“I am who you are if you stick to your original equipment. The god of illusions has granted my existence. Now defeat me to face your final opponent,” A black woman appeared in front of Kilrea. The two was standing above the clouds with no sun in sight, but the surroundings are still bright. 

“I fully understand. After all, I will prove to you why I am not using that weapon anymore!” Kilrea’s watch reads, “”Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Belcret Iolsol. Type: Heaven. Race: Empdy. Class: Destructor. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds, 

“Match start!” Kilrea dashed away from the blue rays fired from Belcret’s shoulder cannons in a circular arc. “Skill! Anion spread beam!” The blue rays split into six and fired with 150 degrees coverage, but Kilrea dodged the beams by staying in the space between them while firing laser beams back at her using the arm cannons. “Ha, this? Thank goodness that sometimes I get 50% damage upon getting hit when all of my skills are active, but I cannot chain my skills at all when that happens. Consider this a tweak of the difficulty,” 

“Curses. Skill! Homing beams!” Laser beams were fired and homed towards Belcret, but she suddenly stopped firing and dashed away from the beams. Kilrea quickly dashed along in a parallel path while firing normal laser beams at her randomly. The homing beams slowly approaching Belcret, but after a few seconds her shoulder cannon barrels were suddenly reversed and a red blast was fired at the beams while another one was fired at Kilrea, making the beams disappear. 

“Like I would allow you to take advantage of this! Gods who rule Gylfran, grant me your divine protection! Custom skill! Godly protection!” A dodecahedron shaped barrier suddenly appeared surrounding her, blocking laser blasts fired from Kilrea’s shoulder cannons. After a few seconds, the blast ended while the barrier disappeared. The two stood still while staring at each other’s weapons. After a few seconds, Belcret dashed towards Kilrea while launching the cannon barrels at her. “Skill! Imilgrip!” The shoulder joints and the barrels fired red blasts together. 

“This? Don’t you ever think that I am this weak! Skill! Sezrifir!” A pair of cannon barrels was ejected out from Kilrea’s shoulder cannons. The ejected barrels and the ones remain attached at the shoulder cannons fired laser blasts together. Next, positron beams were fired from the arm cannons, piercing through the blasts. The two skills clashed, but the positron beam pierced through and hit Belcret several times before both skills were stopped. 

“How could you become this strong?￾h Red rays were fired at Kilrea, only to hit into her cannon barrels. Cracks were seen on them. “Surprised? Those beams can destroy equipments 20 times faster than a crusher. Now cease to be able to fight! Skill! Homing beams!” Blue rays were fied at her, only to be dodged while the cracks on the cannon barrels became longer. After a few seconds, the cannon barrels were shattered. “Now you can’t fight anymore. Divine forces, end this opponent’s misery of unable to fight by finishing her off! Skill! Laser cage trap!” Laser beams suddenly surrounded Kilrea, forming a laser cage before laser beams were fired at her. 

“My weapons may indeed be destroyed, but if that means you can spell my defeat, then such mistake will ensure your defeat! Skill! Cannon slot absorb!” The laser beams were all fired to her cannon shoulder’s attachment slot for a minute before the cage disappeared. “Divine forces, rescue me from this brink of defeat and grant me a change to fight back! Custom skill! Equipment damage repairing laser blast!” The cannons were reformed the moment laser blasts were fired at Belcret. 

“Custom skill! Spinning guard!” Belcret launched her shoulder cannons which became jointed and spinning, blocking the laser blasts. “How could you manage to recover from that instant death attack? You…I will not allow this,” She dashed to the cannons and kicked them, pushing the cannon towards Kilrea. After a few seconds, the laser blasts were stopped, but the cannons were cracked when they were separated and mounted back on her shoulders. “You skills are hardly unique. Custom skill! Equipment damage repairing laser blast!” 

“I already know this very fact and do not need your reminder, you bitch!” Kilrea dashed to her right and fired laser beams at Belcret, only to have the blasts suddenly stopped and she strafed to her left while firing red rays back at Kilrea. Both of them were hit and fell onto the ground, but the two quickly stood up. “Point power activated! Skill! Asre Rovia!” Laser beams were fired to a point midair before a laser blast was fired at Belcret. 

“Divine forces, protect me from this attacker! Skill! Rising ray shield!” Blue rays suddenly struck up from the ground and blocked the blast. “This is what you got? How laughable. Skill! Laser rush!” The rays moved forward swiftly and Kilrea was hit by one of the rays. She could not move at all while Belcret was firing red rays at her. After 20 hits, Kilrea dashed away from the rays. “Escape? I don’t think so. Custom skill! Esmilre!” A laser ball suddenly appeared at her back, split into 12 laser balls around her, one of which hit through her back and exploded, throwing her upwards. A red spot appeared just in front of Belcret’s left shoulder cannon while a blue spot appeared just in front of Belcret’s right shoulder cannon. “Skill! Neutral ray blast!” The red and blue large rays combined into a white ray fired at her. 

“Weapon limited released. Weapon operates at 125% over the power capacity limit. Skill! Nevianod!” The cannons were split into rings lined up in a straight line. A laser beam passed through the rings and turned into a laser blast upon passing through the last ring. The two blast clashed midair for 15 seconds before both disappeared. The rings were joined back, reforming the cannons as she landed onto the ground. Belcret stared at her sharply while the red and blue spots were still visible. This fight is not going to be easy….