“How you could fly with that? Customs?” A woman wearing a black mask and leather suit appeared in front of her when Kilrea appeared at the fourth floor. 

“Yes. Let’s stop this nonscencial talking, shall we?” Kilrea’s watch reads, 

“Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Frief Krutz. Type: Digital. Race: Imp. Class: Ultra Novice. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds, 

“Match start!” Kilrea dashed towards Frief while firing laser beams at her, but she merely strafed away from laser beams while taking out two platinum zweihanders and joining them into a platinum grand double sword lance. 

“Skill! Entralis!” Two slash waves were launched by spinning her lance with only her right arm while pointing it way from herself. A slash wave was spinning around another one, deflecting the laser beams which hit them. “Chain skill! Warp portal!” A warp portal appeared in front of her while she put her lance onto the ground. “2nd chain skill! Weapon riding strike!” She stepped onto the weapon and flew through the portal. 

“Like I would allow you! Skill! Exploded beam shower!” Kilrea quickly dashed to her left while two laser balls were fired upwards from her shoulder cannons for a few seconds before they exploded, right when the portal reappeared at her back. “Chain skill! Vulcrigras!” The moment Frief went out from the portal, laser beams were fired from her shoulder cannons backwards, intentionally missing Frief as Frief dashed through the falling laser beams. Suddenly, laser beams were fired as rapid as a machinegun in the space between the missed laser beams. 

“2nd chain skill! Meteor guard crash!” A white hemispherical barrier suddenly appeared in front of Frief and the laser beams were blocked. Next, white flames burned the barrier while Frief continued flying towards her. She quickly jumped backwards and fired a pair of laser blast from her arm cannons. The blasts hit her, but she kept on dashing. “3rd chain skill! Warp portal!” A warp portal appeared in front of Frief and she flew into it before the portal disappeared. 

“Again? Until when you want to play this again and again?” The portal reappeared in front of Kilrea and she flew out from the portal. “Skill! Point blank piercer blast!” She flew just over Kilrea’s upward pointing shoulder cannons and a pair of laser blasts pierced through the barrier and the lance she was standing on. “Chain skill! Barrel shockwave!” Shockwaves from the cannon barrels were stunned her and she kept on flying upwards before crashing onto the ceiling. 

“Now I know why you can go this far. Your journey ends here, bitch!” She landed onto the ground while launching crescent slash waves at Kilrea, but they were all blocked when Kilrea fired large laser beams at them as if the cannons were shotguns. “Skill! Thruster rage!” She held the lance with the blades pointing left and right while dashing towards Kilrea, blocking the large beams fired at her. Upon reaching close, Kilrea jumped backwards while turning around and pointed the arm cannons at her. 

“Like I allow you to do that! Skill! Atomic beam!” A string sized laser beam was fired onto the ground, just behind her. Upon hitting there, a large explosion burnt her alive. Upon landing onto the ground, a flame lion suddenly charged out from the explosion and knocked Kilrea right towards the wall. “This? You will not use that lance to hit me at such a time! Custom skill! Explosive teleportation!” The cannons barrels were all launched towards her and exploded upon hitting the lance before teleported back. She fell onto the ground while Kilrea dashed to her left in an circular arc. 

“I wondered how this fight will end. Skill! Seperation Ejection!” The lance split back into two zweihanders when one was ejected towards Kilrea. “Chain skill! Hit shockwave!” Kilrea strafed away from the zweihander, but upon hitting the wall shockwaves stopped her from moving. “Paralyzed? Good. Skill! Tigrifiiur!” Flame lances struck Kilrea upwards continuously even when she crashed onto the ceiling for a minute. Next, she fell onto the ground with a flame lance impaled through her. 

“This? You won’t expect this would not defeat me, huh? Plus, that spell has a special effect of healing all status effects when it does not kill the target. I dare you to use a better skill,” She stood up while her cannons were emitting red glow. Thunder sparks were striking down from the ceiling, but the sparks hit her cannon barrels instead. “Cannon force activate! Skill! Multiple frequency beams!” Invisible beams were fired from her arm cannons, but they disappeared upon hitting a pyramidal barrier. 

“Just that? Mystic force of the past, grant me power to return it back to the giver! Counter skill! Offense return!” The invisible beams were launched back from the barrier, only to be dodged when she dashed to her right. The two zweihanders were seen joined once more. “Skill! Bisgrafil!” Frief threw her lance onto the ground and it spun towards Kilrea while a tornado was formed at the center of the pole. Wind spears were seen emitted out from it while Frief dashed along it 

“This? I do not need my own high end skills to counter this! Skill! Elemental counter blast!” The spears all went into her cannons. Just when the tornado was approaching close to her, she fired her own tornadoes from her cannon barrels and pushed the tornado right back at Frief, trapping her inside before disappearing. 

“Your raid journey ends here. Now ascend to the heavens and take on our final challenge,” White glows suddenly engulfed her alive. 

“So she finally went up there…I wondered if this will succeed,” Bodoh who was still standing outside of the tower looked at a white beam fired upwards from the tower. 

“Perhaps this will end this disaster. If this going on, the entire planet would be swapped. Let’s go. We have no choice but to pray for her success,” Zrevix who stood behind him walked away from the tower. At the meantime, 

“This…are the gods are trying to toy with my psyche?” Kilrea’s face turned pale while the golden cannons appeared in front of her. This is not good at all….