“For the love of my opponent, please end her misery now! Skill! Hagranvitz!” Acid geysers struck up from the ground, but she dashed away from them for a few seconds before trapped between them. Next, acid mists suddenly formed, corroding anything they touch. The mists flowed into her cannons for a minute and turned them into green crystals. After that, the mists suddenly disappeared and the geysers were launched towards her. “Chain skill! Conduction shock!” She was electrically shocked for a few seconds when the acid hits her. Next, he dashed towards her while his arms were emitting black glow.

“Are you forgetting what I have done before? Divine forces, return what the opponent did to me at him! Skill! Trap emission return!” The acid mists trapped in her cannons were fired back at him as compressed acidic gas shots. He punched every single one of them and his wings were seen eroded slightly as the mists spread behind his fists. Skill! Tiglaes!” Laser beams were randomly fired on the ground and formed laser spots. Laser blasts were emitted from them the moment he stepped onto them, but he keped dashing, seemed to be unaffacted by them.

“Skill! Doom blow!” Upon reaching close, he punched the ground and a cylindrical black vortex trapped both of them inside. The laser spots which were not stepped onto emitted laser beams at him, but he maintained his stance. Next, the laser blasts from her cannons blew him away from the vortex and crashed onto the barrier. After that, the vortex suddenly exploded and half of her cannon barrels were broke into pieces. “Skill! Twin Xirbliw!” Two green beam swords appeared beside him and dropped down towards her.

“Ha, I don’t think that this will be your finishing move. Counter skill! Barrel block galsciv!” The blades broke when they hit her shoulder cannons. The broken part was suddenly attached onto her shoulder cannon barrels and a pair of laser blasts launched them back at him. “Chain skill! Homing beams!” Laser beams fired from her arm cannons homed towards him. A titanium wall appeared in front of him, but instead of destroying it, the blasts was pushed back, crashing him again. Next, the homing beams passed over the wall before hitting him.

“Impressive. But this is not your finisher. I’ll show you what I can do further. Skill! Optic disturbing vision!” A light spark suddenly appeared in front of her and exploded, turning her sights completely white even when she closed her eyes. “Chain skill! Lorios Kyvin!” She was suddenly paralyzed and unable to move or fire her cannons. Next, glass darts were dropped onto her for a minute. “Chain skill! Fantalis Fantale!” Eight cross shaped slash wave appeared spiraling around her before scracthing her repeatedly when they reached close. “This is it! The move to end all of this! Chain skill! Ultimate press!” A giant metal block was dropped onto her.

“Ha, this? You wasted a lot of ME on ineffective attacks on me. You should know what does the red earring do, right? Skill! Laser heal!” She pointed her arm cannons on her legs and fired laser blasts. A purple compressed gas shot appeared on his feet and he kicked it towards her, only to be blocked by her arm cannons. “It appeared that I forget to fix them, but I guess that this is the best moment for it. Skill! Vacralos!” “Chain Custom skill! Equipment Repairing Counter Blast!” The laser blasts became larger when they were fired, leaving no room for him to dodge them.

“I have no choice! Skill! Meteor charge!” A brown spherical barrier surrounded him and blocked the blasts while he charged through them, but after a few seconds the barrier broke into pieces and he was hit repeatedly. After the laser blasts ended, the cannon barrels were seen restored while he collapsed onto the ground. She looked at her watch and there were no messages at all. She stepped back a few meters and looked at him while laser spots were seen in the cannon barrels, readying for anything that happens.

“Impressive, but this is not the end of this battle yet. You have indeed defeated me, but you still have one more battle to go. Divine forces, grant me the final chance to defeat this opponent after I am downed by her. Skill! Divination of the Gylfran heavens!” He suddenly rose up from the ground, restored his wings and took out a titanium boomerang. The moment he raised it, his body emitted sky blue glow and laser beams were fired down at her.

“What kind of attack is this? A ghost dealing her final blow after being defeated by a shrine maiden? I’ll stay here until the end, because my love for you will drive me forward until I truly reunite with you! Skill! Zaxayios!” She was sealed inside a cubic laser box and blocked the laser beams. Next, palladium spears struck up from the ground repeatedly. After 10 seconds, the entire space they were in was exploded and the two were falling down.

“You persistence certainly works, but this skill lasts longer than what you have expected, (secret), no, Kilrea Jilout. I’ll stay with you too if this is what you wish,” The laser box crashed through wooden, titanium, polycarbonate and vine spiked walls for two minutes before crashed onto the ground. Next, the laser box disappeared and she stood up with her shoulder cannons disappeared. Her watch’s screen reads,

“Winner: Kilrea Jilout. The quest has ended,”

“Congratulations, (secret). Now, let’s meet the Divine Lord if he has anything to say,” They were teleported to the coliseum where she fought him earlier.

“You two…it￾fs unfortunate that we decided to not play Gods anymore. The Gylfran Union shall take over this place back with our pantheons intact. We are definitely going to descend to hell right away, but you two will be returned to the digital plane of existence. It’s finally over isn’t it? By the way, I have a parting gift for you two. Use it well,” Everyone was disappeared immediately. The story does not end yet….