Kilrea appeared in a coliseum where people were watching from the audience seats. Suddenly, a man wearing blue formal wear appeared in front of her.
“So you finally appeared, Kilrea. Congratulations for coming this far,”

“Yeah. Anyway, how is your job as a god?”

“It’s very boring. I wondered when this will end so that I can resume my usual job. Anyway, I will not go easy on you. My duty is to test whether you are actually worthy of being the god of cyberspace,”

“I do not need you to remind me about this. Now bring it on!” Kilrea’s watch reads,

“Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Vorota Piserga. Type: Digital. Race: Human. Class: Guardian. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” Kilrea stared the match by fired laser beams at him, but they were all blocked using a palladium round spiked shield which is as large as his own body.

“Skill! Moranid!” Laser beams were fired away from him for a few seconds before homed towards him. He quickly dashed backwards while putting his shield in front of him, but a few laser beams still hit him at his back. After he was hit, he fell onto the ground and the shield hit his head while it still blocked laser beams fired at him.

“You are still fighting with this gear? You never change, aren’t you? Skill! Barrier meteor charge!” He stood up and a hemispherical barrier appeared in front of the shield. Next, he charged while the barrier was burning in blue flames. Just when he reach close she strafed away from him while firing laser beams from her shoulder cannons, but they were blocked by the flames which spread to his back. “Those strategies that brought you here will not work as you expected. Skill! Spike launch!” The spikes on his shield were launched as if they were homing missiles.

“So this is what you have. Then, I can safely do what I intend to do. Skill! Laser defensive strike!” Laser beams struck up from the ground and the spikes were knocked upwards before being teleported back to his shield. “Skill! Arc loop beam!” Her shoulder cannons rose up and laser beams were fired as if they were moving in projectile motion. He quickly ducked while putting his shield diagonally in front of him. Most laser beams were either blocked or flew over him, but a few beams still hit him when they strike almost directly downward.

“Impressive. I do not know that you can do such a thing, but don’t forget that I am a god, fod gods’ sake! Skill! Shield spike beam!” Laser beams were fired from the spikes, but they were blocked when she fired laser beams at the same time. He suddenly dashed towards her while the skill was still active and some of the beams were fired slightly away from her. “Skill! Sudden ejection!” Upon reaching close, the shield was suddenly ejected out his hands, hitting her and sending her crashing onto the coliseum’s wall.

“What? Is this what you can do? You are barely qualified to become a god. Skill! Barrel shockwave!” He dashed towards her, bu she quickly stood up and the shockwaves from her cannon barrels stunned him. She quickly dashed away from him while firing laser beams at his back. “Skill! Point rise beam!” After one second, she fired laser beams onto the ground and laser beams pierced through him when laser beams struck up from the spot her laser beams hit.

“Since when you resort to such tactics? I guess I have to teach you some lesson. Skill! Homing throw!” He threw his shield and his shield’s handle were seen suddenly disappearing the moment he threw it towards her. She jumped over the shield a few times before the shield was moved back to him. The handle reappeared while he attempted to hold it. Next, he dashed towards her while the shield was emitting white glow. “Skill! IzIrtiod!” A laser plane suddenly appeared at her back when he reached close to her.

“Ha, this? I don’t think you can actually do any damage with it! She jumped over him while turning around and fired laser blasts at him, but he quickly turn around as well and the shield blocked the laser blasts. “You shield is useless at this moment. Skill! Equipment piercing laser beams!” She stopped the blasts upon landing onto the ground and fired laser beams at him instead. A few laser beams pierced through his shield, but he quickly dashed away from the rest of the beams.

“This skill…you managed to get it…that is certainly god material…Counter skill! Laser storm!” Laser beams were fired from his shield as if they were fired from machineguns, but she quickly dashed away from him while a pair of cannon barrels was ejected out from her shoulder cannons to her arms. “So you get this ability too, huh? Skill! Vaqilean!” His shield suddenly disappeared while he dashed away from her laser beams. After a few seconds, the shield suddenly appeared at her back.

“Such ungodly tricks are things that I will not fall for, you moron!” She jumped backwards the moment the barrier was launched towards her. ‘Skill! Homing beams!” Laser beams fired from her arm cannons homed towards him and he was hit repeatedly until the shield returned back to his right hand. Next, the shoulder cannons rose upwards. “Skill! Arc loop beam!” Laser beams fired from her shoulder cannons bounced on the ground. Instead of blocking them, he dashed forward with his shield emitting icy smokes, ignoring a few beams which hit him from above.

“Is this what you actually have? I don’t quite sure, but I guess I have no choice but to defeat you the harder way! Skill! Friot Vaquas!” She was suddenly sealed under a thin layer of ice, unable to move before the ice layer was shattered upon being bashed by his shield. After that, he kicked the shield which hit her and sent her crashing onto the wall once more. He dashed towards her with his hands emitting yellow glow, but the shield was suddenly flew right at him, sending him crashing onto the wall instead. This fight will be hard….