After 5 minutes, 

“I’m ready now. I will defeat you once again,” Kilrea pointed her arm cannons at him. Her watch reads, “Challenge accepted. Opponent name: Vorota Piserga. Type: Divine. Race: Human. Class: Final Novice. Match starts in 10 seconds,” After 10 seconds,

“Match start!” Ice spikes with blue flames struck up from the ground, but they were destroyed when she fired laser beams from her arm cannons while strafing away from them. Next, she fired laser beams at him, only to be blocked by a photon shield appeared on his hands. “Divine forces, grant me a judgmental blow to this living being! Skill! Homing laser spot!” Laser spots suddenly appeared around him before homed towards her.

“Chain skill! Near detonation!” She strafed away from the spots, but the spots suddenly exploded upon reaching close to her, sending her flying towards the barrier.

“So this is what happens if one gets to use all skills. Behind the mighty fighting, there must be weaknesses to be exposed…skill! Orsulon!” Laser beams were fired at curving angles from her shoulder cannons while she was still flying and homed towards him at all directions when she crashed onto the ground, barely before the barrier. A hemispherical rock cave suddenly sealed him, blocking the laser beams. “What kind of skill is this? I guess I have to use this. Skill! Fileleos!” A pair of cannon barrels was launched towards him.

“Stun or custom skill? I am immune to both,” He dashed towards her while jumping over the cannons. His fists were seen emitting black glows. The cannon barrels passed through the barrier and warped to the opposite side. Upon reaching close to him, he suddenly stopped while stretching his arms forward, only to miss when she jumped over him and the cannon barrels crashed right on his chest. “That skill…skill! Null guard!” Large laser beams were fired at him as if they were from shotguns for 10 seconds before the barrels disappeared and reappeared on her head. The cannon barrels were attached together.

“What kind of enemy is this? This is even worse anything in the actual game…I must let the magum energy recharge first….” He stopped and stopped barely in front of the barrier while the barrier turned green. “The warp function is disabled…I must be careful,” Thunder sparks were emitted from his wings which reflected through the green barriers. “Skill! Ermiget!” A cylindrical laser beam struck upwards, trapping her within while blocking the thunder sparks.

“Skill! Protection backfire!” The thunder sparks suddenly disappeared and flames rose up from the ground where she was standing on, but she suddenly strafed away from the flames while the cylindrical laser beam still at its position. “So you somehow managed to trick me, I guess…but this is something that you cannot dodge! Skill! Coveriod! A hemisphere shaped laser beam surrounded her and shrunk towards her. “Chain skill! Laser amplifier!” The laser beam became thicker as it closing in.

“True final boss material indeed, but I can escape here without harm! Skill! Laser seal!” A laser beam was fired from her arm cannons and it suddenly formed a barrier while she dashed out from the hemispherical laser beam towards him, destroying rock spikes striking upwards from the ground. “Chain skill! Laser expansion!” Upon reaching close, the barrier suddenly became thicker and the light engulfed him, but he dashed backwards and a few blue rays were fired at her.

“You could see that…how you are going to defeat me when I use this? Skill! Optic pierce explosion!” A black spot suddenly appeared in front of her. She quickly dashed backwards while the black spot exploded. She was unharmed, but the barrier disappeared.

“Wrong skill, I guess. Skill! Optic visual disturbance!” Her vision suddenly turned brightly white and she could only close her eyes. “Chain skill! Frozen coffin!” She was suddenly sealed inside a solid oxygen cube. “Chain skill! Stirig Zizirl!” Trident shaped volcanic rocks were dropped onto her, stabbing through her multiple times, leaving red marks all over her body. “Chain skill! Volarios!” The marks emitted slash waves which travelled randomly before returning to the marks. “Chain skill! Syngloir!” The marks suddenly exploded and disappeared. “Your quest ends here. Skill! Phangrom!” A black laser blast was fired from his right index finger pointing towards her.

“This…what kind of power is this…I will not allow myself to be defeated…skill! Laser heal!” The laser blast hit her, but she slowly stood up and dashed towards him. “Chain skill! Block blow!” She punched his finger and his entire right arm was exploded. Next, a kick sent him crashed onto the barrier. “Skill! Rapid beams!” Laser beams were fired from her arm cannons as if they were machinguns, but a wooden wall blocked the beams while he slowly stood up.

“You get this skill as well? I am amazed, but I’ll see if you’ll be saved once more by that! Skill! Optic visual disturbance!” She was surrounded with bright light, but she suddenly dashed randomly, dodging icicles dropped down onto her. “Skill! Ultimate press!” A large metal block was dropped onto her, slamming her onto the ground. When the block disappeared, she stood up with her cannons cracked. Laser beams were fired at him, but they were blocked using his bare hands.

“I have proven my point, dude. It’s payback time. Weapon under overlimit…unleash the self-fixing powers to destroy this enemy! Custom skill! Equipment damage repairing laser blast!” The cracks on her cannons disappeared while laser blasts were fired at him, but a spiked marble wall appeared in front of him for a few seconds before broke into pieces while he dashed away from the wall itself. She quickly pointed her arm cannons at him again, only to be blocked by another marble wall.

“Damn it…even at this condition…she can still fight as if she is in full health…what kind of monster is this? Is this really the Kilrea that I really know? Or this is what happened to her when her love for me is so strong that she is willing to fight until she literally collapsed from all this strain? My fellow gods, how long should this game keep on going?” The fight is going to end soon….