“So, you have defeated my partner….” A woman wearing black robe and titanium spiked knuckles appeared in front of Kilrea. “I am your next opponent. You shall not having an easy time….”

“I couldn’t care less about what happens between you and him. Today, I am here to rise up the ladder!” Her watch reads,

“Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Eminsiere Arloskoe. Type: Ircialous. Race: Human. Class: Ultra Novice. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” Eminisiere dashed towards Kilrea while launching fist shaped waves at her, but the waves were all missed. Kilrea stared at her sharply, waiting for her to come close.

“Custom skill! Barrel shockwave!” Upon reaching close, shockwaves were emitted from her shoulder cannons, freezing Eminsiere’s limbs. “Skill! Point blank piercer blast!” Her shoulder cannons hit Eminsiere’s shoulders and laser blasts fired sent her flying and spinning away. Wind swirls were seen around the seemingly unconscious but smiling body. Just a second before she hit the ceiling,

“Skill! Linear strike warp!” A warp portal suddenly appeared in front of her and the ground where Kilrea was standing. Kilrea quickly jumped and fired laser blasts right through the portal, only to have it blocked by the wind swirls when she flew out from it. After a few seconds, she landed onto the ground and turned around, pointing her fists at Kilrea. “Your skills is indeed great, but have you ever wondered how well you may fare for the fight right before our new god?”

“I couldn’t care less about this now. You shall be another opponent downed by my cannons today! Skill! Homing beams!” Laser beams fired from her arm cannons homes towards her, only to be blocked when she punched the beams one by one. “Skill! Piercer beams!” The beams fired at her pierced through her fists when she punched them again. After that, she kept on strafing to her right while punching the air, sending punch shaped waves back at Kilrea.

“Take this! Skill! Vengence of a tiger!” She suddenly stopped strafing and punched the air using both of her fists. A tiger shaped wave dashed towards Kilrea, but the laser beams were still piercing through the wave, hitting her repeatedly. After a few seconds, Kilrea strafed to her left while still firing piercing laser beams. “This…I must not let this slide….Skill! Emergency power up!” Her body emitted white glow while she resumed strafing away from the laser beams and launching punch waves at Kilrea.

“I do not fear of that. Chain skill! Radial increment!” The laser beams were enlarged. She was seen strafing faster while slowly approaching her by stepping forward at the same time. The shoulder cannons started to crack and Kilrea suddenly ran away from the punch waves while closing towards her. The beams suddenly became smaller while her shoulder cannons’ cracks were disappearing. “Thankfully I change my equipment, or else….”

“My job class is ultra novice and I’ll make you remember it! Skill! Stone ring!” Upon reaching close, she suddenly knelt and punched the ground. Stone walls struck up the ground and barely blocking a pair of laser blasts fired from Kilrea’s shoulder cannons, but the piercing beams still pierced through the walls and hit her. Next, the walls suddenly spread away from each other and a wall slammed her crashing onto the building’s wall. “This is it! The final blow which will send you away from this world! Skill! Reverse thunder spark!”

“Like I have nothing to use it against you! Custom skill! Elemental counter blast!” The wall suddenly fell down onto the ground while she jumped with all of her cannons pointing at the ground. The thunder sparks struck into her cannon barrels instead. After she landed onto the ground, electric sparks were seen spewing out from the cannons. Eminsiere dashed towards her while launching punch waves which travelled on the ground. “This? It’s nothing,” She pointed her arm cannon onto the ground and electric sparks were emitted onto the ground, homing towards the punch waves and disappeared along with them.

“That’s rather insane…but as long as the thunder sparks are trapped inside….skill! Infernal cold swords!” Blue sword shaped blue flames suddenly appeared midair and flew towards her, only to disappear after being hit by the thunder sparks from her arm cannons. The yellow glows in the cannons were slowly shrinking. “Why she leave the shoulder cannons intact?” Eminsiere dashed towards her while her fists were emitting white glow. “Skill! Wave fuse barrier!” Six punch waves appeared midair and combined into a round shield shaped barrier.

“Custom chain skill! Homing thunder beam!” Yellow lasers were fired at Eminsiere while she punched the barrier, sending it flying towards Kilrea, but the beams curved away from the barrier with a few went to her back briefly. The yellow spots in her arm cannons disappeared while Kilrea dashed close to her. “Eat this!” Upon reaching close, a pair of yellow laser blasts were fired at her, sending her crashing onto the wall.

“This is it! The finisher! Skill! Vulcan shoot laser!” Kilrea was slowly pushed backwards while laser beams were fired at her with the rapidity of a machine gun.

“I could be losing…but at least I will fight to the end! Skill! Back warp!” A warp portal suddenly appeared in front of her and behind Kilrea. Kilrea quickly jumped backwards, stopped shooting and dashed towards her, waiting for the warp portal to disappear. “Damn….I used up too much MP…” She dashed towards Kilrea while launching punch waves at Kilrea, but they were dodged instead. Upon reaching close,

“That’s commendable, I guess. Custom skill! Barrel shockwave!” She could not move and a pair of laser blasts from Kilrea’s arm cannons sent her crashing onto the wall once more. Suddenly, Murazrai appeared beside her and pulled her arms, lifting her upwards.

“Wait…is this supposed to be a handicapped match?”

“No. Just want to tell you that the enemies above this floor would be just as hard as us. Perhaps we should see you sometime later, I guess. We will definitely meet again,” They teleported themselves away. The next battle is just as hard….