“So, this is my challenger. I guess I have to fight now,” Kilrea appeared at the second floor and a man wielding a titanium pearl wand appeared in front of her.

“Yes. This is what I am expecting. Let’s not waste the time talking, shall we?” Kilrea’s watch reads,

“Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Runklio Viqank. Type: Hell. Race: Human. Class: Seer. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” Kilrea fired a few laser beams which intentionally barely missed him. He merely stood still while a few fireballs were dropping onto her. “Skill! Scatter beams!” She dashed away from the fireballs while laser beams which randomly scattered away from the cannons were fired from her shoulder cannons. The beams disappeared and ripples were seen in front of him. Next, she dashed towards him, dodging thunder sparks striking down onto the ground. “Custom skill! Barrel shockwave!” Upon reaching close, she stopped firing and shockwaves were emitted from her cannon barrels.

“This? That doesn’t work on me. Skill! Infernal freeze!” Blue shaped flames suddenly struck up from the ground. She dashed backwards, but she was still hit by the flames.

“You must be having frostbite now. Perhaps this will make you feel even worse! Skill! Ice casket!” She was suddenly trapped inside a coffin shaped ice and unable to move at all. “Chain skill! Metal plate slash!” Metal plates appeared midair and launched towards her. The ice was shattered and she was hit a few times before blocking the rest using her cannon barrels.

“Damn…I will not allow this to happen! Skill! Piercer beams!” She dashed to her left and fired laser beams at him. The ripples reappeared, but he was hit by them as they passed through. “Now take this! Skill! Pierce blast!” A pair of laser blasts were fired at him from her shoulder cannons, but he strafed to his right while ripples were seen around him and emitted fire spears back at her, only to be blocked when laser beams were fired from her arm cannons.

“This? You are good, but you are forcing me to go even worse….skill! Steam burst!” Steam mists struck upwards from the ground and sent her flying upwards. “Chain skill! Icy flare seal!” Blue flames suddenly burnt her alive while she was still hit by the steam mists. After 3 seconds, she hit the ceiling while still being hit. Next, he dashed towards her while she was falling down onto the ground, dashing in the gaps between laser beams fired from her shoulder cannons.

“Your wand will not work here. Custom skill! Barrel shockwave!” She crashed onto the ground while he took out a titanium pearl wand, but right when he swung it downwards the shockwaves from the barrel stunned him. She quickly stood up and fired laser blasts from her arm cannons, sending him flying 20 meters away. “Skill! Homing beams!” After that, laser beams fired from her shoulder cannons and homed towards him, but they were all blocked using his wand.

“I do not expect this from you….skill! Icy explosion!” A blue spot suddenly appeared on the ground a few centimeters in front of her before exploding. Ice spears were emitted everywhere from the spot and stabbed her. “Skill! Ice stalagmite!” Ice spikes struck up from the ground, but the shoulder cannons were ejected out, fell down and stepped by her. She flew upwards and fired laser beams at him, but they were blocked
and ripples were seen once more.

“Skill! Cluster burst beams!” Several beams were fired together from her arm cannons as if they were fired from a shotgun while she flew towards him. Upon reaching close, she jumped over her while the skill was still active, but the beams were still blocked with the ripples seen above his head. Suddenly, laser blasts were fired briefly from her shoulder cannons, sending him crashing onto the wall while she landed onto the ground and mounted the shoulder cannons back onto her shoulders.

“Damn…you….custom skill! Wound charge!” Red flames were seen burning him alive, leaving him invisible behind the flames. “Custom chain skill! Flame cell!” She was trapped in a cubic flame which moves along with her when she dashed randomly. After a minute, she fell down onto the ground and the cubic flame disappeared. “I thought that you will give me some challenge. But I guess I don’t need it anymore. Skill! Infernal…!” He dashed towards her while pointing his wand at her and his flames were disappeared.

“Skill! Quick beam!” A laser beam was suddenly fired from her shoulder cannons. He was hit and fell onto the ground. Next, she quickly stood up and fired laser blasts at him from her arm cannons. “This is it! Skill! Anti-hydrogen blast!” Positron, antineutron and antiproton blasts from her shoulder cannons were combined into a single blast while she jumped backwards, but ripples suddenly appeared in front of him while he was standing up, blocking it. Upon landing onto the ground, her face turned pale.

“You should have used the piercing beams instead, you moron. Just because I am downed does not mean the automatic free skill that comes with my equipment is not active. Your MP must be dropped onto zero, right? I guess you won’t survive this, then. Skill! Irglinasir!” She was suddenly frozen in a layer of dry ice. Next, a dry ice spike struck upwards, throwing her along before dry ice swords thrust through her repeatedly for a minute before she crashed down onto the ground with the dry ice shattered and disappeared.

“Thanks to you, my MP is now at maximum. To return the favor, I’ll show you one of the real skills for my current job level. Skill! Evrinolia! The arm cannons fired laser blasts at him while homing beams were fired from her shoulder cannons. He dashed in random directions for a few seconds, dodging the laser blasts before the beams homed towards him in all directions. The beams pierced through the ripples and he disappeared right after the blasts hit him.

“Great. Now I have to go up with my low HP. It’s time to heal,” She took out a plastic drinking bottle and drank the healing potion in it before disappeared. The last fight starts soon….