“You certainly has grown over the years. Then again, I am who you are if you stick with these cannons up to this day amd I am very sure that I have unlocked all of their potential, yet I could not bring you down at this point. Maybe I should show you what I am actually made of. Skill! Ray tube machinegun shots!” Blue straw looking rays were fired at Kilrea at high projectile speed and rapidity of a machinegun. Some of the rays hit her, but some of them hit her cannons. “Chain skill! Homing beams!” She dashed away from both Belcet and the rays, but the rays suddenly homed towards her. 

“Unfortunately, this means my weapon of choice is the correct one because I do not unlock all of their potential yet. This is going to be risky, but fighting firepower with more firepower has its own advantages!” A cannon barrel was ejected from both of her should cannon and mounted on her head. “Skill! Lensrales!” Laser beams were fired in random directions and reflected off randomly appearing mini mirrors. “Chain skill! Laser amplifier!” The laser beams suddenly emitted bright glow, forcing Belcret to close her eyes. Next, the laser beams suddenly stopped reflecting and moved right towards Belcret, hitting her simultaneously. 

“This…how could you learn such a high end skill? And you say that this is not the full potential of your cannon? I don’t believe this! Skill! Nefrisas!” Belcret fired red and blue rays as scattered laser beams. The beams which pass through each other became white beams. Kilrea quickly ejected the head mounted cannons, stepped onto them and flew upwards, dodging the beams, but the cannons suddenly pointed upwards away from each other and Kilrea was hit a few times before thrown off the cannons she was stepping on. 

“Counter skill! Autopilot cannon blast!” The cannon suddenly fired large beams at Belcret a few times before teleporting back to her head. She stood up and dashed away from the rays while firing several large beams at Belcret, but they were immediately neutralized by the rays passing through them. “Skill! Piercing beams!” She kept on firing them and the beams hit Belcret. Belcret suddenly stopped firing and launched the cannon barrels on her shoulders at Kilrea. Kilrea quickly did the same as well. Just a centimeter before the cannon barrels clash, “Custom skill! Explosive teleportation!” Her cannons barrels suddenly exploded, throwing Belcret’s cannon barrels away. 

“Counter skill! Barrel rolling strike!” The barrels suddenly spinning while falling onto the ground and fired laser beams while rolling towards her. “Chain skill! Upwards conical large beams!” The laser beams suddenly fired while getting taller. Kilrea strafed away from the laser beams. When the cannons reached closed to her, she kicked them away from Belcret, but the cannons were teleported back to Belcret’s shoulder. “Divine forces, this opponent has gone dangerous! Grant me powers to put her into stop! Skill! Orizalis Venegirt!” 

“Like I would allow you! Divine forces, bless this innocent being with your might and defeat this opponent in front of me on my behalf! Skill! Hexolios Signerier!” Belcret’s cannon barrels were lined up in front of her head while Kilrea’s cannons were aligned in front of Kilrea’s head. Belcret’s white ray blast and Kilrea’s laser blast were fired at the same time and clashed right in the middle. After 10 seconds, the blasts disappeared and the two collapsed onto the ground. After a minute when they stood up, 

“Just how strong you actually can be? Even a high end skill like this are stopped by a high end skill…custom skill! Divine blessing!” Belcret’s body suddenly emitted white glow while she fired red and blue rays which turned white when they passed through each other. “Chain skill! Laser amplifier!” The rays suddenly emitted bright glows, but Kilrea dodged the rays by closing her eyes and strafing randomly. Next, Belcret suddenly stopped firing. “Chain skill! Evrinolia!” 

“You said that you have unlocked all the potential of the weapon…judging by what you did, that weapon is inherently inferior to my current weapon. I’ll show you why. Skill! Desinigia!” Laser blasts were fired at Kilrea while laser beams striking upwards from the ground around her were spinning quickly and blocked the laser blasts. Next, the laser beams fired away from her suddenly homed towards her, but the homing beams were blocked by the spinning laser beams again. After a few seconds, the spinning laser beams were disappeared and she pointed her arm cannons at Belcrte. 

“Is that what you got? I don’t need to waste those chants from the manuals to use this finisher on you! Skill! Tintialid Glaciar!” Different kinds of beams were fired away from Belcret. Belcret laughed while dashing towards her and the cannons were aimed at the beams instead of her. “Chain skill! Ruvinir Frislad!” The laser beams suddenly turned into tiny beam balls before blasts were fired from them. 

“Finisher? I have this finisher to counter that lousy finisher of yours!” Belcret’s shoulder cannons were suddenly filled with holes. “Divine forces, punish this arrogant scum with your prowess! Chain skill! Kelonir Frizlof Xaxas!” Red and blue ray blasts were fired at the blasts from Kilrea’s skill and her at the same time. She quickly strafed away from the blasts and her own laser blasts suddenly disappeared. 

“I already knew what you are going to do. Now this is my real finisher! Divine forces, deal the final blow to this enemy of mine! Skill! Evolirf!” Laser beams were fired and clashed right before Belcret, forming a laser ball. The ball suddenly became larger and hit her repeatedly and disappeared after a laser blast was fired from each of Kilrea’s cannons. A flower shaped platinum medal was suddenly fell onto her after the head and arm cannons were reattached to her shoulder cannons. 

“A useless item. Just sell this thing for a quick buck,” Kilrea read the item’s description. “Are you fooling me, fellow gods? Worst secret test of character ever,￾h she equipped it as an accessory before disappearing. At the meantime, 

“Kilrea…please come to me. I…really…missed you….” The final battle starts soon….