“I do not surrender that easily. I wondered how bad the dimensional stability would be if you actually performing the duties later on. Skill! Push blast!” Kilrea fired energy blasts from her shoulder cannons right towards the shield, only to be blocked when Vorota kicked the shield and dashed away from the blasts. “Skill! Homing beams!” She stopped firing the blast and fired laser beams from her arm cannons which homed towards him instead.

“If you think this is a good way to stop me from taking my own shield, then you are committing a big mistake! Custom skill! Invincibility!” A rainbow spherical barrier appeared and blocked the laser beams while he dashed and took back his shield. “Chain skill! Entirios Dofranos!” He suddenly disappeared for a second before reappearing at her back and charged at her with his shield stuck between him and her. After a few seconds, she crashed onto the coliseum’s wall. He dashed backwards and the shield returned back to his hand.

“I guess I fell onto you feigning tactics, but unfortunately you do not doing it as a finisher. You are not going to win. Skill! piercing beams!” Laser beams were fired from her cannons in a spread, preventing him from dashing away from the beams. He kicked the shield towards her while dashing close behind the shield. “I know what you want to do, you moron. Skill! Lob beam!” She pointed her arm cannons diagonally upwards and fired laser balls which moved in projectile motion.

“Too bad that I can read those too, moron! You are forcing me to do this!” He suddenly chased the shield while taking another one and pointed it upwards, blocking the laser balls, but he was hit when laser beams were fired from her shoulder cannons. “With this, I gain more skills for me to use! Skill! Remote control mode!” Upon reaching his shield near the wall, it suddenly rotated around him. “This rotating shield would be your nightmare. Chain skill! Revolving bash!” The rotating shield was launched at her with the roatting motion intact.

“I do not think so. I have fought this far and it would be a waste if I fall here! Skill! Explosive teleportation!” She launched a pair of cannon barrels from her shoulder cannons at the shield. The moment the barrels hit the shield, they exploded before returning back to her shoulder cannons while the shield was bounced back to its original rotating motion. “Skill! Evolirl!” She fired a few laser beams which were blocked by the shield, but a few laser balls were formed and became larger, hitting him within them for 10 seconds before disappearing.

“How could you have such a skill to bypass this protection? I don’t know what happened to you, but you certainly pushed me too far,” He dashed towards her while blocking laser blasts fired at him. Upon reaching close, the rotating shield was going to hit her, but she jumped backwards and fired laser blasts at him again, but the shield suddenly shifted rightwards while he was jumping and the shield blocked the blast again.  

“Chain skill! Double shield hit!” Upon reaching close, he stretched his right arm forward, hitting her at the same time with the rotating shield. She was thrown towards the audience seat, but a transparent barrier blocked her from crashing onto the audiences and fell onto the ground.

“Now I can trust you for your celestial job, but I am not defeated yet. If you think that you can spam this skill over and over again, think again. Skill! Ulgrorin!” Positron blast suddenly struck up from the ground and he was hit. A pair of mirrors appeared above and below him and the blast was reflected between the two mirrors, piercing through him a few times before he blocked it using his shield. Upon landing onto the ground, the ground he was standing on emitted a large laser ball which looked like an explosion.

“What the hell are you doing? Chain skill! Reverse revolver!” The rotating shield suddenly disappeared and reappeared around her while still rotating, except that it was rotating around her. “Now most of your own attacks will be blocked and I have means to block the rest of them. By the way, noticed something? Skill! Shield spike beam!” The shield was pointed inward and laser beams were fired at her, but they hit into her shoulder cannons instead.

“Is that what you can do? How unfortunate. Skill! Destroyer beam!” Laser beams were fired at the shield through her arm cannons and the shield was shattered into pieces before disappearing. “Counter skill! Accumulated return!” Laser beams which were fired at her earlier were fired at him, but they were adsorped onto his shield instead.

“You lose. You simply lose, Kilrea! Counter skill! Rygnaris!” The spikes were launched towards her with the laser adsorped onto the spikes were emitted as laser beams back at her. She dashed through the beams and letting a few beams hit him. After that, she jumped over the missiles. Upon landing onto the ground, the missies suddenly moved in reverse motion. She kept on dashing and upon reaching close, both of them jumped, but she jumped higher and quicker. He was hit by the spikes and fell onto the ground.

“I guess I can’t…wait…what happened?” The moment she landed onto the ground, the spikes disappeared and the two were teleported to a floating stainless steel platform in the sky with white barriers surrounding it, preventing anyone from falling down from it.

“Remember the flower shaped metal thing? Equipping it bypasses the requirement to fight me in the god form. You are the first person to equip it,” He stood up and he suddenly grew black feathery wings at his back.

“Then, the guy who fought you in that form was….”

“He was too good at dodging me attacks. But unfortunately he forgot to conserve for my current form and I trashed him away. By the way, you are given this and it is a mandatory accessory,” A pair of spear shaped ruby earrings suddenly appeared in front of her.

“It’s quite a time since I wore this,”

“Yeah. I did give you a pair out from the game. By the way, tell me when you are done,” The next fight is going to be worse….