“So you have come to me. I will not be easy on you,” Her watch’s screen reads,

“Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Murazrai Vanserion. Type: Ircialous. Race: Human. Class: Ultra Novice. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” He dashed towards her, blocking beams fired from her shoulder cannons. Next, a pair of cannon barrels was launched at him. “Custom skill! Explosive teleportation!”

“This? You gotta be kidding me! Skill! Attack shift dash!” He was suddenly seen blurred and dashed past the explosion. Next, the cannon barrels were seen attached onto her arms and laser beams were fired from there instead. “Skill! Blade surface reflection!” The laser beams were reflected back at her, only to be dodged by strafing to her right.
“Chain skill! Rotational warp!” The dodged beams suddenly went through warp portals and she saw them on her feet.

“What? This? Damn!” Letting the beam hit her, she fired a few laser beams through the warp portal on the ground, sending them back to him, but were blocked by his sword. “Skill! Homing beams!” Laser beams fired from her arm cannons homes towards him, but he kept blocking the beams and saw cracks slowly forming on the blades. “Skill! Point reflection piercer beam!” A laser beam fired pierced through his sword, shattering the blade completely.

“This is it! Skill! G for Guard!” He played the recorder and the laser beams disappeared upon hitting him. “Skill! A for Attack!” Titanium sword darts were raining down at her. She dashed away from them while firing laser beams at him, only to be dodged. After a few seconds, she intentionally fired the beams barely missing and he was hit. “Custom skill! Weapon restoration!” He stopped playing and the blades were seen again while she dashed towards him.

“Skill! Screen filling bullets!” Laser shots were seen spread out from her arm cannons, but some of them were blocked using his sword. “Custom skill! Barrel shockwave!” Upon reaching close to him, the cannon barrels emitted shockwaves which stopped him. “Skill! Point blank piercer blast!” The cannon barrels hit his shoulders and laser blasts were fired, sending him flying and crashed onto the wall. He stood up and the cracks on his armor were seen disappearing.

“This…you are certainly a powerful being….but I have yet to show my true abilities!” He quickly dashed towards her while his sword was seen emitting bright glow with four light beams emitted out from its tip, forming a cross. “Custom skill! Shine cross dash!” Sheet of lights filled the area between the lines while he pointed his sword at her and accelerating towards her without any signs of stopping. Instead of dodging, two slowly enlarging light spots were seen inside her cannons’ barrels.

“Ultra charge, grant me the power to stop this enemy who stand in front of me! Skill! Quad shine blast!” Upon reaching close, four laser beams fired to a point 30 centimeters in front of it. The moment the light beams hit the point, a laser blast was suddenly fired out from it, pushing him slowly backwards for 5 seconds before throwing him away. He crashed onto the wall with his armor and sword cracked. Laser beams were fired towards him, but an invisible barrier suddenly blocked them halfway towards him.

“Chain skill…C for Cure!” His armor’s and sword’s cracks were disappeared, but he suddenly removed the blades and started playing his recorder once more. “D for Destroy!” Her arm cannons were suddenly cracked before broke into pieces, but a few pieces stuck onto her should and her arms. “A for attack!” Titanium sword darts rained down onto the ground while she dashed in circular arcs. After a minute, the darts were disappeared and he was seen attaching the blades back.

“I guess I have to fight unarmed for a while,” She dashed towards him, stepping onto slash waves launched at her. Next, she jumped over one slash wave while pointing her arms at him, but suddenly he threw his sword at her. “This…it’s too fast….” She fell down onto the ground while he took out another identical sword and pointed it upwards. “This is not the end yet, asshole…I will not allow this to end at all….” She closed her eyes while holding the sword stabbed through her body.

“Persistent, but unfortunately I am going to win after all…skill! Downing drop slash wave!” He swung his sword downwards and a parabolic slash wave was seen dropping at her, but it was disappeared when she pulled the sword out and threw it at the slash wave.

“I said that this is not the end yet….” She pointed her hands at him. “Custom skill…Equipment damage repairing laser blast!” Laser blasts were fired at him. He dashed away from them, but he was hit when she pointed her slowly regenerating cannons before he disappeared. Upon crashing onto the ground, the cannons were fully regenerated, but she could not move at all. “This is really…really exhausting….” She was teleported up to the next floor. At the meantime,

“This is a very bad omen…is he defeated by someone?” A woman who was playing her piano suddenly stopped. “I guess so. It’s time for me fight on his stead. I…I will…” The piano disappeared and a pair of platinum knuckles was seen worn on her hands as Kilrea appeared behind her. Another fight ensues….